Verbs of Body Movement | List of Movement Words With Meaning, Images and Example

Verbs of Body Movement: We spend our entire time moving around places. Movement is an essential part of our life. Many terms are used for movements rather than specific movements. In this article, you will find a list of movement words to add to your diction. This will help you with words to describe movements in your day-to-day life.

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List of Movement Words

Name of the Movement Words

Meaning and Example of the Movement Words on the list


Meaning: Walking in a slow, relaxed manner.

Example: She ambled down the street, periodically pausing to peer into the shop windows.


Meaning: To change the position of your body or a part of your body such that it is not straight

Example: When lifting big goods, always be careful to bend your knees.


Meaning: To go up or away after colliding with a surface.

Example: He believed the ball had bounced on the line, but the umpire ruled it out.


Meaning: To split abruptly or violently into two or more pieces or to stop working due to damage

Example: Be careful not to break anything inside the box.


Meaning: To hold and lift someone or something and transport them from one place to another.

Example: You need to carry these two bags up the hill.


Meaning: A quick, precise movement similar to a wheel turn in which you throw yourself sideways onto one hand, then onto both hands with your legs and arms straight and your legs pointing up before landing back on your feet

Example: When it comes to cartwheels, no one is as perfect as John.


Meaning: Grabbing hold of something

Example: He performed an excellent catch while we were practicing.

Verbs of Body Movement 1


Meaning: To make a brief, loud sound by slamming your hands together

Example: Everyone started clapping after watching their extraordinary dance performance.


Meaning: To travel down a surface on your hands and knees or with your body extended out

Example: The baby just learned to crawl and is not ready to take a rest at all.


Meaning: To tears as a result of an intense feeling, such as sadness or suffering

Example: As soon as he heard the news, he started crying like a baby.


Meaning: To move the body and feet in time with the music

Example: The DJ surely knows how to make the crowd dance.


Meaning: A rapid, unexpected movement:

Example: We need to dart for the exit door.


Meaning: to dive into the water, especially with your head and arms first, or to move beneath the water:

Example: If you look carefully at his stance, you will see the time and effort he puts in to perfect that dive.

Verbs of Body Movement 2


Meaning: To pull anything along a surface to shift it

Example: Don’t drag it across the floor. It’ll leave scratch marks.


Meaning: To allow anything to fall or to allow something to fall

Example: Ricky just dropped the keys to his apartment.


Meaning: To forcefully move your hand or an object onto the surface of something so that it makes contact with it

Example: I didn’t mean to hit him while practicing my new moves.


Meaning: To grab something and keep it in your hand or arms:

Example: Let me hold the bags while you get done with your shoelace.


Meaning: To run at a steady, consistent pace, especially as a form of exercise

Example: I have been jogging for the past one month, and I already feel very active.


Meaning: To use the legs to propel yourself off the ground and into the air

Example: If you want to get selected, you need to work on your jumps.


Meaning: To strike something or someone with one’s foot or move one’s feet and legs suddenly and violently.

Example: Jack kicked the ball very hard cleverly inside the goalpost.


Meaning: To descend into or remain in a position in which one or both knees are on the ground

Example: Harry kneeled on the ground to look for his bracelet.


Meaning: To smile while making sounds with your voice that indicate you find something amusing or joyful

Example: I can’t stop laughing at the fact that you mistook me for being the professor.


Meaning: To slant in one direction or to move the top of the body in one direction.

Example: The player leaned to kiss that teen fan.


Meaning: To perform a huge jump or quick movement, typically from one location to another.

Example: He leaped out of the way to save himself from being hit by the falling shade.

Lie down

Meaning: to put your body in a flat position, usually to sleep or rest

Example: Let’s lay down on the grass and catch a breath.


Meaning: To relocate something from a lower to a higher location

Example: He helped me lift the boxes onto the car.


Meaning: To walk slowly and awkwardly as a result of an injured or sore leg or foot

Example: I’m sure he is injured severely. He has been limping ever since that tackle.


Meaning: To run in long, leisurely strides:

Example: He has been loping across the hall since he entered here.


Meaning: A walk, especially by a group of troops all walking at the same pace and with the same movement

Example: The soldiers were exhausted after the long march.


Meaning: To draw the attention of others to something by pointing out your finger towards it

Example: He has been pointing in that direction for a long time.


Meaning: To cause a substance to flow from a container, particularly into another container, by lifting only one edge of the container containing the substance.

Example: Let me pour out the juice to the guest.


Meaning: To bring something closer to yourself.

Example: Help me pull the rope out of the well.


Meaning: A powerful fist strike

Example: He punched the wooden block hard enough to cause it to break.


Meaning: To apply physical pressure or force, particularly with your hands, to shift anything into a different position, the one that is farther away from you

Example: Let me help you push the cart up the hill.

Put down

Meaning: To keep something down.

Example: He put down all the products in the garage.


Meaning: To travel from one place to another by rotating over and over or from side to side

Example: He is flexible enough to do rolls across the ground.


Meaning: To travel quicker than walking by taking short steps with each foot lifted before the next one contacts the ground

Example: With that training, he will improve his running.


Meaning: To wander slowly and relatedly in no particular direction

Example: Jack sauntered his way back home.


Meaning: Running with small steps.

Example: The children scampered around the park.


Meaning: To be in a position where the bottom half of the body is supported by a seat or other sort of support and the upper half of the body is upright

Example: Would you mind if I sit here?


Meaning: To slide without meaning to do so

Example: He slipped on the waxed floor.


Meaning: To go around and around, especially quickly

Example: The way he spins on the rollerblades shows how skillful he is.


Meaning: Should stand close to the ground, balancing on the front half of your feet, legs bent under your body

Example: If you can practice squats every day, you will surely develop a lot of balance.


Meaning: To walk or move with difficulty, as though about to fall

Example: He managed to stagger to the phone and call for aid after being attacked.


Meaning: To be in a vertical position or to induce a vertical position, especially by straightening the legs

Example: We all were standing in a queue to enter the bus.


Meaning: To induce anything to travel in a specific direction, often as far as feasible

Example: Make sure you stretch before we start our workouts.


Meaning: To move gently from one side to the other

Example: He is swaying peacefully, enjoying the music on his earphones.


Meaning: To propel something into the air with vigor, particularly by a rapid movement of the arm

Example: The throw was on point, and it directly hit the wickets.


Meaning: On your toes, with your heel elevated off the ground.

Example: They walked on tiptoe across the room so as not to wake the baby.


Meaning: To travel from one location to another while becoming tired or bored

Example: I spent the day traipsing around the neighborhood but didn’t find anything fun to do.


Meaning: To move by putting one foot in front of the other and allowing each foot to contact the ground before raising the next

Example: I would usually walk my way back home from school.


Meaning: To greet someone by raising your hand and moving it from side to side

Example: I was waving my hand in the air, but he never looked at me.

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