Single Words for Group of Words

It is sometimes desirable to express the idea of a phrase of a group of words by a single word

  1. He is liked by the people. (popular)
  2. He arrived exactly at the time appointed. (punctually)
  3. I want you to go at this very moment.  (immediately)
  4. She was careful about how she spent her money. (frugal)
  5. He died a short time ago. (recently)
  6. She is not yet fully developed. (immature)
  7. He is fair in giving judgments (impartial)
  8. A storm is likely to come soon. (imminent)
  9. Her handwriting is difficult or impossible to read. (illegible)
  10. His mother is unable to read or write. (illiterate)
  11. All the streets were decorated with bright lights as a sign of rejoicing. (illuminated)
  12. Glass is hard but easily broken. (brittle)
  13. He was elected by all present, without opposition, (unanimously)
  14. She did not accept the invitation. (declined)
  15. The driver increased his speed as he came to the hill, (accelerated)
  16. Tortoises pass the winter in sleep in cold countries. (hibernate)
  17. The propeller was turning round and round very rapidly. (revolving)
  18. Hitler marched forcibly into Poland in 1939. (invaded)
  19. Mody, at last, brought back to his mind the number of the house he was looking for. (recalled)
  20. Do you know the place to which you are going? (destination)
  21. When Mr. Hill died, his wife and children were left without food, clothes, and other things necessary for life, (destitute)
  22. He was removed from the throne by his step-brother, (dethroned)
  23. Soap is a substance that removes dirt, especially from the surface of things. (detergent)
  24. He is a person whose business is to detect criminals. (detective)
  25. The applicant is one who, according to the rules, cannot be elected. (ineligible)
  26. These words are now no longer in use. (obsolete)
  27. His manners were more like those of a woman than of a man. (effeminate)
  28. He is able to perform duties well. (efficient)
  29. These measures will be able to bring about the result intended.  (effective)
  30. The cow is one of those animals that suckle their young. (mammals)

Exercise 1: Give a single word for each of the following expressions in the space provided. Choose the words from the box :

autobiography campus Infectious orphan

calculable  Carrier contagious Century

camouflage  cavalry Infalliable biography

campaign  Infidel anniversary biology

transparent  calendar  Inflammable biplane

  1. A hundred years __________
  2. A Child whose parents are dead. __________
  3. Life history of a person written by himself. __________
  4. Life history of a person written by another. __________
  5. Science of life and living things. __________
  6. Aircraft with two pairs of wings, one above the other.____________
  7. List of the days, weeks, months, of a particular year.____________
  8. That may be measured, reckoned, or relied upon._______________
  9. That which makes it difficult to recognise the presence or real nature of something. __________
  10. Group of military operations with a set purpose, usually in one area.
  11. Grounds of a school, or university, where the main buildings are.
  12. Person or company that carries goods for payment._____________
  13. Soldiers who fight on horse-back._________________
  14. Incapable of making mistakes or doing wrong._________________
  15. Person with no belief in religion (especially in what is considered to be the true religion).__________________
  16. That can be spread by touch.__________________
  17. That can be spread by means of germs carried in the atmosphere or in water._________________
  18. Yearly return of the date of an event._________________
  19. That may be easily set on fire._________________
  20. Allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.__________________

Exercise 2: Fill in the blanks with a single word for each of the following groups of words given in brackets. The words in the box will help you.

decade denture epic optimist epidemic
grave lawyer pets optician vegetarian
debate bankrupt host opponents transplanted
fables museum wages transport ambassador
  1. The _____ were small and he was not content  (the money workmen get for work)
  2. They covered the________ with flowers.  (where the dead body is buried)
  3. He wore his_________ only at the time of eating, (a set of false teeth)
  4. I learnt that my__________ had to go to Pune.  (a person who welcomes guests in his house)
  5. Ashok is a _____________ . (person who has studied law)
  6. I shall like to visit the___________ with you. (building in which objects illustrating art, history, science, etc. are displayed).
  7. The Mahabharata is an_______ (account of the deeds of great heroes)
  8. An __________ broke out in the town, (a disease which is widespread among many people in the same place for a time)
  9. The Panchatantra is a book of____________ . (short tales, especially with animals in them and intended to give moral teaching).
  10. She was very fond of____________ . (animals kept as a companion, treated with care and affection)
  11. A truck is a means of______________ . (carrying goods or persons from one place to another)
  12. Some plants can be_____________ . (taken up with roots and planted in another place)
  13. He is an____________ . (person who looks up on the bright side of things)
  14. He is an________________ . (person who makes or sells optical instruments, especially eye-glasu s)
  15. He always treated his_____________ with respect, (persons against whom one fights, struggles, plays games or argues)
  16. After a long_____________ the bill was passed by the Lok Sabha. (discussion, especially at a public meeting or in Parliament)
  17. He is a strict _________ (person who eats no meat)
  18. He is a_____________ (person unable to pay his debts)
  19. His father is an__________ . (minister respresenting the government of his country in a foreign country)
  20. Our country has made great progress in a__________ . (period of ten years)

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