Subject And Predicate Worksheets

Every sentence consists of two parts, subject and predicate :

  1. The part which names the person or thing we speak about.
    This part of the sentence is called the Subject.
  2. What is said of the person or thing denoted by the Subject.
    This part of the sentence is called the Predicate.
  3. Notice how these sentences are divided into Subject and Predicate:—
1. We have done our duty
2. Birds fly in the air
3. A bad workman blames his tools.
4. The Rich are not always happy
5. The Early Bird Catches the worm.
  1. The Subject does not always come at the beginning of the sentence :
    • How badly you sing!
    • Across the path lay a frozen snake.
    • Down dropped the breeze.
    • Sweet are the uses of adversity.
1. You sing how badly
2. The breeze dropped down
3. A frozen snake lay across the path
4. The uses of adversity are sweet
  1. In Imperative Sentences the Subject is generally left out; as,
    Do this. [Here the Subject You is understood.]
    Thank you. [Here the Subject I is understood.]

Exercise 1: Divide the following sentences into Subject and Predicate

  1. A barking sound the shepherd hears.
  2. Don’t make a noise.
  3. The country is lovely in autumn.
  4. The boy stood on the burning deck.
  5. The stars are shining brightly.
  6. The sun went down.
  7. Work hard.
  8. Darkness came quickly on.
  9. Down fell the mango.
  10. Strange are the ways of God.
  11. Stone walls do not a prison make.
  12. No man can serve two masters.
  13. The singing of the birds delights us.
  14. Swimming is the best kind of exercise.
  15. Delhi, the capital of India, stands on the Yamuna.

Exercise 2: Add suitable Predicates to the following subjects

  1. The earth________________
  2. The stars________________
  3. A good boy_____________
  4. A stationer______________
  5. A butcher_______________
  6. Our class ____________
  7. Our Headmaster ____________
  8. The sun ____________
  9. The Queen of England ____________
  10. Our Prime Minister ____________

Exercise 3: Add suitable Subjects to the following Predicates

  1. _______________________ consists of thirty pupils.
  2. ______________________ is always liked by his teachers.
  3. ______________________ opened the Exhibition.
  4. _______________________ does not move round the earth.
  5. _______________________ revolves round the sun.
  6. _______________________ are shining brightly in the sky.
  7. _______________________ lives in Delhi.
  8. _______________________ make one rupee.
  9. _______________________ sells meat.
  10. _______________________ is very strict.

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