The School for Sympathy Summary

“The School for Sympathy” is a thought-provoking short story by E.M. Forster that delves into the complexities of human emotions and the quest for genuine empathy. Set in an intriguing world where individuals are trained to experience and understand emotions deeply, The School For Sympathy story raises questions about the authenticity of empathy and its role in human relationships. Read More Summaries Class 8 English Summaries.

The School for Sympathy Summary

The School for Sympathy Summary in English

The writer once got a chance to visit Miss Beam’s school about which he had heard a lot before. When he entered the school, he just saw a girl of twelve with a bandage covering her eyes. A little boy of about eight was guiding her between the flower beds in the garden. The girl asked the boy about the writer.

The boy seemed to describe the writer to her and they went away. Then the writer went in and met Miss Beam. He asked her some questions about her style of teaching. Miss Beam said there was not much scholastic education. The students were taught spelling, adding, subtracting, multiplying and writing only. She said that the goal of her system was to sow the seeds ‘ of humanity and citizenship in the children. He noticed that the children there were not healthy. He mentioned about the girl he had seen before to Miss Beam.

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She laughed and said that she was not really blind. The ones with eyes covered in bandages were not really blind and those with a crutch was not lame either. It was just a part of her system. This practice made the children empathized with the differently-abled and appreciate the gift of life. Then she introduced the writer to the girl and left the place. He asked her if she tried to peep.

She replied that peeping would be cheating. She described her experience acting blind and how she realized the struggle a blind person had to face. She said that the ‘blind day’ was the worst day for her. She was guided by the writer for a walk. The writer described the surrounding to her. The writer noticed that the girl had become much more thoughtful and sensitive. Miss Beam came to see him off on his leaving.


In conclusion, “The School for Sympathy” by E.M. Forster introduces readers to a society where empathy is taught as a skill, challenging us to reflect on the true nature of compassion and whether it can be manufactured or must arise naturally from within. The School For Sympathy Summary this thought-provoking narrative prompts us to question the authenticity of emotions and the significance of genuine human connections in an increasingly mechanized world.

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