Idioms that start with J – K | Important Phrases that starting with letter J and K

Important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘J and K’

Join in

Meaning: Take part in.

Example: There was a group discussion going on, and everyone of us joined in.

Join up

Meaning: Join the army.

Example: All the brave sons of our nation should join up the army.

Jot down

Meaning: Write down a short quick note.

Example: The telephone operator jotted down the telephone numbers.

Jump into

Meaning: Enter into (something) with vigour and curiosity.

Example: When I told her to have a discussion, she jumped into the fray right away.

Jump out of one’s skin

Meaning: Be badly frightened or surprised.

Example: The naughty boy put on the mask of the ghost and made strange noises, that made the little girl jump out of her skin.

Jump to a conclusion

Meaning: Decide too quickly or without finding the facts.

Example: Her mother told her not to jump to a conclusion, but understand the whole thing before taking any decision.

Just about

Meaning: Nearly.

Example: Please don’t pour more tea. This is just about enough.

Just now

Meaning: Only a moment ago.

Example: He saw his friend in the market place just now.

Idioms that start with J-K 2

Idioms that start with K

Keep a level head

Meaning: Remain calm and composed.

Example: The teacher told her to keep a level head amidst all difficulties.

Keep a straight face

Meaning: Hide one’s amusement by not showing expressions on the face.

Example: His strange moustaches were so funny, that nobody could keep a straight face.

Keep abreast of/with

Meaning: Not behind.

Example: We must keep abreast of spiritual affairs of life to attain true peace and happiness.

Keep an eye on

Meaning: Watch carefully.

Example: Keep an eye on the servant. He may not steal away the things.

Keep an open house

Meaning: Welcome visitors or guests all times.

Example: Some rich people keep an open house.

Keep an open mind

Meaning: Be willing to consider new ideas, suggestions, opinions.

Example: We must keep an open mind to suggestions and constructive criticism of wise persons.

Keep at

Meaning: Continue to do.

Example: You are doing your job well. If you keep at your work you shall certainly reach your goal.

Keep away from

Meaning: Avoid coming or going near.

Example: Keep away from firecrackers. They pose a threat to life.

Idioms that start with j-k 1

Keep back

Meaning: Prevent from coming forward.

Example: The security gaurds kept the crowd back.

Keep body and soul together

Meaning: Remain alive.

Example: The poor lot of the world can’t keep their body and soul together, with their meagre salaries.

Keep books

Meaning: Keep records of money gained and spent.

Example: The accountant keeps the books of the office.

Keep calm

Meaning: Remain free from excitement, remain cool and in a balanced state of mind.

Example: We must not lose calm in the face of difficulty.

Keep company (with)

Meaning: Be friendly.

Example: Keep company with intelligent students.

Keep down

Meaning: Control.

Example: She couldn’t keep down her tears after hearing the sad news.

(ii) Rob.
The shrewd man knocked off clothes from the boutique, but was caught later on by the police.

(iii) Murder.
She was knocked off by her greedy husband for dowry.

Knock out

Meaning: (i) Make exhausted.

Example: Don’t knock yourself out with overburden of work. Relax and take rest for a while.

(ii) Hit so hard as to make unconscious.
The ball hit him on the head and knocked him out.

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