Idioms that start with T – U | Important Phrases that starting with letter T and U

Important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘T and U’

Take one’s chance (on something)

Meaning: Venture on.

Example: She is not much confident of becoming the general manager of the company, but, she shall take a chance to impress upon the CMD.

Take a risk

Meaning: Put oneself in danger.

Example: “Don’t take a risk of your life by indulging in dangerous water sports,” said his friend.

Take a turn

Meaning: Become different, change.

Example: Her entire personality took a turn within a year.

Take aback

Meaning: Greatly surprised.

Example: She was taken aback when her young son refused to live with her.

Take advantage of

Meaning: Treat unfairly for one’s own gain.

Example: Don’t take advantage of your innocent mother’s feelings for you.

Take after

Meaning: Resemble in built, character, features, or disposition.

Example: She takes after her mother in dancing ability.

Take (somebody) at his word

Meaning: Believe.

Example: Don’t take him at his word. He is a cheater.

Take away

Meaning: Cause to cease.

Example: Don’t worry. Pray to God. Prayer shall take away all the troubles of your life.

Take a cue

Meaning: Get a hint.

Example: You must take a cue from your mother, that she doesn’t like your interference in the family disputes.

Take heart

Meaning: Feel encouraged.

Example: Take heart and cross the difficulties of life bravely.

Take in

Meaning: Decieve.

Example: She was taken in by his false stories he has made up to take advantage of her.

Take in hand

Meaning: Undertake.

Example: She has taken up many assignments in hand.

Idioms that start with T - U 1

Take on trust

Meaning: Believe without evidence or proof.

Example: Don’t take him on trust. He might be befooling you.

Take one’s fancy

Meaning: Charm.

Example: The diamond ring took her fancy and she bought it for a ten thousand rupees.

Take orders

Meaning: Become a priest.

Example: There are some good people, who take orders to bring discipline in the society.

Take pot luck

Meaning: Eat whatever is cooked without previous invitation.

Example: Why are you going to the hotel for lunch? Come to my house and take pot luck.

Take stock of

Meaning: Examine or assess.

Example: The police was taking the stock of the situation, when the accident took place.

Take to heart

Meaning: Feel grieved.

Example: She took her father’s death to heart and refused to eat or drink for days together.

Take to one’s heels

Meaning: Run away.

Example: The thief took to his heels, when he saw police coming.

Take to task

Meaning: Punish.

Example: You mother shall take you to task if you shall tease your younger sister.

Tall story

Meaning: Exaggerated story’.

Example: She told us tall story about her achievements in swimming.

Throw cold water on

Meaning: Discourage.

Example: She threw cold water on her sister’s plans to open up a botique.

Throw down the gauntlet

Meaning: Throw down the challenge.

Example: In the past, the kings used to throw down the gaunlet to other kings in order to win over their territories.

Throw dust in the eyes of

Meaning: Decieve.

Example: He is adept of throwing dust in the eyes of his innocent wife.

Through thick and thin

Meaning: Under all circumstances.

Example: She is a faithful wife, she stood by him through thick and thin.


Meaning: Upside down.

Example: The mad man turned everything topsy-turvy.

Turn the tables down

Meaning: To reverse the position.

Example: She tried to insult me in the public, but my mother turned the table down by revealing all about her dishonest practices.

Turn up one’s nose at

Meaning: Show contempt for.

Example: She turned up her nose, when her friend suggested her to remain a spinster.

Idioms that start with U

Under age

Meaning: Too young.

Example: He was not allowed to get married as he was underage.

Under the thumb of

Meaning: Under the control of.

Example: She is under the thumb of her elder sister.

Up and down

Meaning: Rising andfalling, backward and forward.

Example: The doctor told her to walk up and down to get well soon.

Up in the air

Meaning: In great excitement or anger.

Example: He was up in the air, when he came to know that his son has left the house.

Idioms that start with U

Up one’s sleeve

Meaning: Hidden.

Example: She began to laugh up in her sleeve, when she saw her husband’s half shaved moustaches.

Up to the mark

Meaning: Coming up to a certain standard.

Example: The manager told her to bring her work up to the mark, if she wanted a promotion.

Ups and down

Meaning: Prosperity and adversity.

Example: He has seen many ups and down in life, that is why he has gained so much wisdom.

(Be) used to

Meaning: In the habit of.

Example: I am used to giving alms to poor people.

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