200+ Words With Double Letters | List of Words With Two Consecutive Double Letters

Double Letter Words: There are plenty of words in the English language that are peculiar. Some words are silent, some words are pronounced differently, and some words have different spellings, not in line with their pronunciation. Learning English, in the beginning, will feel like an impossible task given the nuances involved in the language and, along with it, the importance associated with it.

In this particular article on words with double letters in the English language, we are going to discuss this unique and peculiar aspect of certain words in the English language that contain two letters, one after the other. In certain words, it makes sense, while in others it doesn’t. Whether it makes sense or not is not the question here. The real question that matters is, how many words do you know with double letters in the English language? In this article on words with double letters in English, we will help you answer that very question. Below are the topics that we are going to discuss regarding the topic of words with double letters in the English language:

What Word Has 2 Sets of Double Letters? | 200 Double Letter Words A to Z

Below is a comprehensive list of 200 words with double letters in the English language:

  1. Geek
  2. Greek
  3. All
  4. Seer
  5. Horror
  6. Terror
  7. Till
  8. Grill
  9. Pee
  10. Soccer
  11. Jeep
  12. Beep
  13. Fool
  14. Pool
  15. Cook
  16. Book
  17. Look
  18. Professionally
  19. Terrace
  20. Corral
  21. Correct
  22. Corridor
  23. Penny
  24. Recommended
  25. Agreement
  26. Door
  27. Mood
  28. See
  29. Cheer
  30. Ass
  31. Utter
  32. Roost
  33. Chess
  34. Greatness
  35. Microorganism
  36. Herring
  37. Smooth
  38. Mall
  39. Poll
  40. Need
  41. Needle
  42. Hurricane
  43. Communal
  44. Squirrel
  45. Millet
  46. Bee
  47. Phonetically
  48. Call
  49. Ball
  50. Loose
  51. Kettle
  52. Toss
  53. Current
  54. Stool
  55. Glossary
  56. Chlorophyll
  57. Override
  58. Irrespective
  59. Kill
  60. Pulley
  61. Buffer
  62. Bidder
  63. Buffalo
  64. Associate
  65. Spill
  66. Goo
  67. Boo
  68. Mapping
  69. Different
  70. Dress
  71. Admission
  72. Zoo
  73. Fell
  74. Sleepy
  75. Dress
  76. Coffee
  77. Shoot
  78. Veggie
  79. Maggie
  80. Freeze
  81. Breeze
  82. Parallel
  83. Buddha
  84. Shimmer
  85. Eccentric
  86. Cooper
  87. Lee
  88. Butter
  89. Mass
  90. Formatting
  91. Happy
  92. Mallet
  93. Happens
  94. Attitude
  95. Attic
  96. Inn
  97. Small
  98. Forgettable
  99. Scintillating
  100. Choose
  101. Cheese
  102. Flood
  103. Blood
  104. Gallon
  105. Tonnage
  106. Baggage
  107. Homeschooling
  108. Marshmallow
  109. Massachusetts
  110. Massacre
  111. Meet
  112. Nikki
  113. Bass
  114. Grass
  115. Irregular
  116. Brilliance
  117. Miss
  118. Muffin
  119. Compelling
  120. App
  121. Loon
  122. Loo
  123. Worry
  124. Cordially
  125. Bill
  126. Gill
  127. Settlement
  128. Across
  129. Arrival
  130. Curry
  131. Furry
  132. Dessert
  133. Stopping
  134. Stoop
  135. Classic
  136. Billiards
  137. Villain
  138. Mass
  139. Sass
  140. Geese
  141. Goose
  142. Good
  143. Fossil
  144. Dress
  145. Tortilla
  146. Cross
  147. Permission
  148. Geologically
  149. Antidepressants
  150. Unofficially
  151. Buzz
  152. Applications
  153. Albatross
  154. Connecting
  155. Symmetrically
  156. Powerless
  157. Aimless
  158. Hummingbird
  159. Berry
  160. Bee
  161. Offend
  162. Encompass
  163. Food
  164. Free
  165. Bell
  166. Bull
  167. Hill
  168. Wall
  169. Hello
  170. Greet
  171. Razz
  172. Fuzz
  173. Humming
  174. Incidentally
  175. Satellite
  176. Reef
  177. Gallery
  178. Gall
  179. Sell
  180. Apple
  181. Dinner
  182. Feet
  183. Floor
  184. Freezer
  185. Appetite
  186. Balloon
  187. Boss
  188. Mass
  189. Copper
  190. Call
  191. Stopping
  192. Full
  193. Running
  194. Fill
  195. Pass
  196. Chatting
  197. Swimming
  198. Hugging
  199. Clutter
  200. Eerie

