Transition Words Based on Reason, Results, Emphasis, Addition, Illustration, Contrast and Location/Space

Transition Words: Transition words are type of words that basically upholds the transition from one paragraph to the other or different sections of text and speech. Transition words are also known as ‘linking words’.

They acts as smooth transitions from one part of text to other, connecting thoughts and ideas at the same time and also relates ideas to one another. Usage of transition words also increases the efficiency of one’s writing as it makes the writing more readable.

Transition words actually acts as smooth bridges that takes one from one statement to the other one. In this article we would see the common transition words list and transition words examples. We would also understand when to use transition words as we will further go through the article.

Transition Words Examples

Transition words based on ‘Reason

Transition words based on ‘Reason’ is one that shows the reason and the cause and consequence of a particular situation. It gives reasons for what has been occurred or what has been stated.

Examples of Reason Transitional Words and Phrases List

  • Because of the air pollution, many people moved out of the city of Ghaziabad.
  • For the purpose of understanding the customer’s buying habits, the Chief Executive Officer interviewed many of his customers in person.
  • Given that the necklace was missing, the employee called the police immediately.
  • In order to get the case dropped, Mr. Rosen had to write a public apology in the New York Times.
  • In view of the court’s insufficient findings, the prosecutor adjourned the case for that day.
  • With this in mind, the girl went out in search of truth.
  • With this purpose, the boy set out to find his kidnapped sister.

Transition words based on ‘Results

Transition words based on ‘Results’ are almost synonymous with the Reason transition words, but result transition words informs the reader either to expect or to learn about the consequence of a particular situation.

Examples of Result Transitional Words and Phrases List

  • Following the storms, the sky suddenly darkened and it began to rain heavily. As a result, we got drenched.
  • We went out in the cold without their gloves. Consequently, we soon had frostbite.
  • Due to the hot weather, the drenched clothes dried quickly.
  • Robert always starts a brawl at the bar whenever he goes there. For this reason, I stopped going there with him.
  • I fed the dog warm meal. Hence, the dog was really happy.

Transition words based on ‘Emphasis’

Transition words based on ‘Emphasis’ is used to upheld a piece of information/news that has just been delivered, or they can also be used to emphasize and highlight any idea. Here any idea is put in a straightforward manner.

Examples of Emphasis Transitional Words and Phrases List

  • Above all, his voice was mesmerising.
  • Even we hated the Stefany’s.
  • It should be noted that the cardiologist originally prescribed antibiotic tablets to his sick patient.
  • Of course, no one well understood the teacher’s predicament better than the students who disliked him.
  • To clarify, dogs can never eat chocolates without deplorable consequences.
  • To repeat, drinking alcohol is harmful for you.
  • Without a doubt, Michael Phelps is the best swimmer in the world.

Transition words 1

Transition words based on ‘Addition’

Transition words based on ‘Addition’ will yield additional information in a sentence, further deepening and enlightening the meaning that is derived from it.

Examples of Addition Transition Words and Phrases List

  • Also, I believed the man was benevolent.
  • I loved her attitude and treasured her advice.
  • Besides that, I could not afford the leather jacket.
  • Finally, she adds the salt in the curry.
  • First, the article lacked proper sources.
  • In addition, inadequate insulation can be responsible for heat loss.
  • Not to mention, most people die from respiratory cancer from pollution than smoking.
  • Additionally, the garnishing of the cake was magnificent.

Transition words based on ‘Illustration’

Transition words based on ‘Illustration’ would indicate that an example is about to come. These type of transitional words and phrases usually alarms the person that an example is about to be present or informed (that would mainly support an argument).

Examples of Illustration Transition Words and Phrases List

  • For one thing, the child was unable to reach the toy until someone fetched him it.
  • In this case, the scientist examined over 200 tests.
  • In this situation, the orator’s words were more unorganised.
  • Like Rohan, he was also pragmatic and thoughtful.
  • On this occasion, her arguments lacked logic.
  • Proof of this feminist critique comes from her struggles she faced as a women in life.
  • To clarify, her adherence to social norms is too much.
  • To simplify, a person’s toxic attitude may affect any group negatively as a whole indirectly.

Transition words based on ‘Contrast’

Transition Words based on ‘Contrast’ can be used to show any contrast between two ideas/thoughts within a sentence or a statement.

Examples of Contrast Transition Words and Phrases List

  • Despite this, she loved him unconditionally.
  • Her mother thought a woman should not work and study together. Even so, Mary took a job as a professor alongside completing her PhD degree also at the same time.
  • She admired horses; however, she was too afraid to ride thinking she might fall.
  • On the other hand, politicians promise to do no harm, but they do not although they say so.
  • Rather than visiting her sick friend, the girl decided to watch a cinema this Saturday.
  • She committed innumerable crimes; though, she did not consider herself a true criminal.
  • Unlike her brother, she know how to bargain when it comes to expensive things.
  • Whereas his intentions were good for the people, hers were malicious.

Transition words 2

Transition words based on ‘Similarity/Comparison’

Transitional words based on ‘Similarity/Comparison’ is used to compare two ideas or thoughts within a statement. It is also used to show similarity between the two.

