Teeth Names | List of Teeth Names With Description

Teeth Names: All living species of the earth have a set of teeth; it is the hardest substance present in our body and performs a very specific function. Like any other body part, our functioning body is based on the functions of teeth. For example, the food it breaks down and chews with different parts of our teeth helps in our digestion and gives us the energy to perform activities.

Adults and children have a common set of incisor teeth and molar teeth that they use to cut down food. To help you with this knowledge, we have made a list of teeth names that require to now to avoid any compilation. Can you stick with us till the end to know them?

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List of Teeth Names

Name of teeth names

Description of the teeth names


Incisors are the front teeth at the middle, also known as anterior teeth. They are eight in number and are present in both the children and adults, four at the upper jaw and four at the lower jaws. The function of these teeth is to make food break down into small pieces. The structure of it is a flattened base with thin ends to cut food.


Canines are the four teeth which stand just beside the incisors, and they are easy to distinguish as it looks like fangs and are the longest teeth present in human teeth structure. They are also called cuspids or eyeteeth, being located just below the eyes. The function of these teeth is to tear chewy foods; being pointed, it is easier to break down the food.

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Molars are a set of twelve teeth in the adults, and eight in children, six in the upper jaw and the other six are at the lower jaws. This set has a flat surface with a sand ridged base to help chew the food and grind it properly. It works when the food enters the mouth, then the tongue pushes the food backwards, resulting in the food chewing further.


Premolars are the set of eight present on the adults, its start appearing at the age of 10- 12 years. They help to chew and grind up the food to make easy break down of food, the two pointed cusps present in the teeth help in the process. They are also called bicuspids and are called transitional teeth to permanent adult teeth.

Wisdom teeth

From the set of molar teeth, teeth to come out is wisdom teeth between 17- 21 years. It is at the end of the teeth structure; in some cases, it can be trapped inside the gums, so they don’t come out. If it gets stuck or comes out at the wrong place, a Wisdom tooth can result in infection or pain.

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Natal teeth

Natal is the set of teeth that develops only in babies. It is a weak tooth that is not fully developed. If it is loose, then it’s recommended to be removed, they are mostly yellow or brown, and colour and are not common in all the children.

Supernumerary teeth

Supernumerary is an extra tooth than what the set of teeth number is. If in the proper place, extra teeth may not cause any problems, but if irritation, you can remove them with the help and consultation from a dentist.

Primary teeth

The teeth which emerge in a bay around six o twelve months is called the primary teeth, and it is also called baby teeth. Initially, there ate 20 primary teeth, including four lateral incisors, four central incisors, four first molars, four-second molars and four canine teeth.

Permanent teeth

Permanent teeth start to develop during 7-8 years after the set of baby teeth start falling and are gradually replaced with permanent teeth. The twenty primary teeth are replaced with 32 permanent teeth, with an equal 16 in both jaws. It consists of four central incisors, four lateral incisors, four canines, eight premolar teeth and eight molar teeth.

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