Phrases for Going To Bed | Alternative Ways to Say “I’m Going to Bed” in English

Phrases for Going To Bed: If you want to enhance your fluency in English, expanding your vocabulary and learning alternative ways to say the same thing is essential. This will help you comprehend more native speakers who utilise idioms and English phrases, as well as make you seem more natural.

Because these are some of the most prevalent idioms connected to sleep, you’ve probably previously heard expressions like “to hit the hay” or “to hit the sack” when someone wants to say, “I am going to sleep now”.

This article will go through new English sleep phrases, which are often funny ways to say you’re going to sleep. You will be amazed to know that I’ll sleep ahead meaning is nothing but “I’m going to bed”. Hence, we have penned down this article containing more than 70 phrases, statements, and expressions that you can use in your regular conversations.

Going To Bed

Alternative Ways to Say “I’m going to bed” in English

  1. About to retire
  2. Bag down
  3. Bag the z’s
  4. Beat
  5. Bed
  6. Bedtime
  7. Blackout
  8. Blow some z’s
  9. Bunk for the night
  10. Call it quits
  11. Cash in
  12. Cash in my chips
  13. Catch me a nod
  14. Catch some shut-eye
  15. Catch some z’s
  16. Catch up on my beauty sleep
  17. Catch up on some sleep
  18. Cop a few z’s
  19. Cop some z’s
  20. Cork off
  21. Count sheep
  22. Crash
  23. Crawl in the straw
  24. Crawl into the sack
  25. Dreamland
  26. Drop-in on the hay
  27. Fab down
  28. Fall into bed
  29. Falling in
  30. Feed my nightmares
  31. Flatten the mattress
  32. Fly up
  33. Fly up for the night
  34. Get forty winks
  35. Get in the feathers
  36. Get in the hay
  37. Get in the sack
  38. Get my beauty sleep
  39. Get some shut
  40. Get some sleep-eye

Phrases for Going To Bed 1

  1. Going to the feather ball
  2. Going to the rack
  3. Going to the roost
  4. Get to sleep
  5. Going to turn in for the night
  6. Going up the golden stairs
  7. Going up the wooden hill
  8. Hit the hay sack
  9. Hit the shucks
  10. I can hardly keep my eyes open.
  11. I need to get forty winks.
  12. I think I’ll retire for the night.
  13. I think I’ll say good night now.
  14. I think I’ll turn in.
  15. I’m going to bed.
  16. I’m going to catch some Z’s.
  17. I’m going to crash.
  18. I’m going to get some Z’s.
  19. I’m going to hit the hay.
  20. I’m going to hit the sack.
  21. I’m going to take a nap.
  22. I’m going to turn in. I’m off to bed.
  23. It’s bedtime.
  24. It’s past my bedtime.
  25. Rack down
  26. Rip and tear
  27. Shut-eye
  28. Stretch out
  29. Take a snooze
  30. To call it a day
  31. To turn in
  32. Turning in

Conversations Using Alternative Ways of Saying “I’m going to bed”

  1. A: It’s 11 p.m. already. I’m going to catch some Z’s

B: I’m going to turn in as well; it’s too late now.

  1. A: It’s quite late now, and you have an early flight to catch tomorrow.

B: You are right. I think I’ll retire for the night.

  1. A: Why don’t you try counting sheep?

B: I’ve tried that before, but it really doesn’t work unless it’s past my bedtime.

  1. A: Keeping that aside, you still need to catch some Z’s.

B: I promise I’ll cork off soon.

  1. A: I had a long day; I’m going to turn in now.

B: I’m going to bed too. I can hardly keep my eyes open.

  1. A: If I let you drink coffee now, then you’re just going to be up all night.

B: I promise I’ll hit the shucks soon.

  1. A: I’m going to get forty winks.

B: See you in the morning.

  1. A: Shouldn’t you already fall into bed?

B: I can’t sleep. I’m still feeling hungry.

  1. A: You need to get some rest, or else you cannot get up early in the morning.

B: Yes, I need to catch up on my beauty sleep.

  1. A: Just close your eyes and try to blackout.

B: That really is not of any use for me.

  1. A: How about I tire myself out and then fall asleep when I’m tired?

B: It doesn’t matter; you need to call it quits now.

  1. A: Then you’re not going to cop some z’s.

B: Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I bag down in a little while.

  1. A: I want you to get in the sack right now, so sweet dreams.

B: Fine. You, too, get to sleep.

  1. A: I am not sleepy.

B: Isn’t it past your bedtime already?

  1. A: It’s 2 a.m. already, and you have to wake up early tomorrow.

B: I think we both should get in the hay now.

  1. A: Try listening to some soft music to fall into bed.

B: I am too exhausted today; I don’t think I would need that to crash.

  1. A: What if I stay up and do something until I get tired?

B: I really don’t care. I am just going to turn in for the night.

The Takeaway from the Article

It can get monotonous repeating the same sentence over and again in English when you want to say, “I’m going to bed” However, by using one of the several variants for this sentence, this issue may be avoided. This will not only help you become more fluent and natural sounding in English, but it will also help you expand your vocabulary. Hence, the phrases discussed in this article will help you make your English more fluent and your conversations interesting!

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