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Things That Are Red: Red is one of the common colours we see around and the last colour in the light spectrum. Every day we see a lot of things which are red. It is one of the three primary colours besides yellow and blue. It has the least amount of energy by virtue of its last position in the spectrum, and its wavelength range is 625-740nm. The red colour is closely associated with us as the colour of blood. There are other myriads of things that catch the eye because of their various shades of red colour. In this article, we are going to take a look at the things which are red.

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Everyday Things Which Are/May Be Red In Colour

  1. Blood
  2. Letterbox
  3. Footwear
  4. Jewellery
  5. Clothes
  6. Lipsticks
  7. Animals
  8. Electronic gadgets
  9. Gemstones
  10. Bricks
  11. Paints and dyes
  12. Sports Jerseys
  13. Vegetables and fruits
  14. Chemicals
  15. Eatables
  16. Vehicles
  17. Sirens
  18. Stamps
  19. Passport
  20. Uniforms
  21. Logos

Things That Are Red 1

  1. Warning Signs
  2. Sunset
  3. Flowers
  4. Flags

List of Flowers That Are Red

Flowers make this world more beautiful, and when they are in colour as vivid as red, people can’t help but notice and relish their aroma. So here is the list of all such red coloured flowers. The ‘Red Rose’ is at the top of the list, also known as the symbol of love.

  1. Rose
  2. Begonia
  3. Hibiscus
  4. Orchid
  5. Azalea
  6. Hyacinth
  7. Sweet-Peas
  8. Tulips
  9. Freesia
  10. Amaranthus
  11. Tulips
  12. Calla-Lilly
  13. Red Trumpet Creeper
  14. Marigold
  15. Dahlia
  16. Verbena
  17. Cosmos
  18. Columbine

List of Animals That Are Red

There are plenty of animals (land and aquatic) and birds that have red colour due to the presence of biological pigments in their skin. The red colour makes them distinct, and some animals flash red colour in their skin to show anger and competitiveness. Animals and birds have red beaks, skin, fur, tongue, genitals etc. Below is the list of red coloured animals and birds.

  1. Red Ladybug
  2. Red Starfish (Aquatic)
  3. Red Snake
  4. Red Fox
  5. Norhern Cardinal (Bird)
  6. Red Panda
  7. Blood Red Glider (Insect)
  8. Electus Parrot (Bird)
  9. Fulvous Dragonfly (Insect)
  10. Red Squirrel
  11. Red Krill (Aquatic)
  12. Glass eye squirrelfish
  13. Lily Beetle
  14. Scarlet Ibis (Bird)
  15. Common rosefinch (Bird)

Naturally red coloured veggies and fruits not only appeal to the eye and provide us vital nutrients to keep a sound physique. They are suitable for enhancing the red blood cell count in our body. In some fruits, the red colour also indicated the ripeness of that fruit. Some vegetables and fruits are all red, some are red from the inside, while some only have a red peel. Following is the list of red vegetables are fruits.

  1. Beets
  2. Red Chilli
  3. Red Pepper
  4. Tomato
  5. Red Cabbage
  6. Red Onions
  7. Radicchio
  8. Radish

List of Fruits That Are Red

  1. Apple
  2. Cherry
  3. Cranberry
  4. Strawberry
  5. Watermelon
  6. Dragonfruit
  7. Pomegranate
  8. Raspberry
  9. Blood Orange
  10. Red Grapes
  11. Prickly Pear
  12. Red Pears

Things That Are Red 2

Many Sports have teams with red jerseys, be it cricket, soccer, hockey etc. The colour of the jersey is closely associated with the fervour and emotions of fans who support the teams by wearing the jerseys, and it becomes an inseparable symbol of the team. Following is the sports-wise list of team names whose jerseys are red.

  1. West Indies
  2. Bangladesh
  3. England
  4. Royal Challengers Bangalore (IPL)
  5. Punjab Kings (IPL)
  6. Oman


  1. Liverpool
  2. Arsenal
  3. Manchester United
  4. Red Star Belgrade
  5. PSV Eindhoven
  6. AC Milan
  7. Spain
  8. Sparta Prague
  9. Nottingham Forest Football Club


  1. St. Luis Cardinals (Baseball)
  2. Boston Red Socks (Baseball)
  3. New Jersey Devils (Ice Hockey)
  4. The Detroit Red Wings (Ice Hockey)
  5. Texas Tech (Basketball)
  6. Miami Heat (Basketball)
  7. Detroit Pistons (Basketball)

There are many flags that are in red colour or part of whom is in red colour. This red colour may symbolize different things for different countries, but generally, red denotes the fervour, vigour and enthusiasm in general settings. Flags have various shades of red colour depicting various emotions by means of symbols or plain shade of colour covering the flag. Following is the list of the names of countries whose flags have red colour, either fully or partially

