Ways to Say You’re Welcome | How to Say you’re Welcome? Formal, Informal and Cute Ways To Say You’re Welcome

Ways to Say You’re Welcome: The meaning of you are welcome is that saying “welcome” after receiving thanks is a basic salutation one should follow. This means you’re admiring and admitting the effort made by another person. It sounds rude if I did something for you and in return, you don’t even praise me for that.

It is the effort that matters after the consequences are done. Likewise, there are many ways in which you can say welcome to people it solely depends upon the credibility and vocabulary of a person. For example, it is not important always to give just a normal sentence you can spice it up by saying

“you are most welcome quotes” or various ways in which you can welcome for example, how would you say you’re welcome receiving a gift? You can, by giving a return gift of the gift you received. This is also a way in which you can purposefully say welcome to someone.

Well, there are many other ways to say you’re welcome to someone and that is.

10 Ways to Say You’re Welcome

Various ways to say you’re welcome in English


Saying welcome in literature is considered one of the good manners to present in the custom of history. This predominately exists in British culture to say someone welcome or make them feel good. When in need of interaction it is said to be having good “etiquette” which is a very important part of their culture.

These people are generally known for their politeness in talking. They are well mannered and behave nicely in front of others.

A proper response to thank you

This is most widely and the common phenomenon used worldwide is to say welcome after a thank you. You just don’t leave a Thank you besides it, you add a welcome after it. That means it shows the person who you are helping has a sense of gratitude towards another person.

For example,

“Hey, can I borrow your notebook for a second?”

“Yeah sure”

“Okay thanks”

“Oh, you’re welcome”.

So you can see how easy and admiring it is when someone acknowledges the little details they should and not behave rudely or with the attitude people do not prefer. This is a much simpler way to make things simplified.

Giving a reminder to someone

Well this is one of the informal and crazy ways to say to someone you’re welcome where you can be a bit rude but don’t take it too seriously between your friends or loved ones, or it can make chaos out of it. It’s a funny way to remind someone that they haven’t appreciated what the person has done to other persons and annoyingly wants credit by funnily taunting him or her. So for example,

” Hey, can I borrow a book from you?”

“Yeah, sure”

forget to say thank you

“You’re welcome”

And this way a person funnily reminds the other person and they both laugh about it. So this is one of how you can do things.

Giving invitation to someone

It is one of the cool ways to break the ice out of each other. To invite someone politely to your house and spend time with him or her to have a great adventurous time together who’s dealing with the social pressure or demanding surrounding. It is a great way to start a conversation and make them feel light or validated about themselves.

For example, you’re going on a trip and your vehicle preferably a car stopped working in between and then you tell your friend “you can use my car or you’re welcome to use it as yours for a while. This little I can do for a friend”. So this is like it, it makes the whole environment more gullible and friendly around people.

There’s another example of it: you calling your friends at your place to have a lavish dinner or lunch and anticipating their efforts for you. This can be a way to make the surrounding a little cozy and close to each other. You’ll have a fun time with a welcome invitation.

To brag or overpower something you did

So it can be one of those informal ways of saying being overconfident about their work or in short of words being self-obsessed. It is commonly used to make people laugh and be cheerful about it. Not to make others believe that anyone is showing off their physical ability or talent.

Sometimes people do use it in a way where it seems they are just showing off the skills and at this point, it doesn’t even matter but a conversation between friends like this happens in a funny way to amuse people for example,

“oh wow Harry your handwriting is so beautiful”

Instead of saying Thank you they say

“I know”

So this is the way how people brag themselves either in a funny way or in a way where they are showing off.

Some other ways to say you’re welcome

As we can see sometimes any language can get a little boring. You don’t want to just say thank you or welcome the same phrases all the time. With each person, you have a different equation in the way you talk so why would you even say the same thing again and again?

