Proverbs that start with L | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘L’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘L’

Labour as long lived, pray as ever dying.
A person should work till life but while praying he must pray like last prayer.

Labour is love, love is labour.
A person should work till life but while praying he must pray like last prayer.

Labour conquers all things.
One should love hard work and hard working should be love so you can say labour is love and love is labour.

Lad’s love busk of broom hot a while and soon done.
Young boy’s love and singing while sweeping both resist for a little and soon done.

Lad’s love is lassies delight and if lads won’t love, lassies will flit.
Young boy’s love is young girl’s pleasure but if he won’t love then young to girl goes away.

Land was never lost for want of an heir.
Land will never be lose, first because of lack of successor.

Language is a gift of God.
Only human being hath language that7s it is a God gift.

Language is the medium of thought.
No one can think without language.

Lasser sore lad’s leaving.
When a young girl feels pain then young boy stay’s not because of very specific reason.

Last but not least.
Last but not unimportant.

Last in bed to put out the light.
The person who sleeps last, that put off the tight, it is first tike a duty of that person who comes at last to bed.

Proverbs that start with L 2

Last make fast.
Last makes hurry and he should be.

Late children, early orphans.
Parents living time with their children is short so therefore we say late children, early orphan’s.

Laugh and grow fat.
Secret of health.

Laugh before breakfast, you’ll cry before supper.
Delighted person feels sorrow very shortly, because both follow to each other.

Law makers should not be law breakers.
Makers should not be breakers.

Law catches flies, but lets hornets go free.
People do believe that law is only for weak.

Learn young, learn fair.
New and fair good for learning.

Learning makes a good man better and an ill man worse.
Normally good man learns good things and bad man learns bad. So good becomes better and bad becomes worse.

Least said soonest mended.
He makes his full energy to his task so he talks least and works more.

Least talk most work.
This is a quality of wise man.

Leave a jest when it pleases you best.
At that time wild animal is the most dangerous.

Leave off while the play is good.
Be there while the play is good.

Leave off with an appetite.
One should take food with appetite.

Lend and lose; so play fools.
Fools lend money and lose too.

Proverbs that start with L1

Lend not horse, nor wife, nor sword.
Wife is not a thing which can be lend, horse should not be lend because you are the only master and other than you will not handle properly and lastly the sword, sword must not lent because you may need your sword anytime for your own safety.

Less of your counsel and more of your coat.
It is said for a person who cares more to his coat than to advice.

Less of your courtesy and more of your purse.
Courtesy saves your purse and if you less the courtesy you ought to spend more your purse.

Lend your money and lose your friend.
Friend neither return the money nor he would like to meet you.

Let all knowledge be your province.
You should have full knowledge of your field.

Let all live as they would die.
Interference is not good in anybody’s life.

Let another man praise thee, and not thine own mouth.
Praises should be another man’s mouth than the own.

Let another’s ship wreck be your sea-mark.
Others mistakes should be warning for you. It is good, if you learns by others mistakes.

Let bygones be bygones.
One should consider forgiving one’s and all the bad deeds done by others.

Let every peddler carry his own pack.
Everybody bears his own burden and solves his own problems.

Let him that is cold blow at the coal.
Let him learn by his own mistakes who learns not from others.

Let justice be done though the heaven fall.
Justice should be done at any cost and at quick pace.

Let me see, as the blind man said.
‘Let me think’—blinds man’s mean.

Let not intemperance be the master.
Restraint nature is good for master.

Let not your heart be troubled.
Let your mind be troubled but never be heart.

Let not your tongue cut your throat.
One should be very careful while speaking because ill speaking may put your life in danger.

Let sleeping dogs lie.
One should preferably avoid discussing issues that are likely to create trouble.

Let that which is lost be for God.
One should think so.

Let the cobbler stick to the last.
Let the cobbler stick to the last, stitch. Incomplete stitching demands repairing again and soon.

Let the buyer beware.
It is good for bargain.

Let the hen live, though it be with her pip.
Even the symbolic living of hen is not bad so let him live.

Let them laugh that win.
He that wins may laugh.

Let the morn come and the meat with it.
Let that happen which is fruitful.

Let them obey that know not how to rule.
If you are unable to rule than you should obey the rule.

Let the tail follow the skin.
Let the work complete.

Let well alone.
If you leave something, leave completely.

Let your dress suit yourself.
Dress is a dress, which suits.

Let your letter stay for the post, not the past for the letter.
Let your normal work suffer than to main and important work.

Let your purse be your master.
It is said for a person that he should make the purchase according to his capacity.

Liars begin by imposing upon others, but end by deceiving themselves.
Normally liars try to defame others but at the end they deceived by truth.

