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Stationery and Office Supplies Vocabulary: In the English language, a huge amount of office stationery items’ names can be found. It becomes very difficult for an individual to memorize or keep in mind the names of all the office supplies.

For better vocabulary and progressive knowledge, one must try to remember the names of various office supplies. Since the list is huge, we have provided you with a hand-picked list of office supplies vocabulary for easy remembrance.

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List of Office Supplies Vocabulary Words in English

Name of Office Supplies Vocabulary words

This office supplies list with pictures is quite handy and useful when one is holding a conversation regarding this topic. It is also pretty beneficial for those people who work in an office because this office supplies list with pictures and examples provide them with a better understanding of their surroundings.

List of Office Supplies words

Description of the Classroom Objects Vocabulary words.


A desk is a piece of functional furniture with four legs and a flattened top. It is reading and writing.

Swivel chair

A swivel chair is a unique type of chair that can be twirled or rotated 360 degrees to the right side or the left. It has a central leg sometimes attached with wheels along with armrests and a gas lift.

Filing cabinet

It is an office furniture item which has drawers for storing documents and other vital files and folders. A filing cabinet is generally made of wood or sheet metal.


It is a container usually made of plastic or metal and used to throw away the garbage.


A monitor is an electronic output device with a visual display for displaying information. Digital Visual Interface, DisplayPort, USB-C, VGA, or other signals and connectors are connected to the computer.


It is an electronic programming device that is used for carrying out arithmetical and logical operations.


A keyboard is an external input device that is used for typing letters, numbers, and characters. It comprises buttons on which characters, alphabets, and numbers are printed.


It is a hand-held, input-output, pointing device used to move the cursor present on the screen of the computer.

Mouse pad

A mouse pad is a plane surface on which the mouse is placed. It improves the use of the mouse by giving a smooth surface that allows the mouse to move more smoothly and accurately.


A printer is an external electronic device used to produce a copy of a particular text or graphics. The document is usually made on a sheet of paper. There are different types of printers like 3D printers, bar code printers, laser printers, inkjet printers, etc.

Fax machine

A fax machine is used for the telephonic transportation of scanned printed graphics or texts. The material is transported to another telephone number joined with a printer or some other output device.


It is a telecommunication device that allows two or more users to hold a chat when they are apart.

A telephone transforms sound into electronic signals and then transmits them through cables.


A calculator is a piece of electrical equipment that is used for executing arithmetical calculations. It is generally small in size and is easily portable.

Stationery and Office Supplies Vocabulary

File folder

A file folder is a type of holder or cover that is used for holding sheets of paper. These folders are mainly used in offices, organizations, schools, etc.


It is a solid, flat board that has an attached clip on the top. It is used for holding paper when a surface for writing is unavailable.


A notebook is a small and compact book that is used for writing. Generally used by students for taking notes, it can either be blank or have ruled pages.


It is a popular packaging item used for enclosing a letter, card, or document. An envelope is made of flat and thin material and has a sealable flap on top.


The stapler is a piece of standardized equipment that connects or joins sheets of paper by pushing a thin metal staple into the sheets and then closing the ends of the pin. They are extensively used in offices, businesses, workplaces, government, and schools.

Drawing pin/Thumbtack

A drawing pin or a thumbtack is a small and compact pin used for securing items to a board or a wall. They are made of tin, brass, and iron and are usually inserted into the wall or panel using the thumb.

Paper clip

A paper clip is an item that is used for unitedly securing sheets of paper. It is usually made by twisting and bending a wire of steel and giving it the required shape.

Bulldog clip

It is an item used for holding sheets of paper together for a temporary period. A bulldog clip consists of springy steel that allows the jaws of the hook to open and close when pressure is applied.

Hole puncher

A hole puncher is a device that is used for creating holes in sheets of paper. It is mainly used in offices.

Sticky notes

A sticky note is a tiny piece of paper with a glue strip attached to its back. The glue strip allows the notes to adhere themselves to documents or other surfaces temporarily. They can be removed and again attached easily without any excess trouble.

Sticky notes are usually used for writing important and small letters and are available in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

Rubber stamp

A rubber stamp is a hand-held tool that has a pattern or image engraved on its surface. Ink is applied onto the plain surface of the rubber stamp, and it is then pressed against a stable surface for imprinting the engraved image or pattern.

Rubber stamps have a handle attached to their back for support and require minimum storage space.


It is a gadget with two blades laid on top of each other and then connected in the middle. A scissor is generally used for cutting paper, cardboard, cloth, and other materials.


Glue is an adhesive and thick substance that is used for sticking different objects with each other.

Fountain pen

It is a writing tool that applies water-based ink on paper by using a metal nib. It has internal storage, which stores enough ink by using a dropper or some internal filling mechanism.

While writing, it draws ink from the internal storage and then transfers the ink onto the paper.


A ballpoint is a kind of pen whose writing point holds a tiny ball. It uses stiff ink and is used for writing.


A pencil is a thin and long piece of wood that covers lead or graphite. It is used for writing and drawing and is extremely popular and widespread.

For regular writing, the use of graphite or lead pencils is generally preferred. The pencils made of charcoal are preferred for drawing and sketching.

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Pencil sharpener

A pencil sharpener is a helpful tool that is used for sharpening the writing tip of pencils. It is available in multiple shapes, sizes, and colors.


It is generally used to remove any errors made by a pencil from a sheet of paper. They have a smooth, soft surface and are made of synthetic soy-based gum, synthetic rubber, plastic, or other gum-based materials.


It is a piece of plastic film, paper, metal, cloth, or other materials fastened to a particular material, container, or suitable. Information regarding the material or container is written or printed on it.

Labels have various uses and are used by offices, schools, government, manufacturers, etc.

Tape dispenser

A tape dispenser is a device that contains a tape roll and allows the user to tear the tape from one end and use it. It is of different types and is mainly based on the kind of tape.


A marker is an ink pen whose tip is usually made of felt. It consists of an absorbent material that serves as the ink carrier.

They can be waterproof or permanent.


A highlighter is a type of marker pen that is used for highlighting texts. The ink of a highlight pen is bright and translucent, and it is available in different color.

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