Plants and Flowers Idioms | List of Plants and Flowers Idioms With Meaning and Examples

Plants and Flowers Idioms: There are many idioms by the theme that we use on a daily basis. Knowing about idioms about trees and idioms about flowers will add a flowery essence to your lexicon.

And these days, gardening has become a favorite leisure activity of many, and hence learning some garden idioms will give you ease and edge to your hobby. Here we have hand-picked some favorite idioms about plants and flowers, which will help you communicate and enhance your vocabulary.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understanding their actual meaning.

Name of Plants and Flowers Idioms

List of Plants and Flowers Idioms

Plants and Flowers Idioms English

Meaning and Examples of some commonly used Plants and Flowers Idioms

(As) fresh as a daisy

Meaning: High-energy person with a lot of enthusiasm.

Example: He was as fresh as a daisy when he returned home after a long day at work.

(Not) let the grass grow under feet

Meaning: To avoid being lazy or being stationary.

Example: Get to business and don’t let the grass grow under your feet.

(The) Wrong End of the Stick

Meaning: Making a mistake with the information.

Example: We were seriously arguing over it when I realized he had the wrong end of the stick.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Meaning: A person who does not maintain a permanent resident status will not acquire money, reputation, responsibilities, or obligations.

Example: Feel free to stick to one sphere of specialization because a rolling stone gathers no moss, and you will be unlikely to accomplish anything in conclusion.

A tumbleweed moment

Meaning: Silence that was cold and completely unresponsive for a considerable time.

Example: Just after the teacher posed the question in the classroom, there was a tumbleweed moment.

Barking up the wrong tree

Meaning: To make a poor judgment.

Example: We seem to have been barking up the wrong tree; his justification works perfectly fine.

Beat About the Bush (UK); Beat Around the Bush (USA)

Meaning: To discuss a variety of irrelevant topics.

Example: Please don’t beat around the bush and get straight to the basic issue because it’s getting late to make a difference.

Bed of Roses

Meaning: A pleasant or opulent environment.

Example: If you assumed that becoming the club’s President would be a bed of roses, I’m sure you’ve learned that you were completely and utterly mistaken.

Bouquet of orchids

Meaning: Someone who deserves an orchid bouquet has done something noteworthy of appreciation.

Example: We thought he wouldn’t be able to finish his exam this time, but not only did he pass, but he finished with flying colors, worthy of a bouquet of orchids.

Broken reed

Meaning: When someone or something is counted on for assistance or support, it fails miserably.

Example: Saima sought her partner for additional assistance, but he proved to be a broken reed.

Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

Meaning: A person who is unable to recognize a situation for what it is and instead becomes engrossed with the intricacies, losing focus of the larger scheme.

Example: He was overburdened upon becoming the company’s CEO, and he began to lose sight of the forest for the trees, unable to comprehend the basis for the company’s poor growth trajectory.

Clutch at straws

Meaning: Attempt something that would be extremely improbable to succeed because you are frantic or have exhausted all other alternatives.

Example: Because he had already ruined his professional career, this was just a clutch at straws.

Come up roses

Meaning: Develop in a really positive fashion.

Example: I’m delighted that the marriage ceremony came up roses.

Plants and Flowers Idioms 1

Come up smelling of roses.

Meaning: Try to maintain a positive image despite being engaged in controversy or other undesirable scenarios.

Example: He assumed that exposing the fraud would make him come up smelling of roses, but he was ignorant that his name was also on the blacklist.

Cut down the tall poppies.

Meaning: To make fun of individuals who stick out in a gathering.

Example: He has a bad tendency to cut down the tall poppies.

Demon weed

Meaning: Drugs.

Example: He’s slowly being devoured by the demon weed’s detrimental reactions.

Don’t Amount to a Hill of Beans.

Meaning: It’s a minuscule quantity.

Example: That quantity of funds doesn’t amount to a hill of beans.

Draw the shortest straw

Meaning: To be chosen for an unattractive assignment.

Example: Poor workers are always the individuals who are drawn the shortest straw.

Easy as falling off a log

Meaning: To be exceptionally basic, straightforward, or simple.

Example: You may believe that getting the job completed is as easy as falling off a log, but you would be horribly mistaken.

Flowery speech

Meaning: A plethora of verbiage.

Example: He imagined that his flowery speech would have been enough to persuade the crowd of students.

Garden variety

Meaning: Prevalent or commonplace.

Example: This isn’t your garden variety cuisine; it’s authentic Italian cuisine.

Plants and Flowers Idioms 2

Gild the lily

Meaning: Make an effort to better what is already attractive or truly wonderful.

Example: His endeavor to gild the lily backfired, and the painting was damaged.

Go Out on a Limb

Meaning: To perform or assert something that is unsubstantiated by data.

Example: He was merely going out on a limb when he was brought to the courtroom and questioned for his testimony.

Go to seed

Meaning: Deteriorate, largely as a consequence of negligence.

Example: His business is going to seed one day at a time.

Grasp at straws

Meaning: Making a futile attempt to safeguard oneself.

Example: The decision to withdraw the fixed deposits was a method for her to grab at straws.

Grasp the nettle

Meaning: Take up a challenge head-on.

