Proverbs that start with F | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘F’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘F’

Face is the index of the mind.
You may read someone’s mind by his face expressions.

Face to face the truth comes out.
When someone is blamed for ill speaking than the best remedy is face to face inquiry. An inquiry is the best, when face to face explanations are called.

Facts are stubborn things.
Like inflexible, which can’t be changed.

Fact is stronger than fiction.
While fact and fictions are being testified than fact stays in fiction go away, fact hath power of truth so it is stronger than fiction.

Faint heart never won fair lady.
To succeed in life one must have the enough courage to pursue which he wants.

Failures are pillars of success.
Every successful person faced failure in his life and he take failures as a challenge, so failure are the sign of success. The person who never failed in his life, infact he did nothing in his life.

Fair and softly goes far.
Good and balanced nature pays for long.

Fair in the cradle and foul in the saddle.
Said to an imperfect position where perfect is not required.

Fair maidens wear no purses.
A girl is not expected to pay her shot.

Proverbs that Start with F 1

Fair play’s a jewel.
Said for a condition where winning or losing is not mattered but fair play.
If you are honest and humble then your success matter not.

Fair words break no bones.
Someone who is fair with words, never create the trouble-some conditions. So he never involved in a fighting scene.

Fair words make fools fain (pleased).
Wise know the intention of fair words but fool don’t.

Fair words make me look to my purse.
One should be careful to fair word’s intention.

Fall not out with a friend for a trifle.
You must not quarrel to a friend for small things.

False with one can be false with two.
Be cautious of a person who deceive someone, he may deceive you too.

Fame is but the breath of the people.
Lives of people are more important than to fame so one should not be killed others to get fame.

Fame is a magnifying glass.
Fame makes person’s quality little bigger so that’s why fame reacts just like a magnifying glass which show the bigger picture than what actually it is.

Fame is the shadow of actions.
Your work’s decide your fame.

Familiarity breeds contempt.
Excess of familiarity caused disdain. Excess of all things are bad.

Fanned fires and forced love never did well.
Air pressure to fire is dangerous and forced love breeds nothing than hate.

Far-fetched and dear bought is good for ladies.
Ladies like those things which are brought from a remote place and which are costly too.

Far fowls have fair feathers.
A domestic hen’s feather seems fair to the master.

Proverbs that Start with F 2

Far from court, far from care.
The person who is not capable to get help from law, always an uncared person. Law help but one should demand.

Far from eye, far from heart.
The warmness between relations depends on face to face meetings. Meetings are on or off so the relations are.

Fast bind, fast find.
Systematic is convenient.

Fat hens lay few eggs.
Fat hopes, low gains.

Fat sorrow is better than lean sorrow.
Better be rich and miserable than poor and miserable.

Fate leads the willing but drives the stubborn.
Destiny helps tittle to those who want to do but helps most to them who obstinate to do.
Destiny helps more to undesired than to desireful.

Feed a cold and starve a fever.
Help the troublesome and get the troubles.

Feed by measure and defy the physician.
You know the physician very correctly when you pay his fees in limited degree.

Feeding out, of course, makes mettle out of kind.
Improper feedings impacts are also improper.

Feeling hath no fellow.
Feelings are always individual.

Few words and many deeds.
Printed instrument for legal disposition is written by few words, but that words give a lot.

Few men have virtue to withstand the highest bribery.
Said to those persons having great moral.

Few words are best.
Few words are best, because more the words more the meanings.

Few words to the wise suffice.
Signal to the wise quiet enough.

Fields have eyes, and woods have ears.
We feel the pleasure of fields by eyes (Seeing) and feel the fear by ears (Hearings).

Find a woman without an excuse, and find a hare.
Such kind of woman called as hare brained (rash and wild).

Finding’s keeping.
You keep only that thing which you find.

First catch your hare.
Misquotation from a cookery book.

First creep and then go (walk.)
Invest small capital at the beginning of trade or small investment are best at the beginning of business.

First deserve and then desire.
It is good if ability rule the willingness. Willingness is important but ability more.

First come, first serve.
The first in line will be attended to first.

First impressions are half the battle won.
Beginning is always important because well beginning is half done.

First know thyself.
It is better if you know yourself first.

First try and then trust.
Don’t believe before trying or First test then faith.

First think and then speak.
What will be the effects of speaking? Think it first. First think and than start your work.

First thrive and then wive.
First deserve and then desire. First mend and then wive.

Fish and company stink in three days.
When impact time is short one.

Fish follow the bait.
Greedy person does influenced by something offered as bait or greed.