  1. Turkey
  2. China
  3. Austria
  4. Canada
  5. Japan
  6. Switzerland
  7. Georgia
  8. Tonga
  9. Azerbaijan
  10. Jordan
  11. Norway
  12. Tunisia
  13. Mongolia
  14. Sri Lanka
  15. Afghanistan
  16. Denmark
  17. Montenegro
  18. Iran
  19. USA
  20. Indonesia
  21. Peru
  22. Russia
  23. Germany
  24. Poland
  25. Norway
  26. Egypt
  27. Croatia
  28. Vietnam
  29. Spain
  30. Philippines
  31. Poland

List of Logos That Are Red

Logos are an inseparable part of any brand, team, organisation, group, company, manufacturing unit, a franchise. Logos help the proliferation of anything it is associated with as it is not just a symbol, but it carries the legacy and value of the brand. It forms conceptions among the users of the brand and serves as a top tool of marketing. It reflects all the qualities of the products as a symbol of the identification of brands. Just like there are many logos of different colours, there is no dearth of logos in red colour. Lets us take a look at the name of the companies with red coloured logos.

  1. Netflix
  2. Mitsubishi
  3. Coca-Cola
  4. You-Tube
  5. Puma
  6. Lego
  7. CNN
  8. BBC
  9. Heinz
  10. Virgin
  11. ESPN
  12. Canon
  13. Adobe
  14. Levi’s
  15. Burger King
  16. Pepsi
  17. McDonald’s
  18. Amul
  19. Vi
  20. Inshorts
  21. WPS Office
  22. Aitel
  23. Exon
  24. Target

Many English idioms exist which use the word ‘red’.Generally, in these idioms, red is used as a metaphor for the ‘anger’ emotion. For instance, the Idiom’ red faced’ means someone is in extreme danger. In daily life, we use these idioms to convey the intensity of our emotions. The word ‘red’ is not always used for ‘anger’ in the idioms as it can have various other meanings depending on the context. For instance, ‘Red Letter Day’ means a special and happy day to commemorate something. This idioms doesn’t follow the generally used meaning of the word ‘Red’.Let us look at some famous and frequently used idioms and their meanings associated with the word ‘Red’.

  1. A red flag (A warning for the adverse and unfavourable situation)
  2. To get caught red-handed (to get exposed while committing a prohibited act)
  3. Red herring (Something which is irrelevant to the main topic and wastes time)
  4. To get red in the face ( to be embarrassed or shy)
  5. Red hot (A metal heated till it gets red)
  6. Wave a red flag to a bull (Invite calamity on oneself)
  7. Paint the town red (to have a happy time and enjoy)
  8. On red alert (on toes in the face of danger or potentially hostile situation)
  9. To be as red as a beetroot (Blushing In shyness and embarrassment)

There are many precious gemstones of red colour. The red colour is due to the atomic arrangement and the frequency of light absorbed and reflected by the atoms in the gemstone. The vivid red colour of stones makes the jewellery stand out due to its shine. Gemstones have a massive importance in the field of astrology. Astrologers link these stones to future events and prescribe them to their clients according to their methods. Let us take a look at the list of red gemstones.

  1. Garnet
  2. Red Spinel
  3. Pigeon blood ruby
  4. Red Tourmaline
  5. Japanese Red Coral
  6. Carnelian
  7. Red Coral ( Also known as Moonga in India)
  8. Red Zircon

Other Things Worth Mentioning About The Red Colour

  • One of the traffic lights’ colour Is red placed on the top. It indicates the drivers to stop their vehicles.
  • Mars -the fourth planet from the sun, is called ‘The Red Planet’ due to its light red colour. Mars owe this red colour to the presence of iron oxide in its upper layers. Rusting of iron compounds gives this planet a faded red colour.
  • Many countries, including India, have red coloured banknotes of various denominations. India recently nullified the validity of old notes of 500 and 1000 and launched a new denomination of 2000 rupee notes of red colour. Some other countries having red coloured notes are China, Cuba, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, Papua New Guinea.
  • The powerful Russian army active between 1918 to 1945 was called ‘The Red Army’.It was the strongest army of land warfare with the strength of 5 million soldiers.
  • Red colour has been associated with human psychology as a presenter of various human emotions and desires. Primarily it is the colour of love showing itself in the red roses. Besides, this colour represents enthusiasm, passion, fervour, vigour and vitality. But on the other side, it also represents violence in bloodshed, which gives it a negative connotation.
  • Military uniform is the pride of every country. Its uniform colour represents that the soldiers of various religious, economic and topographical backgrounds form a united front dispelling all the notions of differences. Soldiers of some countries don uniforms in red colour. The countries whose army wears the red uniforms are the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Georgia, Netherlands.
  • Red is the last colour of the rainbow, and it has the lowest energy of all the colours. It is also a primary colour besides yellow and blue and forms other secondary colours by mixing with the other two primary colours.
  • Since red is the sign of eagerness and warning, the sirens of police vehicles and ambulances are red. Red light mounted on the top of the ambulance with sound helps get ambulance rod clearance so that the patient could be saved by timely admission to the hospital.
  • Our face goes red in anger and excitement and also when we get shy. It is the colour most associated with the human body than any other colour. Blood clotting on bruises and wounds and the red blood cells carrying oxygen and nutrients in our body make red a dominant colour in animals’ anatomy and biology.

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