100+ Hardest Words in English With Meaning, To Spell, Pronounce

Hardest Words: The English language is a funny, complicated and yet useful language that has thousands of words in its kitty. While some are very easy to learn, speak, and write, a few others are mind-numbingly hard to even understand, and don’t even get us started on pronouncing such words. And those words, which are difficult in their very nature, are rarely used by people in general. Such difficult words are only used by academicians and literature graduates.

However, keep in mind that most difficult words have much simpler and simplistic meanings, which when used in your communication can dramatically improve their meaning, tone, and texture. In this particular article on the hardest words to spell, we are going to discuss the following topics that are going to help students, teachers, writers, and general English enthusiasts learn about the hardest words in the English language:

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Why Is It Necessary To Learn Hard Words in English?

Below are a few reasons why one should learn about the hardest words in the English language:

  • If you want to become a serious writer, it is practically mandatory for you to know about the hard words in the English language.
  • Interviews: if you want to impress HR, great vocabulary can take you places.
  • Brand communication: branding and marketing are all about communication, and the usage of sensible words can help a brand connect with its target group.
  • Corporate environment: whether it’s internal customers or external, the usage of great vocabulary will always create a great impression within the office environment and it can bode well for your image.
  • Entrance examinations: Exams like CAT, UPSC CSE, GMAT, XAT, NMAT, or MAT will demand good vocabulary from students to clear them. Knowing such difficult words can help them answer English grammar and comprehension questions correctly and score well.
  • Now that we have understood why we should know about the hardest words in the English language, let us understand which words are the hardest words in the English language.

The Hardest Words To Spell in English

Below is a long difficult English word to spell:

  1. Vivisepulture
  2. Pococurante
  3. Acquiesce
  4. Demitasse
  5. Laodicean
  6. Chauffeur
  7. Liaison
  8. Gobbledegook
  9. Euonymus
  10. Smaragdine
  11. Unconscious
  12. Chiaroscurist
  13. Pharaoh
  14. Eudaemonic
  15. Ursprache
  16. Idiosyncracies
  17. Foreign
  18. Neighbour
  19. Psoriasis
  20. Canonical
  21. Xanthosis
  22. Equipage
  23. Dulcimer
  24. Soubrette
  25. Maculature
  26. Orient
  27. Suntech
  28. Asterisk
  29. Deterioration
  30. Wrinkle
  31. Library
  32. Honest
  33. Listen
  34. Fuchsia
  35. Onomatopoeia
  36. Paraphernalia
  37. Brocolli
  38. Weird
  39. misspell
  40. Bourgeois
  41. Necessary
  42. Increase
  43. Sandal
  44. Island
  45. Mischievous
  46. Miniscule
  47. Pastime
  48. Vacuum
  49. Kinkajou
  50. Releasable
  51. Cataclysm
  52. Coalescent
  53. Archetypes
  54. Idealist
  55. Primaeval
  56. Ozone
  57. Exhumation
  58. Occipital
  59. Longeron
  60. Oligopoly

Hardest English Words To Pronounce

Below is a list of the hardest words in English to pronounce:

  1. Worcestershire
  2. Draught
  3. Brewery
  4. Derby
  5. Phenomenon
  6. Droit
  7. Detroit
  8. Fille
  9. Heure
  10. February
  11. Hour
  12. Maintenant
  13. Oil
  14. Portefeuille
  15. Pneus
  16. Greenwich
  17. Although
  18. -Fortunate
  19. Quinoa
  20. Sixth
  21. Anemone
  22. Anime
  23. Colonel
  24. Kernel
  25. Asterisk
  26. Massachusetts
  27. Temperature
  28. Onomatopoeia
  29. Penguin
  30. Two
  31. Honest
  32. Colonel
  33. Irritable
  34. Bridge
  35. Numb
  36. Dumb
  37. Columns
  38. Isle
  39. Design
  40. Anchor
  41. Ascend
  42. Design
  43. Psychological
  44. Chaos
  45. Apostle
  46. Apostille
  47. Autumn
  48. Palm
  49. Bridge
  50. Budge
  51. Swift
  52. Seize
  53. Pneumoniae
  54. Talk
  55. Bomb
  56. Plumber
  57. Clothes
  58. Whistle
  59. Almond
  60. Knee

If you observe, in both the difficult words to pronounce and the difficult to spell in the English language, certain letters are silent, and that is what makes them tricky, especially for beginners and average-level English speakers.