Liars have need of good memories.
Liars have to be remember that what lie they told and to whom so there lies cannot be find by others.

Liberty is not licence.
Liberty is always sensible and dutiful. It hath some limitations, that’s why it is not licence.

Lick and lay down.
One should know the act before doing.

Life is half spent before we know what it is.
Normally as a human being we understand the life very lately.

Life is made up of little things.
Normally we made up life by little things not by the huge things.

Life is sweet.
We like life and love too, because it seems sweet to us.

Life is a shuttle.
Life is like a moving implement. Normally we go to certain places and come to our place very frequently, so that’s why life is called as a shuttle.

Life is not a bed of roses.
There are so many difficulties and sorrows in our life so life cannot be a bed of roses.

Life is not an empty dream.
Life is a full of gift and dreams give nothing. Life is based on hard facts and life hath some special gains so it cannot be an empty dream.

Life lies not in living but in liking.
Living is not enough but a human being we should live our life according to our likings.

Life without a friend is death without a witness.
Friendship in human life is like a light of sun we cannot imagine a life which is friendless. Normally we are known by our friends as flowers are known by their beauty.

Life would be too smooth if it had no rubs in it.
Life never be smooth you should face the difficulties because difficulties are also the part of life.

Light burdens, long borne, grow heavy.
If small problem stay for a long than it becomes huge.

Light cares speak, great ones are dumb.
You may feel the little cares but great ones not.

Light come, light go.
Easy gains are easy to spend.

Light gains make heavy purse.
Because light gains come often, great only rarely.

Like a dying duck in a thunderstorm.
It is said for a bigger problem which cannot be solved.

Like a house on fire.
The biggest loss of life.

Like a fish out of water.
Agony before death.

Like a hen on a hot griddle.
Indicate uneasiness and restlessness.

Like a red rag to a bull.
An invitation to danger.

Like author, like book.
As the ability thus the work.

Like dogs, when one barks all bark.
Like sheep, when one goes all follow.

Like father, like son.
Son gets the fathers quality.

Like lamb to the slaughter.
All rights belong to slaughter.

Like lambs, you do nothing but suck and wag your tail.
It is said for a person who is good for nothing but obliged.

Like master, like man.
Man follows that which he learns from his master.

Like me God bless the example.
As God bless me, as others too.

Like men, like manners.
Different the persons different the behaviour.

Like mother, like daughter.
Daughter always be a shadow of her mother.

Like the curate’s egg, good in parts.
Equal parts are good if you want to distribute or In distribution equal parts are better.

Like tree, like fruits.
Like person, like manners.

Likely lies in the mire and unlikely goes by it.
It is said when deserving person falls into difficulty and who deserves not, solves it.

Likeness causeth liking.
Likeness depends on liking.

Lilies are whitest in a blackmoor’s hand.
Merit of the person, who is not a deserving candidate seems much better.

Lion is not so fierce as he in painted.
Problem is not that difficult as that assumed.

Lips however rosy, must be fed.
At last, all kind of beauties get the same result.

Listeners hear no good of themselves.
Good deserves to doers not to listeners.

The written letter remains.
Spoken truth hard to prove but written letters remains as an evidence.

Little and often fills the purse.
Continual drops of water make the ocean.

Little and loud.
Little but effective and clear.

Little big little is the cat ate the fickle.
Consuming at quick pace makes big to little.

Little dogs start the hare, the great get her.
Everybody does the effort but great get the success.

Little drops of water make the ocean.
Continual little efforts make a big task.

Little fishes slip through nets, but great fishes are taken.
Little faults slip through observation but great faults are found.

Literature is a good staff but a bad church.
Good in normal case but bad in the main so the literature, good for normal use but bad for purest use.

Little goods, little care.
Little things require little care.

Little intermeddling makes good friends.
Little interference is good for friendship where you treated as a wellwisher.

Little knoweth the fat sow what the learn doth mean.
Who knows little remembers more but who knows by learning, remembers less.

Little laws breed big crimes.
Little punishments encourage the crime.

Little losses amaze, great tame.
Little losses surprised you but great one treated as a domesticated. (Because you do not want to forget the great losses.)

Little mead, little need.
Which is powerful, effective and costly, needs little but it satisfies well. (Mead = A fermented liquor of honey and water.)

Little pitchers have great ears.
Street vendors sound well because they more look for customers.

Little strokes fell great oaks.
Little efforts make the great task.

Little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape.
Little criminals are caught but great ones are smarter than law, so escape.

Little things are pretty.
Little things seem beautiful, fine, attractive and pleasing.

Little things please little minds.
As little quantity fills the little pot.

Live dangerously, live truly.
Who lives truly, lives dangerously, because truth hath many enemies.

