50+ Inspirational Words of Encouragement, Wisdom, Appreciation, Motivation

Inspiration, the word itself, is enough to get you inspired, isn’t it? If you think about it, our whole world runs on inspiration. Something or someone inspires one to do a task since he or she is inspired by something or someone. It is quite confusing but clear. It’s weird how inspiration is totally abstract but still specific to our lives.

But to get inspired, one needs to communicate his or her inspiration, either to someone or to oneself. And to communicate, you need to know what the words in the English language are that instill a sense of inspiration in people. Inspirational words, quite obviously, have the power to inspire people. And these words can change people’s lives like never before. Inspirational words have created countries, revolutions, wars, and great leaders and thinkers of our time.

The power of inspiration and inspirational words is beyond our understanding, to say the least. And that is why, in this particular article on inspirational words, we are going to give you 50 inspirational words along with their meanings to help you improve your vocabulary and convey the expressions of inspiration to people in all possible ways.  Let’s look at the list of topics covered in this article.

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50+ List of Inspirational Words in English With Meaning

Below is a comprehensive list of 100 inspirational words in the English language that is going to help you improve your vocabulary.

  • Achieve: Achievement, or to be achieved, is an action to gain something exactly as intended by a person.
  • Motivate: to inspire and push someone to do something good and desirable.
  • Ambition: The desire to do something, obtain something, or meet someone.
  • Believe: To believe in someone means to have faith in their actions and words.
  • Deliver: To do something as promised to someone.
  • Inspire: To compel someone to do something by your actions or words, whether unintentionally or intentionally.
  • Aspire: To strive for greatness in one’s life.
  • Dedication: Having a strong sense of discipline towards something in order to achieve something.
  • Discipline: The ability to stay on track and follow through without deviations or interruptions.
  • Grow: To advance in life in comparison to your previous self.
  • Create: To create something from nothing.
  • Live: To be content with oneself and one’s life
  • Hope: To look forward to something or to be optimistic about someone.
  • Dream: To think and build an illusion of sorts about something or someone.
  • Move: To advance in life and maintain momentum
  • Improve: to improve oneself in comparison to one’s previous self
  • Courage: An act that is considered risky enough to be done only by strong people.
  • Bravery: An act not done by many but a few due to the risk associated with it.
  • Best: To be number one in anything
  • Better: To improve one’s work or life
  • Price: The monetary value of something tangible or intangible.
  • Resilience: This means being consistent and not budging.
  • Worthy: To be valuable to something or someone
  • Pride: to have a sense of deep satisfaction with someone or one’s self
  • Positivity: A sense of optimism and a choice of approach to life.
  • Possibility: The likelihood of doing something exactly as intended.
  • Start: a fresh act begin something
  • Attain: to gain something
  • Create: An act building something from zero to a hundred as such
  • Gain: Having or receiving something in exchange for investing in something.
  • Try: doing something with an unpredictability of outcome.
  • Balance: The state of being in equilibrium between two or more things.
  • Breathing: An amazing thing that will take your breath away.
  • Act: to perform or to be something
  • Laugh: an act of happiness
  • Complete: the act of completing a task
  • Determination: complete dedication to something or someone
  • Persistent: persistently lagging behind something or someone
  • Reach: To attain your destination or a goal
  • Skill: Something that is inherent in one’s character that is of great use.
  • Brilliance: an act of smartness
  • Intelligence: A natural trait is a personal trait that makes him or her clever and smart.
  • Attitude: To have an idiosyncratic personality trait
  • Rise: To level up your game
  • Empower: To give someone authority.
  • Finisher: Someone who completes something or a task.
  • Glory: To personify and make a cult of something
  • Mindful: To be careful
  • Catalyst: something that speeds up work or acts as a motivator.
  • Beauty: Society standards of facial expressions and features
  • Conquer: To destroy or defeat something or someone.
  • Freedom: To be free and with no strings attached
  • Happiness: An act of self-satisfaction with oneself or towards someone else’s
  • Humble: A character trait that is grounded in reality.
  • Improve: To better oneself.

The words listed above are some of the inspirational words mentioned in this article on inspirational words that will help someone instil a sense of inspiration in themselves or others.

Where Do You Use Inspirational Words?

Inspirational words are used in the following scenarios:

  • Sports: whether it’s a big sporting event or small football coaching in school, the use of inspiring words to inspire players to put in hard work and win matches is a very common thing around the world.
  • Academics: inspirational words can be used by teachers to motivate their students to learn more and score well.
  • Human Resource Management: Human resource managers can use inspirational words either in the oral form of communication or through email to motivate the employees to work more efficiently and smartly.
  • Friends, how often do you see one friend motivating others by inspiring words? It is the friends and family around us that actually inspire us to achieve something, and the usage of inspirational words can have a strong impact on one’s mind.

How To Use Inspirational Words?

Inspirational words should be used judiciously and repeated usage might make them lose their value and charm. Inspirational words should be used strictly to inspire someone to do something good and not something bad.

One should also note here that good communication skills, along with people skills, are what will motivate a crowd. If you observe motivational speakers in YouTube videos, they use good vocabulary along with people skills to inspire and motivate their audience. It is important to learn the art of talking to people and not just improve vocabulary, because vocabulary alone will not help one communicate well with another person.

FAQs on Inspirational Words

The frequently asked questions on inspirational words are given below:

Q1. List a few inspirational phrases.
Answer: Achieve, aspire, aim, hard work, dedication, and determination are a few inspirational words in the English language.

Q2: Where do you use inspirational words?
Answer: Inspirational words can be used in interviews, public speeches, email communication, and casual conversations.

Q3. How do you use inspirational words?
Answer: Inspirational words should be used judiciously and at the right time with the right people.

Q4. What kind of impact will inspirational words have on people?
Answer: The usage of inspirational words can motivate people to do something and achieve something in their lives. It is going to have a major impact on one’s life.


In conclusion, we would like to say that inspirational words have a strong impact on one’s psychological mind and can change people’s lives, especially when they are down and weak. The proper usage of inspirational words at the right time is going to help people make an impact in their lives.

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