List of 100 Hardest Words in the English Language

Below is a list of the 100 hardest words in the English language:

  1. Languid
  2. Poise
  3. Isle
  4. Frolic
  5. Disabuse
  6. Exponential
  7. Iconoclast
  8. Ascetic
  9. Inert
  10. Avalanche
  11. Feet
  12. Boulevard
  13. Mauve
  14. Hegemony
  15. Disparate
  16. Beguile
  17. Jolt
  18. Abeyance
  19. Vilify
  20. Fracas
  21. Knell
  22. Emblem
  23. Licence
  24. Naturally
  25. Shindler
  26. Canine
  27. Famine
  28. Library
  29. Fathom
  30. Echoes
  31. Inching
  32. Fawn
  33. Often
  34. Knowledge
  35. Wrinkle
  36. Grasp
  37. occurred
  38. Literally
  39. Finally,
  40. Laconic
  41. February
  42. Embarrassed
  43. Height
  44. business
  45. Foreign
  46. Beginning
  47. Magazine
  48. Schedule
  49. Arctic
  50. Architectural
  51. Grammar
  52. Consent
  53. Define
  54. Demonstration
  55. Deviate
  56. Diminish
  57. Integrated
  58. Contract
  59. Priorities
  60. Piece
  61. Succedaneum
  62. Soubrette
  63. Equipage
  64. Vignette
  65. Hydrophyte
  66. Crustaceology
  67. Ratoon
  68. Detect
  69. Thrifty
  70. Absurd
  71. Accord
  72. Shine
  73. Impede
  74. Rural
  75. Misery
  76. Urban
  77. Eulogy
  78. Echoed
  79. Wiggle
  80. Shaky
  81. Buttress
  82. Explicit
  83. Unique
  84. Blown
  85. Brown
  86. Guile
  87. Placate
  88. Alias
  89. Increase
  90. Staid
  91. epitome
  92. Espresso
  93. Fork
  94. Follicles
  95. Zephyr
  96. Nauseous
  97. Accommodation
  98. Miniscule
  99. Onomatopoeia
  100. Synchronous

How To Teach and Learn the Hardest Words in the English Language?

The number of ways to improve one’s vocabulary and learn the hardest words in the English language is not limited in any sense. One can follow the below methodologies to learn the hardest words in English:

  • Learn and write one new word every day.
  • Keep reading editorials of newspapers such as the Hindu New Indian Express or the Live Mint. These newspapers provide quality content with a high vocabulary.
  • Read novels written by Nobel laureates and people from different walks of life and geography so that your mental horizon expands.
  • Start writing articles and blogs yourself and use the vocabulary that you have learnt in these articles so that you get to practise the same.

The above mentioned are a few of the methodologies that one can adopt to learn the hardest words in the English language. There are other methods as well that people adopt, but one should never memorise these words because memorising them is of no value and you will not learn how, when, where, and how much to use.

FAQs on the Hardest Words in the English Language

The frequently asked question regarding the hardest words in the English Language are given below:

1. Is it necessary to learn hard words in English?
Yes, learning hard words in English will help you improve your vocabulary and communication skills.

2. How to Learn the Difficult English Words?
Answer: By reading and writing every day, one can improve their vocabulary and learn the hardest words in the English language.

3. Where are hard words in the English language used?
Answer: Hard words in the English language are mostly used in academic papers, literary works, novels, editorials, and columns in newspapers and magazines.

4. What makes a few words hard in English?
Answer: Silent letters, double letters, and long spelling can make a few words hard in the English language.


Most of us opt for an easier way out in life, and that is exactly what we do with English vocabulary also. All the usage of simple words can be made easier. One should start inculcating usage of difficult vocabulary in the English language so that it improves their hold and grasp of the language.

There are thousands of difficult words in the English language and you can’t learn all the difficult words, but knowing a few can help you make a good impression in interviews, essay writing competitions and entrance examinations.

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