Little to sew, when tailors are true.
Who is efficient enough, makes no excuses (so the true tailors).

Live and let live.
If you trouble others live, they also trouble you.

Live and learn.
Learning can be possible till the end of life.

Live in the shade.
Delighted living is actual living.

Living well is the best revenge.
Then enemies are jealous of you, if you live well.

Long a widow weds with shame.
Who success after long failures, feels shame.

Long absent, soon forgotten.
Regular meetings flourish the friendship but absence ruins.

Longest at the fire soonest finds cold.
It is said for a person who is far from delightness feels much sorrow.

Long looked for comes at last.
Highly aimed things comes very lately.

Long foretold, long last; short notice, soon past.
Short notices are good for remembrance.

Long mint, little dint.
Long imagine, little effort.

Long standing and small offering maketh poor persons.
Sign of poverty.

Long ways, long lies.
Long methods (ways) maximise the lies.

Long-tongued wives go long with Bairn.
Bairn (child) listens more but approves not.

Look at the north while going south.
Think again.

Longer lives a good fellow than a dear year.
A person faces hard things then he becomes a good fellow, so that’s why he lives more but a dear year soon past because of its easiness.

Look before you leap.
Imagination is good before what you decide.

Look high and fall low.
Sign of carefulness.

Look on the bright side.
Every action hath two sides darker (failure) and brighter (success). Wise is that who thinks brighter side. Positive thinking always be a good thing.

Look on the wall and it will not bite you.
Thinking will not harm you.

Look to a gown of gold and you will at least get a sleeve of it.
Positive and high thinking pays little but pays sure.

Look to the main chance.
Keep your goal in the mind and you will not be off target.

Look thyself when thy neighbour’s house is on fire.
You should fight the fire of neighbour’s house otherwise your house may be in danger.

Lose an hour in the morning and you’ll be all day hunting for it.
Normally the morning hours are the best hours, in those hours you do much better and effectively. If you lost an hour of morning then you will not get that on your whole day’s cost.

Lose nothing for want of asking.
Asking may help but harms nothing.

Losers are always in the wrong.
Normally wrong does the harm so it is true that loser hath some kind of fault (wrong).

Lordship changes manners.
Ownership changes methods.

Lost with an apple and won with a nut.
No bigger loss.

Loth to drink and loth to leave it off.
Stays in between.

Loth to bed and loth out of it.
Sign of idleness which indicates that person who dejects the changes.

Love and business teach eloquence.
Love and business improve the art of speech.

Love and cough cannot be hide.
Love can be read through eyes and cough can be feel by ears so both cannot be hide.

Love and lordship like no fellowship.
Both are good consumers of time.

Love and pride stock bedlam.
Both make noise.

Love asks faith, and faith asks firmness.
Steadiness indicates the faith and faith indicates the love.

Love at first sight.
Love, which begins by first look.

Love at the door and leave at the hatch.
Never stays long.

Love begets love.
Love’s reply ever be love.

Love begins love.
One who loves he teaches love.

Love does much but money does all.
Money is more capable than love.

Love is blind.
Love does not want to see the lovers fault and demerits.

Love is lawless.
Love always be careless to law.

Love is never without jealousy.
Who loves, that jealous too. Love’s second nature is jealousy, that’s why nobody likes any rival in love.

Love is not found in the market.
Love is subject of heart than to market,

Love is sweet in the beginning but sour in the ending.
Love seems sweet in the beginning because of love and love feels sour in the ending because of hate.

Love is the loadstone of love.
Love attracts like magnet. Love’s attitude follows the magnetic attitude. Two opposite sex attract each other.

Love is the reward of love.
The best reward.

Love laughs at locksmiths.
There is no lock for love and love cannot be locked. That’s why love laughs at locksmiths.

Love lives in cottages as well as in courts.
Love can be find everywhere.

Love makes one fit for any work.
Love gives strength and inspires to do anything.

Love me little, love me long.
…but love me.

Love me, love my dog.
Love me and love my all belongings.

Love needs no teaching.
Love is a self learning thing.

Love not at the first look.
Love on merit rather than looks.

Love rules his kingdom without a sword.
Love rules his kingdom bv loving and liking.

Love the babe for her that bears it.
If you love the babe you love his mother too.

Love will find a way.
Love’s strength.

Love your friends but look to yourself.
Who loves himself not, never loves others.

Love your neighbour, yet pull not down your hedge.
It is good that you love your neighbour but keep adequate distance between.

Loving comes by looking.
Looks decide the liking and loving.

Lucky in life, unlucky in love.
Overall half lucky.

Lucky men need no counsel.
Luck does that which counsel can’t.

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