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Parts of a House: It is very important to understand and know particular terminology in the English language in today’s world. Just as language, one’s house is a very integral part of one’s everyday life. We have thus designed a detailed list of Parts of a house and what each part is called in English.

This list aims to get first-time learners engaged in the language more by incorporating things they see in everyday life. Further, it will also help in easing communication in day-to-day life with other people. Finally, it will help them articulate their emotions well.

A house, in simpler terms, is a dwelling place for humans. A house can range from nomadic mud huts to caravans for gypsies to huge mansions.

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List of Parts of a House

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Ridge is a beam, to be more precise, a horizontal beam on the top of a house, most likely on the roof. It does not have any structural function, but it is the beam against which the high ends of the rafters lean. It makes sure that the rafters connect in a straight line and stay upright.


The roof of a house is the top part of a house or the covering of the house. It protects against rain, snow, sunlight, extremes of temperature, and wind. A roof might also provide space for an additional living area, for example, a roof garden or a bunker-like thing for storage space.

Chimney pot

A chimney pot is an extension that is placed on the top of a chimney. The essential purpose of a chimney pot is to create a taller smokestack and a better draft for combustion, providing the fire with more oxygen and thereby producing more heat.

Chimney pots are available and produced in various designs.


Chimney is a horizontal pipe hollow in the middle and helps in the conduction of smoke. Chimney conducts the smoke and works as the exhaust for fireplaces. In modern days the concept is used in kitchens to conduct smoke since chimney place fires are not common now.

Satellite dish

Satellite dishes are dishes that function as receiving ports for satellite signals. It is designed to receive or transmit information by radio waves to or from a communication satellite. In today’s day and age, various providers of these dishes have emerged as they aid in the viewing of television.


A wall is a partition between rooms. More specifically, it is a thick horizontal partition made of the same material as the house that works in cordoning off areas. Walls are the reasons how you can distinguish one room from the other. They also form beams that hold the roof and hold the upper floor in the case of two floors.

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A window of the house is an opening in the wall of a house. The opening, i.e. the window, is generally covered by glass, which aids in the exhaust. It allows the residents of the house to enjoy cool breezes and nice sunlight. It is also useful during emergencies.

In a house, there are always multiple windows, and they come in various sizes.


An antenna is a device that forms the interface between radio waves moving through space and electric currents passing through metal conductors, used with a transmitter or receiver. It is usually put on the roof of a house to receive better signals for one’s television, mobile phone etc.

Door knocker

An object usually fitted onto the front door to alert the residents of someone’s arrival. When someone arrives at the house, they use the door knocker to knock on the door, and the sound it produces lets the residents inside the house know someone is at the door.


It is additional space in a house where the house residents keep their cars. It is usually on the ground floor of a house and has a roof. It protects the car from the elements, be it snow, rain and other natural disasters.


A gable forms an integral part of the construction of the house. It is a triangular portion of a wall between the edges of intersecting roof pitches. The roof’s shape may vary depending on the location of the house, the structural system used in making the house, and material availability.


The shutter is an accessory that comes with the window of a house. Shutters are generally fitted to the sides of a window. It, in a way, works as drapes, but shutters work vertically rather than horizontally. Like drapes, shutters are also used to protect residents from extreme sunlight and other such predicaments they face.


A skylight is a light fixing that is usually placed onto the roof. It is usually made of transparent or translucent glasses for better light and air movement in the house. It is mostly a decorative ornament and is not seen in all houses.


A step constitutes a single unit of stairs. Stairs are fitted in a house to aid the resident’s movement from one floor to another if it’s a multi-storied house. Steps are also put outside a front door to prevent water from coming inside the house. They are also placed in exits of room to aid the closing of doors.

Burglar alarm

A burglar alarm is safety equipment installed in most modern houses. It is a piece of equipment where every time the front gate opens, it sends out a loud beep. People who come in and know a certain code can insert it and disable it. However, a burglar wouldn’t know the codes, and thus loud alarm will alert people.


A doorstep is a single unit of stairs, i.e., a step leading up to the front door. Guests that come often stand on the doorstep before they enter.

Dormer window

Dormer windows are vertical windows that project from only a sloping roof. It is only possible to have dormer windows in houses with sloping roofs. However, it is generally used if the roof is also used as a living space. In that case, the dormer window provides more lighting than a normal window.


The eaves are the roof that is out from the building’s outer line. They are also used as decorative things, and various carvings, shapes, and colors are added to them for aesthetic purposes. As a result, they are very prevalent in modern houses.


Stairs are fitted in a house to aid the resident’s movement from one floor to another if it’s a multi-storied house. Stairs are made from various materials like marbles, wood, and even glass for aesthetic purposes. Stairs can be of different varieties, like winding stairs and straight stairs meeting in the middle.

Hanging basket

A basket that can be suspended from a window by a small rope or chain and can be pulled inside whenever required. It aids in the transfer of small materials from the bottom floor to the top floor. They are a common sight in many houses.

Garage door

The garage is additional space in a house where the house residents keep their cars. It is usually on the ground floor of a house and has a roof. The door that leads to such a space called a garage where the cars are kept is called a garage door. Many modern houses have automatic garage doors.


The basement is the floor of a building that is completely below the ground. It is still a part of the house and, in most cases, is used as extra storage space or as a cellar for keeping drinks and food. Basement sometimes also houses essential supplies that you might need in case of an emergency.


Driveway is the path starting from the main entrance of one’s building area to the main gate. The driveway is a private road for extremely restricted local access to one or a small group of structures and is maintained by an individual or group.


A fence is a boundary by which one’s area is restricted. It is, in simpler terms, a barrier that you can make out of several materials ranging from wood to metals like iron to enclose an area. Its primary function is to keep strangers away and not let strangers creep into one’s lands.


Balcony is the part of a floor that is jutting out of the original line of the house. Balconies are mostly seen as lounging areas where residents sit and relax. It is most visible in houses with more than one storeys.


A door is equipment placed at entrances and exits of a room so that you can restrict the room as one’s own. It not only aids in demarcation but also helps in the residents’ privacy. Closing the door of a room disables anyone else from outside to peer into what is done by the room’s owner.


Bricks are the basic building blocks of houses. It is only with bricks that the structure of a building is erected, and its walls come into existence by the sequential placement of bricks, one on top of another.

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Letterbox or Mailbox

A letterbox or mailbox is an appliance fitted outside the front door of a house inside which the residents receive their letters, emails, and other things that they receive via post.

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