Good Transition Words for Essays | Complete List of Transition Words & How to Use Them?

Transition words better known as the linking words help to connect two ideas in meaningful sentences. It provides great cohesion to the sentences in a paragraph by delivering great quality and expresses how one idea is related to that of the other one. This makes the content more easy and readable.

Transition words are not always single words, but sometimes to make the essay smooth, we have to use the phrases too. Transition words maintain the flow of the paragraph and create an interconnection between the words, phrases, and paragraphs. Follow the article below to learn more about the types of transition words.

What are Transition Words?

Transition words are an important part of English grammar. They are the connecting words that help to join two sentences, generally both with different ideas, and maintain the better and smooth flow of the articles. Without the transition words, the paragraph looks blunt and bogus. Transition words better act as a connector to join two different sentences or sometimes paragraphs in such a way that it comes out with different and logical meanings concerning what is stated in the previous one.

The name in itself is quite explanatory, the ‘transition’ word. Transition means the change, and so is the ob of these words. They tell about where the first sentence is finished and from where the new one is starting, or even tell about the forthcoming change. The change can be of any type like the contradiction between two points, the two different ideas, or any conclusion. Transition words are important, especially in terms of essays and long paragraphs.

The reason being they hold the roots of the smoothness of the language and bridges the sentences. However, one important thing to be noticed here is that no matter transitions words are good to use in a paragraph but overuse of the words may spoil the content. So make sure to use them where necessary.

How do I Include Transition Words in My Essay?

The main motive of transition words is clear by now, that they are used to connect two different sentences. Now the question arises that where to use these transition sentences? In our initial education, we were taught to use it at the beginning of the sentence, however, it isn’t right.

Transitions words can be used at any point of the sentence required. If we look at the transition word then it creates a sense of question and completeness. Hence they deliver the entire meaning of the sentence logically. It is not important to use the transition word in every sentence. But if used, it should be placed justifiably.

Transition Words Types

The job of transition words is not just to connect the sentences, but also to make a meaningful sentence, show the comparisons, represent the connections, and provide clarity. So there cannot be just a few words. Hence they are divided into many categories.

Transition Words use to show Introduction, Agreement-

Most of the transition words are used to show the introduction of new ideas and add on to the existing ones. These transition words list can be as under

  • In Addition To
  • Coupled With
  • Equally Important
  • Further
  • Moreover
  • Likewise
  • Furthermore

Now let’s see how we can use them in sentences

  • Dieting keeps you losing weight moreover it keeps you healthy.
  • To accomplish a great thing, one must work hard in addition to making plans.
  • Further, movie genres have changed over time.

Transition Words to Show Opposing and Limitations

Transition words can also convey opposition or limitations of ideas. The function of these terms is exactly the opposite of the category above. The following are some transition words examples that create ‘oppose’ or show ‘limits’.

  • On the other hand
  • Above all
  • On the contrary
  • Despite
  • Unlike
  • But
  • As much as

Now let’s see how we can use them in sentences

  • I want to eat fast food, on the other hand, I should save my money for emergencies.
  • You are not doing it right, on the contrary, you are making a blunder.
  • Kids enjoyed it a lot despite it being bad weather today.

Good Transition Words for Essays

Transition Words to show Causes and Conditions

This category includes the words that tell about the effect on the other thing due to the first thing. Also, they show how one situation is conditional to the other. They show the relationship of words based on intent and effect. Following are the examples.

  • Since
  • Due to
  • Because of
  • As long as
  • Unless
  • So that
  • In case

Now let’s see how we can use them in sentences

  • Since you have not completed your homework, you won’t go out for playing.
  • In case you missed the live match, you can watch it on repeat telecast.
  • The company went under loss because of the poor management and staff.

Transition Words to Show Examples and Support

This category includes the set of words that displays that one concept is supported by other. This support can be through an example or evidence. Following are the examples.

  • In other words
  • For this reason
  • Indeed
  • In general
  • In fact
  • By all means
  • Especially

Now let’s see how we can use them in sentences

  • She said the dish was too salty, in other words, she didn’t like it.
  • The class strength has increased to 40 students, In fact, now it has more girls.
  • I like traveling, especially in the mountains.

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Transition Words to Show Conclusion and Summary

This category includes the words which are used to close the paragraph or summarize the content in short. They are also known as closing words. Following are the examples

  • Overall
  • Altogether
  • In conclusion
  • To summarize
  • To sum up
  • To conclude
  • In summary

Now let’s see how we can use them in sentences-

  • I lost my bag in the park, but overall it was a beautiful trip.
  • In conclusion, wearing a mask is a necessity, not a need.
  • It was altogether a thrilling experience for me.

Transition Words to Show or Describe the Time

This category includes the words which are used to describe the time, in terms of what had happened and what will happen related to an incident. Following are the examples

  • At the present times
  • Occasionally
  • Once
  • In a moment
  • All of a sudden
  • So often
  • In the meantime

Now let’s see how we can use them in sentences-

  • I will be back in a moment.
  • He keeps visiting his parents so often.
  • I am coming back, in the meantime, you complete your homework.

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FAQs on Transition Words for Essays PDF

1. How do transition words affect the readers?

Transitions words build the connectivity between the sentences and allow the reader to follow your content smoothly.

2. What are the best transition words for an essay?

And, in addition to, furthermore, moreover, besides, than, too, also, both-and, another, equally important, could be some of the best words to be used in an essay.

3. ‘Unlike’ is what type of transition Word?

‘Unlike’ will come under the category of contrast type of transition words.

4. What is the purpose of a sentence starter?

The main purpose of a good sentence starter is to provide a catchy opening to the paragraph, to introduce an idea, or to show some background.


To sum up a long story short, transition words are essential tools for any essay. It improves the connectivity between two statements and different ideas. Thus, they provide a logical structure to the essay and prepare it in an organized manner. All the transition words can be called conjunction words. Because they also do the same job of coordinating the conjunctions and connecting two phrases or sentences. Although they give an important structure to the essay, the choice of the correct word in the correct place would be beneficial.

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