Proverbs that start with N | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘N’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘N’

Name not a rope in his house that hanged himself.
Nameless person never hangs himself for the goodwill of name.

Names and natures do often agree.
It is not compulsory that name should follow the nature of name. Normally both are different to each other.

Names are debts.
Debt of honour, you pay for the sake of name’s honour.

Narrow gathered widely spent.
Unliberal earning, easily spent.

Nationalism is an infantile disease.
So requires more care as an infant requires.

Nature is the true law.
Law of nature never be unjust.

Nature draws more than ten oxen.
Well timed nature is ten times stronger than any other source. For example, timely rain is ten times better than watering (To fields crop).

Nature passes nurture.
Nature teaches well.

Naught will be naught.
Useless will be useless.

Naught is never in danger.
Naught is dangerous thing but never be in danger because there is no possibility of more fall.

Naughty boys sometimes make good men.
Naughtiness becomes sometimes goodness.

Nay, stay, quoth stinger, when his neck was in the halter.
The person who indulge in deep problem makes deny and says for giving more time.

Proverbs that start with N 2

Near is my coat, but nearer is my shirt.
Near in my kirtle but nearer is my smock. Which is more nearer to body or heart.

Near is my shirt, but nearer is my skin.
My skin is more near to me and more important than to shirt.

Nearest the king, nearest the gallows.
Nearness of high ranked person is always dangersome.

Nearest the heart, nearest the mouth.
It is said for those persons who are near to our heart. Normally we speak their name more.

Neck or nothing.
It is said for a person who demands in full.

Near burn, for rain.
When someone ruins himself for the sake of flourishment.

Necessity is the mother of invention.
Needs are responsible for inventions.

Necessity has no law.
When someone does unlawful due to compulsion (Imperative) then he denied all the laws.

Need makes the old wife trot.
Lame person does the fast walking due to requirement.

Needles and pins, needles and pins, when a man’s married his trouble begins.
His superfluity of needs named as trouble.

Needs must when the devil drives.
Badly needs (requirements) are that which had the bad intentions (Devilsome intentions).

Neglect will kill an injury sooner than revenge.
Carelessness cures injury at quick pace than revenge.

Proverbs that start with N 1

Neither fish nor flesh nor good red herring.
Cross stitching is never be good on the wound.

Neither great poverty not great riches will hear reason.
Because poverty understands not and richness tries not to understand.

Neither heat nor cold abides always in the sky.
Delightness and sorrowness hath changing manners.

Neither man nor beast would ever go free.
No one in this world who never faced the problems. Man and wild animals, all face the problems while they live.

Neither praise nor dispraise thyself, thy actions serve the turn.
Changeable actions never be remarked.

Nero was fiddling while Rome was burning.
It is said for irrelevant act which suits not to the situation.

Never a borrower nor a lender be.
Borrower feels shame and lender loses money.

Never ask pardon before you are accused.
One should not vanish the possibilities of innocence so never ask pardon before accused.

Never be ashamed to eat your meat.
One should not feel shame for his essential rights, he must ask for.

Never bite, unless you make your teeth meet.
If you are not capable enough for a specific work then you must not do that act.

Never but once at a wedding.
It is said for lifetime opportunity.

Never buy anything because it is cheap or because it is dear.
Buying should be on merits.

Never cast dirt into that fountain of which thou hast sometime drunk.
Do not waste that which is useful.

Never catch at a falling knife or a falling friend.
Falling knife may injure you and falling friend may ruin you. (When you help him by money).

Never good that mind their belly so much.
That mind never be good which minds not his belly.

Never cross a bridge till you come to it.
Wait till the right time and then solve the problem.

Never do things by halves.
Both the half work should not be completed.

Never judge from appearances.
Judgement should be on merit.

Never keep off anything for tomorrow that you can do today.
Tomorrow’s condition may be different and tough too.

Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
Gift is gift so do not make calculations.

Never mind what people say.
Mind that which is in your mind.

