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A social issue is an event or any custom that is related to the daily lives of people. Numerous traditions are being followed in many religions and societies which are considered to be right among them but on the contrary be unacceptable to the other ones. Social issues are entirely different from economical matters.

However, certain issues include both of them, such as employment, and education. Other could be anything like terrorism or war. A social issue involves a chain of problems that persist for a longer period and can have a deep impact on a particular individual or a group of people too.

About Social Issues

The social issues are the subjects that have a deep connection with the mindset and the customs of society. When it comes to religion, belief, and customs, all of these become a very obvious result in the public domain. But social issues are not just limited to the life of people but also the world level matters. Climatic disturbances, terrorism, immigration, and women empowerment are some of the most talked-about global topics that also contribute to social issues.

Social issues are important to study because they help us to dig out deep about any certain belief and find out the approaches to find the solution (if the problem exists). A social issue can affect the people in society. This is because some factors work beyond the working dimensions and control of people. That is why some of the social issues raise conflicts and tensions among two different communities. The base of the conflicts becomes the belief, the belief of right or wrong. Social issues are quite different from global issues.

There are numeral ways that people try to come up with these social issues. The primary reason that rises to any kind of social issue is inequality. When inequality occurs somewhere in the workplace, rituals, culture, etc., social problems arise and cause clashes among people. To sum up the idea in short, a social issue can turn out to become a drastic change-maker in society just by following it blindly.

Downsides of Social Issues

Social issues create a lot of and deep impact on the ‘society’ itself. It has serious aftermaths and these issues are endless. One issue ends, and another issue is standing just after it. So this is for sure that all the social problems in the society are interconnected and have one common source. No society is perfect or flaw-free. Every individual in every society has one or the other type of issue. Since social issues create an enormous impact on society, they should be dealt with carefully and wisely. Most social issues can be handled with a single common technique.

India, being such a vast and diversified country sees so many social clashes every single day. They could be based on race caste gender general inequalities, or problems like wars, unemployment, child labor, religious conflicts, or anything else it could be. Let’s take a look at some of the common types of social issues.

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Types of Social Issues in India

India is a rich land of different cultures and working styles and along with that comes so many types of social issues in India. Let’s take a brief look at them.


Living in a vast country with a 150 Billion population, it’s not easy to survive without a stable job. Unemployment is the condition where the person fails to earn necessities. Unemployment is a global phenomenon and the most important reason behind it is probably the lack of skill and quality education followed by the rising population.

Caste system

The practice of the caste system prevails over centuries. The four castes were divided namely the Brahmin, Kshatriya Vaishyas, and Shudras (Harijan). Time has changed, and the standard of living has changed but this sense of difference remains in the mind of people even in the 21st century and there seems no end to it soon. However, the Indian constitution has abolished the caste system, stating that no one in the country is liable to be discriminated against on the grounds of race, gender, rich, poor, culture, etc. We as responsible citizens of India should understand the seriousness of this practice and stand against this type of social issue.


Poverty can be better defined as the lack of money to fulfill the basic needs of life. According to the union budget 2022-23, India faces a 25.1% poverty rate at present. According to Maslow’s theory of needs, food shelter clothing, and reproduction are categorized under physiological needs which are the basic needs of living. When a family fails to achieve this, it is counted under the PL or BPL.

Gender Biases

Women have always been deprived of the facilities and perks as compared to men in all the domains. It can be either at the workplace or at home. Sexual harassment, unequal pay, lack of promotions, and racism, are some most talked about social issues when it comes to workplace biases.

Social Issues

Classification of Social Issues

Above were some of the major social issues that prevail still in India and there seems no end to them soon. But this is not it. There are so many other types of social issues that hold a firm grip in India and are very serious. Let’s take a look at the table below that gives a brief idea of the types of social issues that exist in India.

S.No. Classification Of Social Issues Types/Details
1 Gender-based social issues Child marriage, teenage pregnancy, child labor, sexual abuse, exploitation
2 Poverty based social issues Corruption, crimes, domestic abuse, family problems
3 Caste-based social issues Untouchability, discrimination, politics, social ostracism, economical and social boycotts.
4 Migration-based social issues Discrimination, racism, xenophobia.
5 Health-based social issues Drug addiction, depression, suicides, obesity, social exclusion.
6 Other types of social issues Domestic violence, insensitivity against LGBTQ, human rights violations, communalism, terrorism.

FAQs on Social Issues

1. Why are the social issues raised in society?

Disagreement and clashes of interest, lack of knowledge, and backward thinking are some of the factors that led to the rise of various kinds of social issues.

2. How can one overcome the social issues in everyday life?

Social issues aren’t the impossible issues to deal with. Social issues can be curbed and people can have a quality life by being aware of their surroundings, helping the underprivileged, and creating social media campaigns.

3. What are the main reasons behind the social issues in society?

Lack of awareness, lack of education, inequality, and the unjustified cased system is the main and prime reasons for the social issues.

4. Is there any end to the social problems?

As far as humanity exists, there is no end to social problems. The only thing that can be done is that we at the individual level can restrict ourselves from being involved in any type of social issue.


To sum up a long story short, Social issues are the barrier to the way of the progress of the country. If we want to end these social issues then we are the ones who have to freeze our minds on the fact that we will not follow them. Gandhi said, be the change you want to see the world. Therefore all of us have to come together and fight against these rubbish issues for the greater good. You can even try out our other articles on Logical Fallacies to get grip on the language.

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