Proverbs that Start with Q, R | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘Q and R’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘Q and R’

Quality best is not better than the cheapest.
Normally people prefers cheapest that’s why quality best things are not better than those which are cheapest in selling.

Quality without quantity is little thought of.
One should think quality rather than quantity.

Quarelling dogs come halting home.
Dogs halt while fighting.

Quarrelsome dogs get dirty coats.
Dogs get dirty layer on their body while quarreling.

Quartan agues kill old men and cure young.
Shivering fever occurring every fourth day kill old and young too.

Question for question is all fair.
Questioning is good to understanding.

Quick returns make rich merchants.
Quick sale flourishes the business.

Quickly come, quickly go.
Easy earning easily wasted.

Quinine is made of the sweat of ship carpenters.
Quinine medicine is like a sweat for ship carpenters because they often sick of malaria and quinine cure them.

Proverbs that Start with Q, R 2

Quit not for certainty for hope.
One should not be loose his confidence towards hope.

Quietness is best.
Better than the best, while quarrel.

Proverbs that start with R

Rain before seven; fine before eleven.
Rain forecast.

Rather sell than be poor.
Selling is a better option than to be live as a poor.

Rats desert a sinking ship.
Cowards run first and fast too.

Raw dads make fat lads.
Inexperience of fathers make stupid boys. ,

Rise with the lark and go to the bed with the lamb.
Who rises early in the morning sleeps early in the evening. Lark rises early and lamb sleeps early.

Raw head and bloody bone.
A spectre to frighten children, never be with blood and bones.

Ready money is a ready medicine.
Ready money is a ready medicine for every illness (problem).

Ready money is a ready solution.
Ready money solves the problem right at the beginning.

Reason binds the man.
Sensible conduct and argument put under obligation.

Reason rules all things.
Sensible conduct rules all things.

Reckless youth makes rueful age.
Careless youth goes to sorrows.

Red clouds in the east, rain the next day.
Rain forecast.

Refuse a wife with one fault, and take one with two.
Ill bargain full of stupidness.

Religion is the best armour but the worst cloak.
Religion is rarely the best but worst when you are habitant of it.

Religion is the best armour, but the worst unity.
Religion is the best safety but its uniformity is total adverse.

Religion is the rule of life.
It is a chief source of life.

Remove an old tree and it will die.
Old persons should not be removed from their native place.

Proverbs that Start with Q, R 1

Repentance comes too late.
Sorrow comes after the mistake.

Reputation is commonly measured by the acre.
Reputation is a huge and great thing which should not be measured in inches.

Reserve the master-blow.
Do not teach your all skills lest your pupil over reach you or preserve your ace.

Respect a man, he will do the more.
Respect begets respect.

Revenge is sweet.
You feel so that’s why sweet.

Rice for good luck, and bauchles (old shoes) for bony bairns.
Referring to the wedding custom.

Rich folk have many friends.
Rich person have too much of friends.

Rich men have no faults.
Those faults are ignored.

Riches are but the baggage of fortune.
Wealths are needs of fortune.

Riches are gotten with pain, kept with care, and lost with grief.
You face pain while you earn the wealth, pay your attention for safety, but lost because of grief.

Riches are like muck, which stink in a heap, but spread abroad make the earth fruitful.
Wealth lies like a dirt in a collective manner but if you invest, then it will be fruitful to all.

Riches bring oft harm, and ever fear.
Harms of wealth are rare but wealth brings ever fear.

Riches serve a wise man but command a fool.
Wealth is a servant of wise man but master of a fool.

Ride softly that you may get home the sooner.
Gentle and mild riding is like a quick riding.

Right wrongs no man.
Which is lawful that is correct, fit and true and never make a wrong person.

Rip up not old sores.
It may cause harm and danger.

Rivers need a spring.
Rivers need nourishment.

Rome was not built in a day.
Any great plan or big dream cannot be achieved overnight or easily.

Rue and thyme grow both in one garden.
Your heart feels both sorrowness and happiness.

Rule youth well, for age will rule itself.
Youth should be well ruled, older age will rule itself.

Run away happiness is felt after it is gone.
You feel the value of happiness in its absence.

Rusty sword and empty purse plead performance of covenants.
Rusty sword owner forgives his enemy and empty purse holder refuses bargain. They both have lame excuses.

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