Never offer your hen for sale on a rainy day.
Right time sale give you reasonable price. On rainy day your hen seems thin.

Never quit certainty for hope.
Be hopeful and it will help your work.

Never refuse a good offer.
It may possible that you would not get again.

Never is a long day.
Which never ends.

Never rely on the glory of the morning or on the smile of your mother in law.
You cannot sure for their behaviour.

Never say die.
Always be with hope.

Never sigh, but send.
Do not say which you can do.

Never too late to repent.
Late regret is a sign of willingful crime so that’s why avoid the delay.

Never too late to mend,
As much you delay as big you repair,

Never too old (or late) to learn,
Timely learning suits more.

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you.
Do not indulge in trouble until essential,

Never venture out of your depth till you can swim.
When the conditions are adverse do not take risk.

New lords, new laws.
If you become a new lord then you will apply your rules.

New brooms sweep clean.
New sweeper sweeps clean because he wants to prove himself as a good sweeper.

News are like fish.
You can’t catch every fish so the news.

New things are fair.
New things attract more.

Next to God the parents.
They care like God because of equal careness.

Night is the mother of counsel.
You think better in night, so the night is the mother of counsel.

No better than she should be.
Normally lady is the fittest person who needs betterment more than anything.

No butter will sticks to his bread.
Everything goes wrong with him.

No fence against a flail.
Fence is always good to flail.

No folly to being in love.
All is fair in love even the folly too.

No fool like an old fool.
Usually everybody knows that how to make him fool again.

No friend like the penny.
Money is the best friend because where the friend is not capable money is.

No gains without pains.
You have to lose something if you need gains. Which you lose for gains that is pains. That may be your hardwork, money and time etc.

No garden without its weeds.
Every garden hath a wild plant too. Second thought: every person have qualities but disqualifies too.

No gates, no city.
In old time every city had a entrance gate.

No haste to hang true men.
Because there must be a reasonable cause of true man’s crime.

No head without heart.
Because head follows which that heart allows desires.

No joy without annoy (or alloy.)
No pleasure without sorrow.

No knave to the learned knave.
Earned knave is the biggest knave.

No law for lying.
Everybody who speaks lie hath own reasons.

No living dog is better than a dead lion.
No living poor is better than a dead rich. It is said when dead things is more valuable than living one.

No living man all things can.
No one is so capable enough to do everything.

No lock will hold against the power of gold.
Money (Gold) is a key of all locks.

No longer pipe, no longer dance.
It is said for a thing which hath some kind of condition. If condition is not there, thing will not be done his part. ^

No man can both sup and blow at once.
You cannot do that two work at once, those nature’s are entirely different.

No man can flay a stone.
No one can strip off the stone’s skin.

No man can play the fool so well as the wise man.
Wise man knows better tricks to play the fool man.

No man can serve two masters.
You can’t satisfy both the masters at once.

No man carry stinking fish.
No man keeps those fish which hath bad smell. Nobody want to live along them, those are bad named.

No man fouls his hands in his own business.
Nobody does wrong on his own cost.

No man is a match for a woman till he is married.
Marriage proves the match.

No man is born wise.
Life makes you wise and fool too.

No man is his craft’s master the first day.
Mastery comes by experience.

No man is wise at all times.
Sometimes he makes fool too.

No man loveth his fetters, be they made of gold.
Nobody likes the precious slavery too.

No man ought to be a judge in his own case.
This is not good for fair justice.

No man will another in the oven seek, except that himself have been there before.
Often said of mother and daughter.

No mill, no meal.
No one is perfect without hard work. You have to grind himself.

No moon, no man.
Man should be calm and cool.

No more mortar, no more brick, cunning khave has a cunning trick.
Cunning is a act that requires not the hard work.

No naked man is sought after to be rifled.
Proven needs no proof.

No news is good news.
Because bad news attracts more than the good.

No pains, no gains.
You have to work hard for gains and ‘hard work’ is a sign of pains.

