Animal Sounds | List of Animal Sounds With Meaning

Animal Sounds: If you are an experienced native English language speaker or maybe are in the learning process, you are bound to come across certain animal sounds. Numerous animals are living on our planet. of them has a different and unique sound that makes them distinct from each other.

Since there are numerous animals, there are multiple animal sounds as well. There are wild animals sounds, bird sounds, domestic animals sound, and many more. It becomes pretty difficult to remember each sound and the name of the animal that made the sound. Hence, for your easy remembrance, we have made a list of animal sounds that include different sounds of animals and the names of the animals that made the sound.

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Names of animal sounds

List of animals sounds

Meanings and Examples on the Animal sounds on the list

Laugh of a hyena

Meaning: It is a loud barking noise made by a hyena that ends up sounding like cackling laughter.

Example: The sudden laugh of a hyena made her scream in surprise.

The chortle of a kangaroo

Meaning: It is a loud coughing sound made by kangaroos.

Example: The kangaroos chortled and communicated with each other in their group.

The warble of a bird

Meaning: It is a low, sweet, and pleasing sound made by birds that sound like a melody.

Example: The warble of the birds in the tree made her very calm.

The roar of a lion

Meaning: A loud and ferocious sound that lions make.

Example: The lion roared after coming out of its den.

The chatter of a monkey

Meaning: A constant high-pitched noise made by a monkey. The monkeys made other noises like whooping and screeching as well.

Whooping is a loud and exciting sound made by them, while screeching is a high-pitched sound they make when they are fighting or unhappy.

Example: The monkeys constantly chattered in their cage.

The whine of a mosquito

Meaning: Whining is a high-pitched and constant sound made by mosquitoes when they are flying.

Example: The constant whining of the mosquito irritated me a lot.

Howl of a wolf

Meaning: It is a long and loud crying sound made by wolves.

Example: The wolf howled to let its pack know that there was impending danger.

Hoot of an owl

Meaning: Hooting is a sound made by owls. The sound is quite similar to the sound of saying hoot.

Example: The owls hooted away together in the night sky.

Animal Sounds 1

Bray of a donkey

Meaning: Bray is a loud, harsh, jarring cry sound made by a donkey.

Example: The donkey brayed loudly when its owner piled another sack of rice on top of his back.

Coo of a dove

Meaning: Making a soft, low, and sweet sound.

Example: The dove started coo-ing, and it just made out the day.

Quack of a duck

Meaning: A throaty and harsh cry made by a duck.

Example: The constant quacking sound of the ducks started irritating her.

Trumpet of an elephant

Meaning: A loud, rumbling, trumpet-like sound made by an elephant.

Example: The elephant’s trumpeting sound became more apparent as they entered deep into the forest.

The yelp of a fox

Meaning: A very sharp, shrill, and quick cry made by foxes.

Example: The foxes started yelping loudly, and that made Ray curious.

The croak of a frog

Meaning: It is a low and hoarse sound made by frogs.

Example: Just as the monsoon started, the croaking of the frogs also began.

The cackle of a goose

Meaning: Cackle is a high-pitched squeak made by geese.

Example: The goose started cackling in the farmhouse.

The squeaking of a mouse

Meaning: Squeaking is a high-pitched sound made by a mouse.

Example: The mouses in our attic squeaked loudly when I went up to look for our old wall clock.

Animal Sounds 2

Moo of a cow

Meaning: The low and deep vocal sound made by a cow.

Example: The herd of cows mooed while grazing the grasses on the field.

Bellow of a bull

Meaning: A loud, roaring, and angry sound that is made by a bull.

Example: The bull bellowed and started running once it saw the red cloth.

Cluck of a chicken

Meaning: A deep, short, and sharp sound made by chickens.

Example: The group of chickens started clucking together, and the noise made her head hurt.

Click of a dolphin

Meaning: Click is a sound made by dolphins to sense their surroundings with the help of echolocation.

Example: The group of dolphins sends out rapid clicks using their nasal sacs.

Scream of a chimpanzee

Meaning: It is a high-pitched, loud sound made by chimpanzees when they are fighting or when they need help.

Example: Oscar, the chimpanzee, screamed when his food was snatched away by another chimpanzee.

Cheep of a chick

Meaning: The cheep is a high-pitched shrill sound made usually by all baby birds.

Example: The baby chick cheeped after his mother.

Cock-a-doodle-do of a rooster

Meaning: A long call made by a rooster.

Example: The rooster in our neighbourhood cries cock-a-doodle-do every morning and wakes us up.

The chirp of a cricket

Meaning: A short high-pitched sound made by crickets.

Example: The crickets in our garden chirp every day as soon as it has grown dark.

Caw of a crow

Meaning: The caw is a loud and harsh cry made by crows.

Example: The crow kept on cawing until we gave it a biscuit to eat.

The bark of a dog

Meaning: It is a loud, short, and sharp sound made by dogs when they are frightened, surprised, or annoyed. They also make a woof sound when they are playful.

Example: Our dog Lily started barking as soon as she saw strangers in our house.

Oink of a pig

Meaning: It is a grunting sound made by pigs.

Example: The pigs in our farm always oinked.

The neigh of a horse

Meaning: Neighing is a prolonged cry made by horses. They even make sounds like snorts and whinnies.

Example: The horses neighed in the stable when Georgia stroked their head.

Whisper of a man

Meaning: Whisper means to speak very softly and quietly.

Example: Violet leaned over and whispered something in her boyfriend’s ear.

The whistle of a bird

Meaning: An unmistakable, high-pitched musical sound made by birds.

Example: The whistling of the birds was highly musical.

The squeak of a rabbit

Meaning: Squeaking is a whimpering sound made by rabbits.

Example: The rabbit kept on squeaking loudly to warn the other rabbits of the danger.

The bark of a seal

Meaning: It is a sound made by seals with the help of their throat and air.

Example: The barking of the seals was becoming quite faint.

Gobble of a turkey

Meaning: A rapid and loud gurgling noise made by turkeys.

Example: The wild turkey gobbled loudly as soon as it entered the other part of the forest.

The squawk of a parrot

Meaning: A very harsh and screeching noise made by a parrot.

Example: My parrot kept squawking until I gave her something to eat.

Screeching of a bat

Meaning: A shrill and high-pitched sound made by bats.

Example: The bats started screeching and flying as soon as they entered the cave.

Growling of a bear

Meaning: Growling is a low, guttural sound made by bears. It can sometimes be aggressive, but usually, it is a non-aggressive sound.

Example: The bear angrily growled at the group of tourists.

Buzzing of a bee

Meaning: A rapid and vibrating humming sound that is made by bees. It is also known as humming.

Example: The bees were constantly buzzing around our picnic table.

The bleating of a lamb

Meaning: The cry of a lamb is known as bleating. It is a sound that is made by goats and calves as well.

Example: When she heard the faint bleating of the lambs, she understood that this indeed was the right way to her farmhouse.

Grunting of a camel

Meaning: It is a low and deep sound made by camels.

Example: The mother camel grunted at her children

The meowing of a cat

Meaning: A characteristic crying sound made by cats, usually when they are hungry. Cats also make other sounds like purr and mew.

Purr is a vibratory sound that expresses contentment, while mew is a high-pitched cry sound.

Example: Maya’s cat stopped meowing when he got his bowl of milk.

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