Examples of Similarity/Comparison Transition Words and Phrases List

  • As with most young girls, the sibling’s favourite dessert is strawberry ice cream.
  • Both Indian doctors and nurses struggled to deal with the rising Corona virus cases in India.
  • The group worked equally on the project.
  • In like manner, the girl exited the school at 3pm.l
  • Just as Tina enjoyed visiting the Louvre Museum so too did Shelly.
  • Likewise, the boys never showed interest in anything.
  • Similarly, he crushed her colossal self-esteem forever.

Transition words based on ‘Logic’

Transition words based on ‘Logic’ point to an order so that we can keep our arguments functioning based on logic and rationality. These words and phrases show how we should perceive information/s.

Examples of Logic (Logical) Transition Words and Phrases List

  • First, he hid the proof of his theft out of guilt.
  • Second, he spread unending lies about the innocent man
  • Third, he took the antique idol and hid it in the innocent man’s room.
  • Finally, he convinced the police of his lies.
  • Following the visit to the dentist, she got chocolate ice cream.
  • Lastly and most importantly, one should not run after useless jobs.
  • From now on, the Board of Directors and the General Manager will continue to focus on our employees first and foremost.

Transitional words based on ‘Conclusion’

Transition words based on ‘Conclusion’ basically states and sums up to what previously has been already stated.

Examples of Conclusion Transition Words and Phrases List

  • All things considered, the wedding was adorable.
  • As noted, the taxes remain stuck at 5.28%.
  • Generally speaking, the first two test drives were the hardest to that amateur guy.
  • In conclusion, the municipal council needs to deal with the community’s water, sanitation and electricity concerns as soon as possible.
  • In short, Napoleon won over the opponent forces at the Battle of Waterloo.
  • In the end, nothing positive happened to what was expected.
  • Ultimately, the world survived catastrophic pandemic.

Transition Words based on ‘Condition’

Transition words based on ‘Condition’ suggest another point of view or perspective falling under the section of conditional transitional words. in other words, these words provide a condition to what has been already stated.

Examples of Condition Transition Words and Phrases List

  • As the days get longer,people stop visiting the museum with loosening up of its interest.
  • Even if the evil cat comes home, she could not and would never forgive her boyfriend.
  • If she calls, I will go to hospital to meet her ailing mother.
  • Since the store closed, she was unable to buy the folders for his crucial documents.
  • Unless we avoid him, we will not get into trouble.

Transition Words based on ‘Concession

Transition words based on ‘Concession’ accepts a point or idea to express an opposing point of view.

Examples of Concession Transition Words and Phrases List

  • Admittedly, the project was not done well to what was expected.
  • All the same, I’ll have that drink for the time being.
  • Be that as it may, she will still be a part of this project. Her knowledge is priceless to us.
  • Even if I win, I won’t accept the expensive prize. To me, it is not worth it.
  • In spite of everything, Maria still lover her daughter although she was a step-mother to her.
  • Regardless of this, I planned to attend the feast at any cost.

Transition words based on ‘Generalisation

Transition words based on ‘Generalisation’ are words that reveal a forthcoming example that would in turn portray a traditional point of view.

Examples of Generalisation Transition Words and Phrases List

  • As a rule, one should brush one’s teeth twice a day.
  • In general, the men misbehaved with the female receptionist.
  • Mainly the girls wanted to read the classics.
  • More often than not, there has to be a ‘gossiper’ in every classroom.
  • On the whole, the class behaved nice and well.
  • Overall, the Rita’s arguments were strong throughout the debate competition.

Transition words based on ‘Restatement’

Transition words based on ‘Restatement’ are basically used to summarise an information or an idea or repeat something that has been already said.

Examples of Restatement Transition Words and Phrases List

  • Expressed simply, her works provide her good sum of money.
  • In a nutshell, environment can change any person.
  • In other words, our individual truths influence others as well.
  • That is to say, writing essays is an art of writing.
  • To put it differently, the essay lacked lucidity.

Transition words based on ‘Reference’

Transition words based on ‘Reference’ are used regarding a relationship between continuing thoughts and ideas.

Examples of Reference Transition Words and Phrases List

  • As far as I can determine, Sheena plagiarized her thesis paper from Mrs. Samantha.
  • Considering her troubled personal life, it is quite difficult to contemplate how she found the time to paint 500 portraits.
  • Regarding his pension, I am not sure how much he gets.
  • The fact that she abandoned her work in the middle suggests she didn’t find enough evidence to support her point of view.
  • With regards to her, I do not have an answer to the question.

Transition words based on ‘Clarification’

Transition words based on ‘Clarification’ further explains an idea, information or any thought.

Examples of Clarification Transition Words and Phrases List

  • I mean that I am unable to do this.
  • In other words, Penelope was princess and not a queen.
  • Simply put the project was absolutely dead in the water.
  • Simply stated, I reject your baseless terms.
  • That is to say, I made a blunder last night.
  • To put it clearly, I wanted what I could not have at this age.

Transition words based on ‘Location/Space’

Transition words based on ‘Location/Space’ clarifies spatial relationships or it provides spatial reference and order in any sentence.

Examples of Location/Space Transition Words and Phrases List

  • Across the street, an angry mob gathered in front of the city hall.
  • Adjacent to the Parthenon was the effigy of Goddess Athena.
  • Around the corner, I saw a pretty house.
  • At the rear, I found twenty thousand dollars.
  • Below the table, I found my stolen pen.
  • Next to the crematorium, the corpses lay piled up.
  • Underneath the papers, she hid the controversial pamphlet.

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