No one is bound to do impossibilities.
But everybody is bound to do possible things and may blamed if he does not do.

No physician like a true friend.
True friend may cure your sorrows, but physician not.

No priest, no pardon.
Normally priests are required for pardon.

No receiver, no thief.
Nobody is thief without receiving anything.

No remedy but patience.
Patience is the best cure for sorrows.

No rose without a thorn.
No gains without pains.

No root, no fruit.
All gains depend on sources.

No silver, no servant.
Nobody will serve you without money.

No simple runs on all fours.
Cricketing term ‘four’. If you hit the boundary than you should not need to run.

No smoke without fire.
Smoke is a proof of fire. Nothing can happen without cause.

No song, no supper.
No payment without work.

No sunshine but hath some shadow.
No good without bad. Bad is bad because good is also there.

No sweet without sweat.
No delight without cheers.

No taxation without representation.
No construction without foundation.

No time like the present.
Past cannot help you and future is uncertain so the present time is the best time.

No want no work.
Nobody works without need. Need is the mother of work.

No weather is ill if the wind be still.
Weather depends on wind.

No wisdom like silence.
Silence is the best wisdom.

No safe wadding is an unknown waster.
Wadding (soft stuff used in stuffing garments) waster (extravagant, destroyer) which is meant for safety and makes not, such thing is unknown waster because of its invisibleness.

None but the brave deserves the fair.
If brave deserves not then who will deserve?

None is offended but by himself.
No one can displease you but yourself. If you feel not you never be displeased.

None is so blind as those who won’t see.
Real blind is a that who won’t see his goodness.

None knows the weight of another’s burden.
As none knows the sorrow of another’s heart.

None so deaf as those who won’t hear.
Those who won’t hear the good advice are the real deaf.

None so old that he hopes not for a year of life.
Normally hopes are always against the hopes as far as the life’s concern.

Not even Hercules could contend against two.
Normally people believe that Hercules was the most powerful man of the earth. In that contrast if Hercules had two master, than even he was not strong enough to fulfil both master’s desire.

Not God above gets all men’s love.
God loves equally to all.

Not Jack out of door, nor yet gentleman.
Far from house is near of gentleness.

Not to advance is to go back.
Advance never be returned but adjusted.

Nothing but a handful of dust will fill the eye of man.
Nothing but a deception will deceive the man.

Nothing comes out of nothing.
That will never give you who gives nothing to himself.

Nothing agreeth worse than a lady’s heart and a begger’s lying.
You cannot judge lady’s heart and begger’s lying.

Nothing dries sooner than a tear.
Normally nobody likes to live with sorrows.

Nothing enters into a close hand.
Nothing comes without good efforts.

Nothing for nothing.
Who does nothing receives nothing.

Nothing have, nothing care.
If you have nothing then nobody will care you.

Nothing is certain but uncertainty.
That’s why everybody cares uncertainty most.

Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.
Willing heart does the impossible into possible.

Nothing like leather.
Each believes in his own trade.

Nothing is more silly than silly laughter.
Silliest thing is silly laughing which proves once madness.

Nothing must be done hastily but killing of fleas.
Killing of fleas requires quickness.

Nothing new under the sun.
Sun is older than all things which are under the sun.

Nothing is so firmly believed as what we know.
We believe more, which we know.

Nothing seek nothing find.
Investigation are required for that which is hidden.

Nothing is stolen without hands.
Even the stealing act needs hand.

Nothing so sore as death.
Death is the most painful thing and that is sure too.

Nothing succeeds like success.
Success is above all because success proves itself.

Nothing that is violent is permanent.
At last everybody needs peace.

Nothing venture, nothing have (or win).
Without courage you earn nothing.

Nothing worse than a familiar enemy.
One belonging to one’s household because he knows all about you.

Nurture is above nature.
Through nurture (caring) you improve the quality of nature so that’s why nurture is above nature.

Now or never.
It is said when you have the only option and that option is ‘do at once.’

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