Stunningly Beautiful Words in English You Should Start Using Now | List of Top 70 Most Beautiful Words

The English language offers a plethora of words belonging to a wide range of categories. You may find certain words attractive because of their sound or maybe the meaning it conveys. So even though it’s difficult to define the beauty of a word, beautiful words refer to those words that attract you instantly. The addition of such beautiful words will surely increase your vocabulary. However, a point to be noted is that the beauty of a word is not objective but rather depends on the user’s perception. Hence it is subjective in nature.

List of Beautiful Words to Use in Writing

Have a look at some of the most attractive or beautiful words used in English:

  • bucolic – beautiful aspect of life
  • conflate- combine things together
  • dalliance- refers to a casual or romantic relationship
  • elixir- a medicinal portion
  • eloquence-to express oneself in an expressive manner
  • emollient – soothing effect
  • epiphany- sudden realization
  • forbearance- to put off something
  • harbinger- a signal referring to the approach of something
  • incipient- refers to something that is in the beginning stage
  • plethora- a large quantity
  • scintilla- a small amount
  • summery- refers to warm conditions

Beautiful Words that Signify Appearance

Given below is a list of words that refers to an emotion or signify appearance:

  • aesthetic- that which appears pleasing
  • ambivalence- conflicted feelings
  • demure- modest
  • evanescent- fleeting
  • evocative- bubbly
  • exhilaration- extreme happiness
  • glamorous- extremely beautiful
  • gossamer- sheeror filmy
  • halcyon- calm and peaceful
  • diaphanous- delicate
  • dissemble- to hide true feelings
  • jubilation- feeling of joy
  • Photogenic- beauty that can be captured in a photo.

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Beautiful Words To Describe Someone

Given below is a list of words that can be used to describe a person:

  • Adventurous- someone who enjoys adventures
  • Amorous- relating to sexual desire
  • Diligent- someone who is caring
  • Humble- modest
  • Courageous- someone who is brave
  • Efficient- someone who works hard
  • Enchanting- attractive or charming
  • Generous- ready to give up everything you have

Beautiful Words for Growth

Have a look at some of the beautiful words used to highlight the notion of growth:

  • Advance
  • Expand
  • Maturation
  • Blossoming
  • Refinement
  • Perfection
  • Development

Beautiful Words

Beautiful Words for Girls

The English language has several words that describe a girl. Have a look at some of these:

  • Lovely- describe feminine beauty
  • Gorgeous- refers to a beautiful girl
  • Creative- someone who comes up with new ideas
  • Innovative- someone who executes new ideas
  • Observant- someone who notices each and every detail
  • Quick witted- an intelligent woman
  • Sincere- someone who is true
  • Resourceful- someone who helps solve problems.

Why Use Beautiful Words?

The use of beautiful words can be beneficial to you in different ways. These include:

  • Expands your vocabulary
  • Helps you to be expressive
  • Helps you to write in a creative manner
  • Enhance your description of places, people, and events
  • Gives a mood and feeling to what you write

FAQs on Beautiful Words

1) Give examples of beautiful words?

Examples of beautiful words include

  • conflate
  • dalliance
  • erstwhile
  • forbearance
  • harbinger
  • imbue
  • incipient

2) What are some of the words that refer to appearance? 

Beautiful words that signify appearance include

  • aesthetic
  • ambivalence
  • demure
  • evanescent
  • evocative

3) Define Beautiful Words?

Though it’s difficult to define the beauty of a word, beautiful words refer to those words that attract you instantly. The addition of such beautiful words will surely increase your vocabulary.


The use of beautiful words in your writings will help attract the attention of readers. It will make your writings more creative and innovative. However, be sure to stay away from the overuse of such words. Even though beautiful words can enhance your vocabulary, the overuse of these words can take the readers away from the original meaning of the word. Hence use such words wisely!

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