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Sentence Formation Using Words With Double Letters in English

Below are a few examples of sentences that contain words with double letters in them. Students who are interested in learning can participate in the exercise by writing more example sentences with words that contain double letters:

  • The grilled sandwich that my husband made for me on my birthday was just amazing.
  • They dragged on their fight for a very long time until one of them got tired and walked away from their friendship.
  • In the beginning, it would seem like you could never learn how to drive a car. But eventually, you will see that it will become a piece of cake.
  • Tortillas in the United States and Canada are very similar to Indian Rotis and have a similar taste palate.
  • The villagers were angry with their leader for the lack of development in their region, and that is the reason they pelted stones at the minister’s cavalcade.
  • I walk around 10 kilometers on my treadmill every day, which will help burn a significant number of calories for my age.
  • I was recommended for the job interview by one of my dear friends for the role of sales and marketing.
  • We cordially invite you to our wedding next month.
  • Programming languages around the world are increasingly becoming dynamic and setting themselves up for the fast-changing consumer expectations of the software and applications they use.
  • Many people say that there is a really scary doll named Anabelle in the central part of America, which has been haunted for many years now.
  • Food tastes especially good when it is prepared at home, especially when it is prepared by our mothers.
  • At the age of 30 to 33, one would expect you to settle well, both financially and personally.
  • The hot water in the kettle was useful, especially during the fever and cold days.
  • The terrorists that attacked the Taj and Oberoi hotel buildings in Mumbai were arrested and tried under the rule of law.
  • I will start a healthy lifestyle and go to the gym tomorrow.
  • Not every cricketer is capable of running between the wickets as MS Dhoni does.
  • I fell from the tree and broke my knee, leading to a minor ligament injury.
  • Most people drink coffee in the morning, which is not as healthy as one believes it to be, for longer life.
  • I could sense the disappointment in his face when he came to know that he could not clear the exam even this year.
  • The challenges that life throws at us are not bigger than the opportunities that we get to solve those very challenges.

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Why Do You Use Double Letters in English?

Below are a few of the reasons why one would use double letters in English:

  1. Whenever the first vowel is short, we use double letters in the middle of the consonant. Usually, two syllables are used in almost all double-letter words. If you observe in all of the examples given below, only one consonant sound is used between the vowels.
  2. The doubling of words is usually done to protect the vowel used in the word. They usually end with “+le” or “+y.” Without the use of double consonants, the first syllable would be left with an open-ended thread and the word would end up sounding long and unpleasant.

FAQs on Words With Double Letters

Q1. Name a few words in the English language with double letters
Answer: Communication, letter, terrace, Pulley, utter, committee, address, carrot, career, apply, and cigarette are some of the words in the English language that has double letters in it

Q2. Which English word has the most double letters?
Answer: Bookkeeping is said to have the most double letters in the English language for a single word. It has 3 sets of double letters

Q3. Can a word have double letters?
Answer: Yes, words can have double letters, as mentioned in the examples given above in the article on words with double letters

Q4. Name a few words with 2 double letters in them in the English language.
Answer: Peer, Loo, Loose, and cell are a few words in the English language with 2 double letters in it (one set of double letters)

In conclusion, we would like to round up the above-mentioned information by saying that there are many words in the English language with double letters in it, for various reasons mentioned above. Usage and learning of these would help students and English writers to write and frame their communication well without any problem.

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