Song of the Flower Summary

“Song of the Flower” is a poignant poem by Khalil Gibran that explores themes of beauty, life, and the interconnectedness of nature. Through lyrical verses, Gibran personifies the flower, allowing it to express its thoughts and emotions. Song of the Flower poem invites readers to contemplate the profound wisdom inherent in the natural world and its capacity to inspire reflection on the human experience. Read More Summaries Class 8 English Summaries.

Song of the Flower Summary

Song of the Flower Summary in English

This beautiful poem portrays the character of a flower. According to the poet, the flower is a word spoken and repeated by nature. It is a star that has fallen from the blue sky upon the green grass on the Earth. Then the poet describes how the different seasons show their role in the life of the flower. It is conceived (created as embryo)in the winter, born in the spring, summer looks after it like its mother and it bids farewell(dies) to the world in autumn. When morning arrives, it joins the breeze to announce the coming of the sun and in the evening along with the birds, it bids farewell to the sun. The plains are all decorated by the flowers and the air is filled by its sweet aromatic smell.

In the night, when it sleeps, the night becomes a watchman for it and in the morning it wakes to see the sun without which even our eyes wouldn’t be helpful. It drinks dew like wine, listens to the birds singing and the dances when the grasses sway in the wand. When lovers meet, flower is exchanged and so is it when they get married. Also, it is the last gift that we give to our beloved ones when they pass away. But the flower wants us to be optimistic and look high and dream. It doesn’t want us to look back on the sorrows of our lives and regret. It teaches us the lesson of self-worth and wants us to spread joy just as it does.


In conclusion, Khalil Gibran’s “Song of the Flower” is a lyrical masterpiece that invites readers to connect with the essence of nature and the wisdom it embodies. Through the flower’s voice, the poem imparts profound insights about the cycle of life, beauty, and the eternal dance of existence. Gibran’s words resonate as a timeless reminder of the interconnections of all living beings and the enduring lessons we can learn from the natural world.

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