That is why you use such phrases to make them more understandable and your own in which, you have your full authority so here are some ways in which you can say you’re welcome with different meanings. But it is as important as anything to use it at the right time, you just can’t say anything you wish you when you want to without witnessing the situation.

You have been given the freedom to talk, even talk informally so you’re being able to use that in the right way. You should know where the situation takes off and talk accordingly. You should not make others feel neglected, insecure or arrogant about yourself when you talk.

Ways to Say You're Welcome 2

For example,

When a good friend says Thank you after the deed is done, another friend says instead of saying welcome what kind of formality it is you’re going to show now? Are you with someone like your boss where you need to show all these formalities to people you love huh?

You can say this or have a proper conversation with your close friends, but what if they are your boss or someone bigger your age or any official meeting? You obviously can’t say stuff like this when you’re at a meeting. Therefore, there is a distinctive feature of formal and informal greeting comes that is,

A formal way to say you’re welcome

It’s indeed a pleasure working with you, here, the word pleasure determines you as you’re in a business meeting offering your greetings to your superior in a formal way. You just can not say are thank you and leave you should use more words or good words to make them interested in your work.

And you do it with your personality and being formal when in needs is what captures others.I’m glad and fortunate to be at your assistance, it can also be helping the boss after office hours but in a more mature way where you’re helping your superior by saying being in his vision.

This shows positive efforts in your work and the formal relationship you want to keep up with your boss. There’s no need for such formality I know you’d do the same for me. This is one assurance people tend to have in a very polite way that okay next time maybe there will be a time come when you will get the same efforts as you gave. But yeah, you would not ask for it you would just help the person and say it formally that it’s okay no need for that.

You are very welcome

Here you did nothing but add very to the moment to make it more superior in a formal way. That you’re particularly happy to be helped by someone in some way.No no, not at all. It’s not even a big deal to help you. Helping you was important so I did without thinking for even a single moment.

I wanted to help you so u did that’s why you don’t have to thank me for that or anything. Because I am going to help you again when you need it. You might notice that the way you’re greeting your welcome notes is how you must do the event at a particular time and the sort of service that has been performed over there.

These are the expressions used in places of banks, public residential buildings, governmental duties or restaurants where a certain conviction is taking place or has been taken into consideration.

Informal ways to say, someone, you’re welcome.

You don’t have to give it any more thoughts I’ve got your back on the days when you need it you’ll always find me like an angel. This is the expression used a certain way to be more informal and joking. A sense of superiority has also been seen as a matter of joke between pals because friendship has the most vulnerable weird things people could imagine or sense.

No worries about that don’t over think it

Do not dare to mention it, it’s needless

No worries about that, I got this

No problem just helping people in their needs and being a better person.

A special treatment for a special well-being

You deserve it.

Ways to Say You're Welcome 1

Cute ways to say you’re welcome

You can repay me if you want to

You are in my debt now for treating me with chocolate and ice creams

How grateful you are that I am helping you

I know I’m so thoughtful no need of mentioning

See, I have not let you down and I will never

You don’t even know what you’d do without me

My kindness and support should be written down in history, that a person with a good heart existed

I know I am an angel soul

This undying gratitude is what I should to you remember that.

Next time, don’t hesitate to just let me know how I might be useful to you.

You owe me one now ha-ha

All I can say is no thanks, never mind

I know I rock and you should truly appreciate me for my overwhelming efforts to you.

It was mutually that I helped for your existence.

Okay, I’m counting you’d vote for me next time

I can give you an autograph if you gift me a pen you know.

You know I’ll climb the mountain for you; it’s you I would help no matter what the situation is

I’ll send you the bill to my house


This is what you can imagine, this is how it works. It’s a mare word of English which is making a big difference here. You’re nothing but breaking sentences into segments that are making it different to address people. At times you use it for your formal use and use it for your informal use.

These were some ways to say you’re welcome there are many more ways in which you can say it in a positive and friendly manner yet you just have to see the situation not going out of context.

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