Daily Routines | List of Daily Routines With Meaning and Examples

Daily Routines: Here’s how to describe our daily routines in English, with pictures and with examples. If you’re looking for a topic to talk about in any language, you can talk about your daily routine.

Supposedly while speaking with an English speaker, you will at least refer to your daily routine words and there is a whole lot of vocabulary in your language related to this topic.

Knowing these list of daily routines words and phrases is good for ourselves as we can understand people with different languages then and can talk to them about their daily routines.

Study the most important English Vocabulary Words identified by our experts and learn the right vocabulary to use in your day to day conversations

List of Daily Routines

Names of Daily Routines

Description of the Daily Routines on the List

Wake Up

Meaning: To ‘wake up’ means, the action of opening one’s eyes from a state of rest.

Example: I usually do wake up at 8.00 am. Sometimes I get late and wake up at 9.00 am.

Make The Bed

Meaning: To ‘make the bed’ means cleaning up your bed after waking up in the morning.

Example: We have to make the bed after getting up, otherwise mom scolds us a lot.

Brushing Teeth

Meaning: To ‘brush your teeth’ means cleaning your teeth for disinfecting it.

Example: We should brush our teeth twice daily to keep our teeth healthy.

Feed The Dog

Meaning: To ‘feed your dog’ means the act where the master feeds the dog food.

Example: I just fed tommy few minutes back, Tommy is my dog.


Meaning: To ‘exercise’ means doing physical activities to keep body fit.

Example: I really try exercising everyday.

Go For A Walk

Meaning: To ‘go for a walk’ means to go on a journey by walking, especially for keeping our body fit.

Example: My parents usually go for walking in the morning. Sometimes they go on evening walks also.

Do The Laundry

Meaning: To ‘do the laundry’ meaning

Example: This is important, as we all should wear clean clothes always. It also helps us in keeping our mental health well.

Hang The Clothes

Meaning: To ‘hang the clothes’ means hanging the clean clothes for letting them dry.

Example: If you start a work then you have to complete it, if you wash the clothes then you have to hang them for drying.

Iron The Clothes

Meaning: To ‘iron the clothes’ means using an iron to straighten your clothes, because after getting dried the dresses usually get shrinked.

Example: As we already said, you have to complete a work if you start it. You should iron they clothes after they get dried.

Wash The Car

Meaning: To ‘wash the car’ means cleaning your car.

Example: Now you have to clean your car as it takes you to your school or your workplace.

List of Daily Routines 1

Cut The Grass

Meaning: To ‘cut the grass’ means shaping the grass in good ways.

Example: Plants give us oxygen, so we should help them grow beautifully too.

Sweep The Floor

Meaning: To ‘sweep the floor’ means cleaning your rooms with brooms.

Example: If we can clean our dresses, then why not the place we live in?

Clean The House

Meaning: To ‘clean the house’ means the second step of cleaning your room.

Example: Clean, clean, clean the house. Oh, I just made a song out of it.

Walk Your Dog

Meaning: To ‘walk your dog’ means taking your dog to a walk, as it’s their exercise.

Example: If you exercise, then your dog should too. So take your dog for walking.

Water The Plant

Meaning: To ‘water the plant’ means giving water to your plants.

Example: Plants need sunlight, water to grow. Water them, as it’s their food.

Take A Bath

Meaning: To ‘take a bath’ means cleaning yourself with water, a soap etc.

Example: Now you should clean yourself. So, take a bath.

Brush Your Hair

Meaning: To ‘brush your hair’ means an activity to comb your hair with hairbrush.

Example: It’s time to get ready. So comb your hair first.

Get Dressed

Meaning: To ‘get dressed’ means wearing clothes.

Example: Now get dressed.

Read The News

Meaning: To ‘read the newspaper’ means the act where you read the newspaper.

Example: You should always stay updated with the news from all over the world, so reading a newspaper is a must thing to do.

Have Breakfast

Meaning: To ‘have breakfast’ means eating the first meal of the day.

Example: Food is very important for us, as we all know and we should never skip breakfast.

List of Daily Routines 2

Go To School

Meaning: To ‘go to school’ means going to your school to study.

Example: If you are a student then you have to go to school. Get ready and go to school.

Go To Shopping

Meaning: To ‘go to shopping’ means going for buying clothes.

Example: If you are in any way a shopaholic, you can go for shopping sometimes too.

Go Out With A Friend

Meaning: To ‘go out with a friend’ means roaming around with your friends.

Example: If you have friends, then meet them. Go out with them.

Play With Friends

Meaning: To ‘play with friends’ means doing the activities of playing with your companions.

Example: Kids should play outdoor games with their friends. If you are one, hop in the ground.

Drive To Work

Meaning: To ‘drive to work’ means driving by your car to reach your workplace.

Example: You can drive your squeaky clean car to your office.

Take Breaks After Work

Meaning: To ‘take breaks after work’ means taking rest in between working.

Example: You can take breaks between works to refresh your mind.

Have Lunch

Meaning: To ‘have lunch’ means having the second meal of the day.

Example: Food is here always to cheer us up. Have some lunch.

Wait For Your Vehicle

Meaning: To ‘wait for your vehicle’ means the act where you wait for your vehicle to arrive.

Example: At night sometimes you don’t feel like driving your car, so you can wait for your driver to drive your car to your office to pick you up.

Take Pictures

Meaning: To ‘take pictures’ means clicking pictures by most of the time with your phone.

Example: Take pictures, you should always have memories to cherish.

Get Home

Meaning: To ‘get home’ means coming back to your own home after the entire day.

Example: Get home, get freshened up.

Play The Instrument You Want To

Meaning: To ‘play the instrument you want to’ means playing the instrument you love.

Example: If you have some instrument to play, then you can play them now.

Paint The House

Meaning: To ‘paint the house’ means spraying colours on the walls of your house.

Example: If you love colours, then you can spray some on the walls in your house too.

Paint The Picture

Meaning: To ‘paint the picture’ means drawing pictures as your hobbies or as your occupation.

Example: If you are a painter then practice you art too.

Fold The Clothes From Laundry:

Meaning: To ‘fold the clothes’ means enwraping the clothes neatly.

Example: If you have already done your iron then this part is not needed. If not, then go for it.

Make Dinner

Meaning: To ‘make dinner’ means cooking food for yourself which you will be eating at night.

Example: You have to feed yourself, so make some dinner for yourself. Make some yummy food, treat to your tummy.

Feed The Dog

Meaning: To ‘feed the dog’ means, feeding your dog their food.

Example: If you are eating, then feed your dog too.

Have The Dinner

Meaning: To ‘have the dinner’ means having the food you just cooked.

Example: Now we should have our dinner. Usually we do our dinner at 10 pm and you?

Take Out The Garbage

Meaning: To ‘take out the garbage’ means cleaning the garbage and throwing your garbage away.

Example: We always through our garbage away before sleeping.

Make Your Bed

Meaning: To ‘make your bed’ means, making your bed prepared for sleeping.

Example: It’s time to go back to sleep now. Make your bed and sleep. Good Night.

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