100+ List of Thanksgiving Words and Phrases From A To Z

The word “Thanksgiving” is one of the most celebrated and waited-for festivals and celebrations in the western part of the world. Although this is not a big occasion in the Indian subcontinent, it is quite a popular celebration due to the westernization of Indian society in recent times. In this article on Thanksgiving words, we are going to provide you with a list of 100 Thanksgiving words for vocabulary that are going to help one use them on the said occasion. Below are the topics of discussion one is going to find in this article:

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What is Thanksgiving?

The Thanksgiving holiday, which occurs on the 24th of November, is a holiday widely celebrated in the United States of America, Canada, and a few other North American and African nations. Similar holidays but with different names are celebrated in countries such as Japan and Germany. This holiday is celebrated to express thanks and convey expressions of love to our close and dear ones and as a celebration of the new year that will be forthcoming.

While Thanksgiving is not particularly celebrated in India, there are similar festivals such as Ugadi, whose meaning behind celebrations is largely similar but the method of celebration is different. Thanksgiving is quite popular around the world because it is largely portrayed in American movies, songs, and books and has gotten quite a few eyeballs for the same around the world. In the last five years, the trend of celebrating Thanksgiving in India has also been started by the youth of the country, influencing the growing Americanism in India.

List of Thanksgiving Words and Phrases From A to Z

Below is a comprehensive list of Thanksgiving words for appreciation, kindergarten, and teachers that one can use during the occasion to meet, greet, and convey expressions of love and happiness to our friends and family.

  1. Abundance
  2. Dood
  3. Love
  4. Happiness
  5. Hope
  6. Football
  7. Candy
  8. Hugs
  9. Kisses
  10. Joy
  11. Friends
  12. family
  13. Affectionate
  14. Thanks
  15. Relax
  16. Relived
  17. Holiday
  18. Enjoyment
  19. Fun
  20. Songs
  21. Dance
  22. Blessings
  23. Bake
  24. Corn
  25. Embrace
  26. Kernels
  27. Chicken
  28. Kitchen
  29. Melting pot
  30. Meal
  31. Prayer
  32. Bread
  33. Beef
  34. Meatloaf
  35. Brisket
  36. Cookies
  37. Flowers
  38. Napkins
  39. Bouquet
  40. Bread
  41. Laughing
  42. Harvest
  43. Hope
  44. Live
  45. long
  46. Health
  47. Proper
  48. Money
  49. Home
  50. mother
  51. Father
  52. Sister
  53. Brother
  54. Cranberries
  55. Brownie
  56. Crown
  57. Oatmeal
  58. Cook
  59. Libation
  60. Leftover
  61. Mutton
  62. Fireplace
  63. Barbeque
  64. Grandma
  65. Meemaw
  66. Stories
  67. Delicious
  68. Candles
  69. Burns
  70. Books
  71. Church
  72. Gracy
  73. Apple pie
  74. Beans
  75. Gravy
  76. Peas
  77. Pot
  78. delightful
  79. Dish
  80. Cereals
  81. Pizza
  82. Burger
  83. Chocolates
  84. Gifts
  85. Ice cream
  86. Immigrant
  87. Movies
  88. TV series
  89. Chill
  90. Casserole
  91. Cherry pie
  92. Entertainment
  93. Gourmet
  94. Hospitality
  95. Eggs
  96. Favorite
  97. Band
  98. Hymn
  99. Ball
  100. Centerpiece
  101. Decorations
  102. Heritage

There are plenty of other words in the English language that can be related to Thanksgiving, happiness, love, and celebration. However, above we have given only 100 useful and most commonly used Thanksgiving words that can be used by students, writers, and teachers for writing blogs, articles, and write-ups for the occasion of Thanksgiving.

Examples of Thanksgiving Words in Sentence Formation

Below are 15 examples of Thanksgiving words used in sentence formation. Students can use the following for homework, assignments, tests, and project work:

  1. The apple pie from Thanksgiving 1998 was the best I’d ever had in my life.
  2. The fireplace was a perfect place to sit and play cards with my family on Thanksgiving.
  3. Surprisingly, my office gave me one week of vacation on the occasion of Thanksgiving.
  4. School children are the happiest on Thanksgiving because they get long holidays, along with Christmas and New Year, soon enough.
  5. I proposed to my girlfriend with a ring on Thanksgiving of 2021.
  6. Due to the lockdown induced by the COVID-19 pandemic, our family spent this year’s Thanksgiving virtually online.
  7. The barbecue and the brisket made by my grandmother were amazing on this year’s Thanksgiving occasion.
  8. On the occasion of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank all my friends, family and loved ones for supporting me in this journey
  9. My boyfriend bought me a puppy as a gift for Thanksgiving.
  10. Amazon and Walmart offer some amazing discounts on electronic gadgets on the occasion of Thanksgiving.
  11. Online and offline shopping on the occasion of Thanksgiving always skyrockets.
  12. The candid photographs we took as a family on Thanksgiving will always be memorable for me.
  13. The 2020 Thanksgiving was our last Thanksgiving with our father, who died of illness.
  14. The exchange of gifts on Thanksgiving is fun and exciting for me.
  15. Kids eat a lot of chocolate and cookies on the occasion of Thanksgiving in America.

How To Use Thanksgiving Words?

The Thanksgiving words that we have mentioned in the above section of this article and various other thanksgiving words always convey expressions of love and happen. These words should be used only at the time of expression of such emotions towards the people you love and care about. They should be expressed once in a while because if these words are not used judiciously, they lose their value over time.

How To Teach Students To Use Thanksgiving Words?

We can conduct a few tests, assignments, or exciting fun activities within the classroom so that they learn naturally how, when, and where to use Thanksgiving words. Here are a few pointers to get you started:

  • Use Thanksgiving words when you are surrounded by your friends and family.
  • Use it on occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, birthdays, weddings, etc.
  • Use it with friends in school and in college.
  • Use it at home when all of them are present.
  • Pleasant words at the dinner table will help you make a great impression.
  • Students should be expected to use these words in their class tests and homework.

FAQs on Thanksgiving Words

The frequently asked questions on Thanksgiving words are given below:

Q1. When is Thanksgiving celebrated?
Answer: Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 24th of November in the United States of America, Canada, Brazil, parts of Europe, Australia, and Africa.

Q2. List a few Thanksgiving phrases.
Answer: Apple pie, happiness, food, and family are a few words used on the occasion of Thanksgiving.

Q3. When should one use Thanksgiving words?
Answer: Thanksgiving words should be used on special occasions, which include Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.

Q4. Can thanksgiving words be used in India?
Answer: Although India does not celebrate Thanksgiving, the usage of these words can be used on various occasions and festivals that India celebrates.

Q5. In which countries is Thanksgiving celebrated?
Answer: The United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, and Germany are the main countries that celebrate Thanksgiving.


In conclusion, we would like to say that Thanksgiving words always convey expressions of love, happiness, and prosperity and should be used only at the time of giving such expressions to your family, friends, and partners. Thanksgiving is a special occasion that demands special usage of words and conveys emotions to one another.

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