Proverbs that start with J, K | Famous Proverbs beginning with the letter ‘J and K’

Important Proverbs which start with the letter ‘J and K’

Jack among the mains.
Normally jack is among of them who plays.

Jack is as good as his master.
He plays for his master.

Jack’s are common to all that will play.
He is a common person so he fields for both teams as well as bat too.

Jack is both sides.
He played for both teams.

Jack of all trades and master of none.
Jack is a person who can do almost everything but he oftenly excels in any of them.

Jack would be a gentleman if he could speak French.
Language never make any great difference so improves nothing towards gentle manner ship.

January freeze the pot by the fire.
When cold at its best.

Joan is as good as my lady in the dark.
Both are dark (black) coloured.

Judge is condemned when the guilty is acquitted.
Normally Judge follows the fact which were shown front of him but people do not follow that so that’s why Judge is condemned when the guilty is acquitted.

Judge not, that yet be not judged.
First judge and than make an opinion.

Justice pleaseth few in their own house.
Nobody satisfies with the justice in his own matter.

Proverbs that start with K

Keep a calm sough.
Keep a quiet tongue.

Keep good men company and you shall be of the number.
When you keep good company you are also one of them.

Keep some till more will come.
One should be waitful to spend, till more will come.

Keep the pot boiling.
Continual efforts are always good.

Keep your eyes wide open before marriage and half shut afterwards.
Alertness is good before marriage but half alertness is good afterwards.

Keep your mouth shut and your eyes open.
See more but speak less.

Keep your shop and your shop will keep you.
If you look after your shop well than your shop will look after you well.

Proverbs that start with J, K 1

Kick an attorney downstairs and he’ll stick to you for life.
He will not leave you for whole life. As a legal person he will be with you through different cases.

Kind hearts are soonest wronged.
Kind hearted person decieves most because more and more people use their kindness.

Kindness cannot be bought for goods.
Kindness is not a marketing good.

Kindness come’s of will.
Kindness is a subject of desire.

Kindness gives birth to kindness.
Kindness breeds kindness.

Kindness like grain, increase by sowing.
Grains increase by sowing so the kindness increase by doing kind things.

Kings and bears oft worry their keepers.
Keepers are worried by their temperament.

Kings are out of play.
In democracy kings are out of play.

Kings have long arms.
Kings are capable enough and stronger too.

Kings have many ears and many eyes.
Kings ears and eyes is their spy network.

Kiss and be friends.
Kisses makes friend.

Kissing goes by favour.
Kissing proves that kisser will support to the person whom he kissed.

Kitchen physic is the best physic.
Proper eating and drinking is the best remedy.

Knavery may serve a turn, but honesty never fails.
Knavery may get success somewhere but honesty never fails.

Knaves and fools divides the world.
Normally world is divided between knaves and fools.

Knaves imagine nothing can be done without knavery.
Every person is good to his strong points and knave also follow this rule because his strong point in his knavery.

Knowledge is silent, ignorance is talkative.
It is satire on those persons who are talkative but their knowledge is not so high.

Knowledge without zeal is light without warmth.
That knowledge is complete knowledge which hath passionate ardour.

Knowledge is no burden.
Knowledge is a thing which hath no weight.

Knowledge is power.
Your knowledge is a strong part of your personality.

Knowledge makes one laugh, but wealth makes one dance.
Knowledge does better but wealth does the best, wealth delights more than to knowledge.

Knowledge without practise makes but half an artist.
Knowledge needs perfection and then it become perfect knowledge.

Knowing things of friends are in common.
Normally those things which are known, common in all friends and their specialities too.

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