Unique Adjectives to Describe a Person | List of Adjectives that Start with A-Z to Describe a Person Positively

Adjectives are a group of words that are mainly used to modify a noun or noun phrase and help it describes its referent. The main usage of adjectives is to enhance the mean and texture of a noun. Adjectives are used to describe various things such as people, places, animals, things, situations, and abstracts. However, in this particular article, we are going to discuss the adjectives that are used to describe a person.

What is meant by an Adjective?

The adjective is a single word or a group of words that are used to name an attribute attached to a noun and enhance the meaning of the phrase or a passage. The adjectives that are used to describe a person are given in the subsequent sections of this particular article.


100 Adjectives to Describe a Person

Below is a list of 100 words/adjectives that are used to describe a person:

  1. Careful
  2. Charming
  3. Powerful
  4. Efficient
  5. Effective
  6. Creative
  7. Brilliant
  8. Clever
  9. Traumatic
  10. Terrorised
  11. Discreet
  12. Secretive
  13. Quite
  14. Pleasant
  15. Sane
  16. Insane
  17. Tactful
  18. Crazy
  19. Calm
  20. Composed
  21. Cool
  22. Accurate
  23. Articulate
  24. Approachable
  25. Dazzling
  26. Dizzy
  27. Helpful
  28. Unhelpful
  29. Interesting
  30. Boring
  31. Relaxed
  32. Respectful
  33. Kind
  34. Humble
  35. Faithful
  36. Disrespectful
  37. Youthful
  38. Lethargic
  39. Artistic
  40. Confident
  41. Competent
  42. Fun
  43. Flexible
  44. Loving
  45. Liking
  46. Caring
  47. Rational
  48. Realistic
  49. Sensible
  50. Unique
  51. Clean
  52. Considerate
  53. Dynamic
  54. Determined
  55. Generous
  56. Great
  57. Organised
  58. Positive
  59. Negative
  60. Optimistic
  61. Pessimistic
  62. Impolite
  63. Unhealthy
  64. Heathy
  65. Reasonable
  66. Brave
  67. Timid
  68. Scared
  69. Affable
  70. Affectionate
  71. Pioneering
  72. Imaginative
  73. Frank
  74. Communicative
  75. Decisive
  76. Determined
  77. Amiable
  78. Emotional
  79. Impartial
  80. Loyal
  81. Modest
  82. Weak
  83. Proactive
  84. Neat
  85. Nice
  86. Exuberant
  87. Diligent
  88. Partial
  89. Determined
  90. Reserved
  91. Shy
  92. Euphoric
  93. Sensitive
  94. Tidy
  95. Unassuming
  96. Willing
  97. Gregarious
  98. Fearless
  99. Compassionate
  100. Amusing

Adjectives to Describe a Person

The above-given list is a few among the 1000 Adjectives to Describe a Person in the English language that exists which can be used as adjectives that are used to describe personalities or particular people. Describing a person is in itself a talent and it needs tactfulness and diplomacy to do it without hurting one’s feelings.

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Things to Keep in Mind on How to Describe a Person Personality

  • One should be very cognizant of a person’s feelings towards his or her personality and looks and his description of a person should be appropriate and hurtful
  • To describe a person using good adjectives one should avoid generalizing one looks or personality based on race, sex, community, gender, creed, or caste
  • When should be very observant before deciding on the adjectives to describe a person because the descriptive adjectives used should be appropriate and should match the person’s personality under the description

Examples Sentences of Adjectives to Describe a Person Physically

Below we have given examples of how to describe a person using appropriate positive adjectives:

  1. Neetha looks very beautiful in the red saree that she wore on the farewell day
  2. Raj is a handsome-looking man amongst all his colleagues in the office
  3. Peter is the tallest guy in his batch
  4. Pug is a small but a cut breed of dog
  5. Varsha is working on her body day in and day out to reduce weight
  6. Amit is a clever little man who managed to get a promotion within a year
  7. Rohit was fired from his office for misbehaving with his fellow employee on the office premises
  8. Mrs Kamala was a passionate young woman who achieved her dream by becoming the youngest CEO of the country
  9. Nandan is a very intelligent man who cleared the coveted Union Public Service Commission examination
  10. Geetha is a very good dancer

As a small excise, we advise students to find out the adjectives that are used in the above examples and list out the same.

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FAQs on Adjectives to Describe a Person

1. What are the examples of adjectives used to describe a person?

Beautiful, clever, intelligent, tactful, boring, calm, etc are some of the adjectives used to describe a person

2. How to teach adjectives to describe a person to students?

Teachers can conduct fun activities, plays, and skits inside the classroom for one to teach about adjectives to describe a person

3. Where are adjectives used?

Adjectives are used in essay writing, email writing, blogs, passages, etc.

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