Formal Table Setting | List of Tableware With Description

Formal Table Setting: Setting up one’s table before the consumption of a meal is very important. Usually, people have a conception that setting up the table formally is only done when someone is having a significant dinner or when someone is eating with someone extraordinary. But that conception might not be applied everywhere.

In English countries, many people like to set their table formally irrespective of the occasion. Setting up a table with proper tableware items is extremely important and also portrays a certain etiquette. There are different plate sizes and names and one should be aware of them while setting up their table. In this specific article, we have presented you, a list of tableware so that you can find it easy to set up your table accordingly.

This cutlery and crockery list will help you expand your knowledge about them, and the different types of dinnerware and their uses with pictures will help you to identify them easily.

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List of Tableware

Names of Tableware

Description of the tableware given on the list

Dessert fork

The dessert fork, also referred to as the pastry fork, cake fork, or pie fork, is a fork that is used for consuming sweet dishes or dessert. They either have three or four tines. The fork with three tines has a flattened, large, and beveled tine at the side, whereas the one with four tines has its first tine and second tine bridged with each other and beveled.


Teaspoon refers to a very small spoon and is a cutlery item. Sometimes, it comes with a long handle, while other times the handle is of normal length. This spoon is used for stirring hot drinks. It is also used for adding sugar and consuming sweet items.

White wine glass

The white wine glasses are smaller in size when compared to the red wine glasses. These glasses are used for serving white wine like chardonnay. They have a bowl like shape and helps to store the floral aroma of the drink. It also keeps the wine cooler and expresses more acidity.

Red wine glass

The red wine glasses are tall and large. They are bowl shaped and their bowls are also quite large. Since red wine is bolder and larger, large and tall glasses are used for serving them. It also helps the wine to come in contact with more air and hence express more aroma and taste.

Water goblet

A goblet refers to a fancy and stemmed drinking glass. It is usually used in formal settings for drinking water only and not other beverages. The goblets are usually made of crystal and glass, but some can be of wood, plastic, ceramic, and metal. It is a four-parted stemware since it has a rim, foot, stem, and bowl.

Bread and butter knife

The bread and butter knife is identified as a sharp-pointed, and dull edged knife whose shape often resembles a sabre. They are used for spreading butter on the bread and for serving the pats of bread to the plates of other people. The blade is quite broad and is gently sharpened since it is not meant for cutting stuff.

List of Tableware 1

Coffee cup

The coffee cup was invented by Lawrence Luellen around the beginning of the 20th century. It is recognized as a small cup with a handle that is used for serving coffee. The coffee cups can be made of glass, plastic, etc., and even customized coffee cups are available.


Saucer is identified as a small dish. It has a circular or round indentation in the centre. These dishes are used for placing a coffee or tea cup above it. During the middle age, these dishes were used for serving sauces and other condiments. Some people even drink their tea or coffee directly from the saucer.

Bread and butter plate

The bread and butter plate refers to a plate that is 5-6 inches long in diameter. This plate is used for serving bread and butter individually. Serving in this plate ensures that the bread and butter does not get mixed up with gravy, sauce, or any juice.


A napkin is known to be a small and square piece of paper or cloth. It is used for wiping lips and fingers after a meal is consumed. one can also use napkins for protecting one’s clothing from getting stained by food while eating.

Salad fork

Salad fork refers to those forks that spear lettuce and other vegetables are included in a salad. If compared with the dinner fork, then the salad forks are smaller. They have an approximate length of 6 inches. But they are broad and can also be used for the consumption of sweet dishes.

Dinner fork

The dinner fork is recognized as the longest fork present within the set of tableware. They are used in the main course alongside the normal knife. Dinner forks are usually used for meat courses and can also be referred to as place forks.

Dinner plate

The dinner plate is used for serving the main course. It is a large place and has a diameter of approximately 10 to 12 inches. This plate is used during the entire main course and can hold large meals.

Dinner knife

A dinner knife is identified as a large table knife whose blade is made either of silver or steel. The handle of these knives can be made of any material. They are served along with entrees and are used for slicing or cutting delicate food items like cooked veggies or fish.

List of Tableware 2

Salad knife

The salad knife is used for cutting or slicing fresh veggies like the greens used for salad. Hard nylon plastic is used for constructing these knives and makes sure that the edges of the green vegetables have not turned brown after cutting.

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