Flee never so fast you can flee your fortune.
Leave abruptly also required cautiousness.

Flesh stands never to high but a dog will venture his legs.
Everything is within the reach if efforts are venture some.

Fling dirt enough, and some will stick.
Give up of all habits at once is not possible because few left with you.

Follow not truth too near the heels, lest it dash out thy teeth.
Normal working also requires cautiousness.

Follow the river and you’ll get to the sea.
Follow the beginning and you will find the end.

Fools and brains should not see half-done work.
Half done work is also important and valuable. It shows doing method.

Fools and madmen speak the truth.
Cautiousness is required while speaking truth but fools and children are not awarded of it.

Fools are fain of flitting.
Fools agreed there, where wise disagreed.

Fools build houses, and wise men buy them.
Efforts of fools and gains of wise.

Fools cut their fingers, but wise men cut their thumbs.
The folly of wise men is greater.

Fools grow without watering.
Foolishness is natural, teaching is not required for the purpose.

Fools haste is no speed.
Said to quickly act which has lack of wiseness never be speedy one.

Fools make feasts and wise men eat them.
Fool’s efforts flourish wise.

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
Where wise and angels afraid, foolish may comfortable. So the fearlessness is a curse for fools and blessings for wise and angels.

Fools tie knots and wise men loose them.
Problem belongs to fools and solution belongs to wise.

For a flying enemy make a golden (or silver) bridge.
When the enemy is strong enough than use the suitable device to deceive him.

For a morning rain leave not your journey.
Do not postpone your work for primary problems. Primary problems of any work are sortable.

For age and want, save while you may! No morning sun lasts a whole day.
One should save for old age and for emergency whenever you may save.

Forbidden fruit is sweet.
Where prohibit act seems good.

For fashion’s sake, as dogs to go church.
Something very unusual is not called fashion.

For washing his hands, none sells his lands.
No one loses his valuable thing for very normal act.

For want of a nail the shoe is lost; for want of a shoe the horse is lost; for want of a horse the rider is lost.
Great loss for an insignificant thing.

For want of company, welcome trumpery.
Where ordinary persons are welcomed for the sake of counting heads. .

Forbearance is no acquittance.
A person who declared innocent, is not innocent if declared for the sake of forbearance.

Forecast is better than work hard.
That revision (Which proves the failure of work) is better than work hard or (In that case, when you know the work will be failure) Such prudence is better than work hard.

Forbid a thing, and that we will do.
Attraction towards forbid is a human nature.

Forewarned, forearmed.
The person who gets advance warning is like an armed person.

Forgive and forget.
When you want to avoid the fighting this is the best way.

Forgive us our debts!
Debts are lastly forgives thing. Sins and faults may be forgive but not the debts.

(Fortiter) Strong in action, gentle in method.
Where the result is stronger then to working method.

Fortune favours fortune.
When fortune favours, favours more and more.

Fortune can take from us nothing but what he gave us.
What ever we lost actually given by fortune.

Fortune favours fools.
It is said when a fool gets success.

Fortune favours the brave.
Brave takes the risk and benefitted by fortune.

Fortune knocks once at least at every man’s gate.
Fortune comes atleast once in every man’s life or Everyone gets atleast one good opportunity in his whole life.

Fortune is blind.
Fortune favours all without seeing persons face and their acts.

Fortune to one is mother, to another is step mother.
Fortune is not equal to everybody.

Four eyes see more than two.
Four eyes means two persons vision.

Fox hardly dies in the dirt of his own ditch.
It is very rare to beat someone at his place or where he is strong enough.

Friends are like fiddle-strings, they must not be screwed too tight.
Strict principles are not good to friendship.

Friends are thieves of time.
Friendship consumes of time a lot.

Friends may meet, but mountains never greet.
Mountains are a symbol of prideness and friendship is a name of dedication.

Friendship can’t stand always on one side.
Duties of friendship must be fulfilled by both ends. Devotion of both friends flourish the friendship.

Friends tie their purses with a cobweb thread.
Transaction of money should prohibited in friendship but where necessary than money is a combined capital.

Friendships multiply joys and divide griefs.
Friendship increases the gladness and decreases sorrowness.

From a choleric man withdraw a little; from him that says nothing, for ever.
Drawback to a person who is a short tempered, always good but when the person having joyous nature, be with him.

From pillar to post
To do every possible effort.

Frost and fraud both end in foul.
Frozen due and a fraud person end always loathsome or Evil things, evil ends.

Full of courtesy, full of craft.
Skillful is who that hath polished manners too.

Fruit ripens not well in the shade.
Man flourish not well in the prosperity.

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