Laundry Room | List of Things in the Laundry Room With Description and Images

Laundry Room: Here’s our article which describes various uses of laundry equipment, with pictures and with descriptions in detail about the best laundry tools you must have in your household.

If you’re looking for a topic which gives you extra information about laundry equipment pictures, this article will help you greatly, to learn easily about them.

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This will assist you to gain a better understanding about types of laundry equipment to use, while also informing you about the things that are vital to keep close to you while doing your laundry. Handy wash laundry tools are also a part of this article, to provide additional knowledge for our learners.

List of Things in the Laundry Room

Names of Things in the Laundry Room

Description of the Things in the Laundry Room on the List


A cabinet is a spacious cupboard in which clothes are kept stacked for ease of use of the members in a household. They are made of iron, wood or sometimes metal. A cabinet usually has a set of drawers and a large space to hand clothes in.

Clothes dryer

A clothes dryer is a piece of equipment we use to dry clothes inside the house. It has a burner that draws the moisture from the bundles clothes and releases them into the surrounding air, drying them.

Drying racks

A drying rack is a type of equipment used in a lot of households. It is a rack in which clothes are hung one after another to dry naturally. They usually come in a greater variety of sizes and some are even attached to the walls.

Garbage can

Garbage cans are an important piece of equipment used inside a laundry room. It is essentially used to contain rubbish from clothes, and these are mostly biodegradable wastes.


Hangers are very vital to be kept in a laundry room. They are the main piece of equipment we use to neatly hang our clothes in. They are used to also hand up new clothes and coats to hold their form and make room for more clothing to be hung inside the cabinet.


Iron is a piece of equipment we usually use to press our clothes. It has a heater inside which heats up the iron plate below, in order to help us press the clothing by sliding it on top of clothes. Ironing clothes is important to look classy and give off a respectable personality.

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Ironing board

An ironing board is a narrow table on which clothes are kept for an individual to iron their clothes on. It is made of soft spongy fabric and a stand which is heat-resistant.

Laundry supplies

Laundry consists of random items which we need for laundry work, such as washing powder or liquids, pegs to hand clothes, clothing lines, detergent, etc. These are essentials we need to carry out a laundry session successfully.


Linens are also another requirement in a laundry room. These are fibre rolls made from the flax plant. Linens are soft and smooth fabric and make up for an item of great importance in the laundry room.

Storage baskets

Storage baskets in an individual’s laundry room is a valuable requirement. These are large baskets which store both washed clothes and the ones which need a wash. Storage baskets are stacked together at the corner to keep the floor or the rooms free of used clothes and arrange fresh clothes for drying, in an organised unit.

Washing machine

Washing machines are very useful machines, which we use to wash our clothes in. They are large units where two sections are present: one for washing the clothes and the other for drying the excess moisture for the clothes to be transferred to a drying rack.


Detergents are essential to keep in the laundry room. To wash one’s cloth well, detergents are necessary to use. They come in a variety of fragrances nowadays, which makes the clothes smell fresh and clean and also look as good as new. Some people use liquid detergent, while others prefer powdered detergents.

Stain Remover

A stain remover is another type of liquid, you can pour over a stubborn stain, to get it off of your clothes. The stain removers are used as per packaging instructions to achieve best results.

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