Juxtaposition – Definition, Examples & Synonyms | How to Pronounce Juxtaposition?

Did you use juxtaposition anytime? you might be thinking that what it is, right? Don’t worry juxtaposition is nothing but organizing two separate things or concepts together. This concept was used by many writers. Look into our article, which helps you know the complete information about the juxtaposition like examples, definition, usage, and many more.

What is Juxtaposition?

A Juxtaposition is a literary device. Juxtaposition is nothing but placing two things side by side to each other. And this literary device uses contrast to create meaning. Juxtaposition is one form of comparison, as in that there will be no overt comparison or inference on the part of the writer.

Examples & Use of Juxtaposition

Here we are going to provide some examples of juxtaposition that will be seen and used in our everyday lives, in literature, films, and art. Check out the examples below.

Juxtaposition in our everyday lives

Juxtaposition is present all around us; it is just that we are not attentive enough to pay attention to these differences.


  • Happily or unhappily married:- This is also a common trope we can see daily. We can see couples that are very happy with their married lives next to couples that are not so happy with their married lives.
  • When it rains, it pours:-  The main idea behind this statement is that when it starts raining, then usually rain is abundant. You can use this sentence because when one thing starts going right, other things will also begin going right.

Juxtaposition in films

Juxtaposition is also present in screenwriting. Juxtaposition can be present in screenwriting when the scene is describing something, for instance, the character, situation, etc. You will find traces of juxtaposition in cinematography and editing as well.


  • Batman and the Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.
  • Sepia-tone Kansas and the technicolor world of Oz in The Wizard of Oz.

Juxtaposition in literature

Juxtaposition is a powerful literary device used to induce deliberate contrast between objects. This device is used in literature by writers and poets to highlight the similarities or differences between two things.


  • “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” —Neil Armstrong
  • Dr. Frankenstein and the monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Juxtaposition in Art

Artists use the juxtaposition to elicit a response from the audience. Artists want their art to be thought-provoking and engaging. Juxtaposition in art creates a stark contrast between two objects that unintentionally forces our minds to consider the differences and similarities between these objects.


  • Big vs.Small by expert photography.
  • Past and present by Artist Eric Kim.


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Juxtaposition Synonyms

Some words have the same meaning in a general sense. We have many synonyms for juxtaposition. Some of them are lyricism, interplay, nearness, depiction, touching, figuration, physicality, and contact.

Difference between Juxtaposition and Foil

To distinguish between juxtaposition and foil might be difficult as both of them are literary devices. Foil is nothing but a form of juxtaposition. Both of these devices will be based on a comparison that is created by the writer. The writer uses the Juxtaposition of two characters as a foil in order to highlight their disparate qualities. Anyways, the foil will be limited to the juxtaposition of characters.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Juxtaposition

1. What is an example of a juxtaposition?

The yin and yang are an exceptional example of a juxtaposition. In the yin-yang, the black and white portions are present inside the same circle. This allows people to compare these colors and the elements inside them directly.

2. Is juxtaposition the same as contrast?

No,  juxtaposition is not the same as a contrast. People often mix these things because they seem to be somewhat similar. Contrast refers to the difference between opposite things. Contrast is not a side-by-side comparison, just like juxtaposition is. The juxtaposition does not need to compare two opposite things.

3. Are oxymorons and juxtaposition the same?

Oxymoron is somewhat similar to juxtaposition, but these things are not entirely the same. Oxymoron is the pairing of contrasting statements depicting the differences between these statements. Juxtaposition is, however, a direct comparison of two things this can be, highlighting the similarities or the differences.

Final Words

Hope that the information given about Juxtaposition is useful for you. This juxtaposition is a virtual literary device that adds depth and personality to objects. We also find out in this article that juxtaposition is quite prevalent in arts, music, and even mathematics. People in all creative fields use the juxtaposition to express their ideas. Still, if you have any doubts you can comment to us in the comment section. Stay connected to know more interesting updates.

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