Example: It was only because of Mina’s sharp wit that we were fortunate to grab the nettle.


Meaning: Most basic fundamental stage.

Example: From the grassroots level, one should strive to become an expert in their domain.

Green fingers

Meaning: Natural talent of Plant-growing capacity.

Example: I’m not sure why he wants to discontinue gardening; he has green fingers.

Hit the hay

Meaning: Go to sleep.

Example: She hit the hay as soon as she got home after a grueling and stressful day.

In Clover

Meaning: In comfort and elegance.

Example: When you have your parents’ backing, life is forever in clover.

In the tall cotton

Meaning: During a moment of exceptional success or enjoyment.

Example: After she earned the job, they were all in the tall cotton.

It’s a jungle out there.

Meaning: The situation is perilous and menacing.

Example: Before I left for my job overseas, my father kept on telling me that it was a jungle out there.

Just as the twig is bent, the tree is inclined the same way.

Meaning: Early exposures have a long-lasting impact.

Example: Her parents should have rectified her behavior at a young age because the tree is inclined in the same way as the twig is bent. She has now become rude and obnoxious, and disrespectful to her elders.

Kick something into the long grass

Meaning: Terminate or put an end to a difficulty.

Example: I’ve decided that enough is enough and that I’m going to kick this nonsense into the long grass.

Knock on Wood; Touch Wood

Meaning: When we are bragging about something or believe we have tempted destiny, we often use the expression spontaneously.

Example: Touch Wood! Let’s hope what we just said comes to fruition.

Last straw

Meaning: The newest in a long line of challenges that make a predicament unacceptably hard to cope with.

Example: The bank’s refusal to approve their loan was the last straw.

Late bloomer

Meaning: A person whose skills or talents are not glaringly obvious to others until afterward than typical.

Example: Despite the fact that Sam was a late bloomer when it came to percussion, his band is now one of the most famous in the city.

Lead up the garden path

Meaning: Give someone deceptive signs or cues.

Example: We were blissfully unaware that she was bringing us up the garden path.

Leave the field open.

Meaning: Stop contending with someone and allow them to flourish instead.

Example: Vishali made the wrong decision by leaving the field open for Ram.

Like a bump on a log

Meaning: Expressionless, sluggish, and deafeningly still.

Example: He must be emotionally upset because he never sits like a bump on a log at any event.

Little strokes fell great oaks.

Meaning: Even if things appear overwhelming, breaking it down into manageable chunks and completing one step at a time will set you up for success.

Example: Radhika was bewildered by her massive debt, but we reassured her that great oaks were felled by little strokes.

Lose your gourd

Meaning: They’ve lost their minds or have gone completely insane.

Example: When Rahul believed that investing all of his resources in the stock market would make him wealthy overnight, he must have lost his gourd.

Make hay while the sun shines.

Meaning: Take advantage of a good opportunity while it lasts.

Example: Rather than waiting for more clients, I would recommend selling the house now while there are still some bids available because it is always the best to make hay while the sun shines.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

Meaning: Something tiny or basic in size might grow to be quite large and stunningly beautiful.

Example: Don’t discourage her from exploring her artistic side; you never know, mighty oaks can grow from little acorns.

Mother Nature

Meaning: Nature is depicted as a creative and guiding element that has an imprint on the planet and on humanity today.

Example: She was raised in the countryside, encircled by mother nature.

Muck or nettles

Meaning: It’s either all or zero.

Example: Anything he does, muck or nettles, he is always appreciated by the boss at work.

Needle in a haystack

Meaning: Something that is difficult or exceptionally complicated to locate, primarily if the search zone is too extensive.

Example: It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack while searching for an error in this enormous compiled program code.

Never a rose without the prick.

Meaning: There are always downsides to a positive thing.

Example: You can’t expect everything to go smoothly when you move out; you never get a rose without the prick.

Nip it in the bud

Meaning: Stop something in its tracks or double-check something.

Example: They nipped the organization in the bud by postponing the online auction.

No bed of roses

Meaning: It is not all joyful, and there are a few potential downsides as well.

Example: You can’t just believe that getting into an IVY League university is a bed of roses.

No Tree Grows to the Sky

Meaning: Growth cannot go unrestrained permanently.

Example: Stop betting everything on the stock market solely on today’s success; no tree grows to the sky.

Old chestnut

Meaning: A tired cliche, narrative, or saying.

Example: I’m sick of your old chestnut; if you have something interesting to say, feel free to say so or leave.

Olive branch

Meaning: An offer to try to reconcile.

Example: Despite our offering of an olive branch, they refused to acknowledge it.

Oops a daisy

Meaning: Said when a little child falls down.

Example: Oops, a daisy, oh my! Jack, don’t cry.

Out of One’s Gourd

Meaning: Either extremely intoxicated or utterly insane.

Example: I’m not sure why he is always out of his gourd in front of his family and creates a ruckus every time they meet up.

Out of the woods

Meaning: Out of harm’s way or a challenging situation.

Example: I can’t express how incredibly grateful I am to my friends for supporting me emotionally and financially and bringing me out of the woods.

Primrose path

Meaning: The pursuit of joy, particularly when it threatens to have adverse effects.

Example: How ignorant to their surroundings can somebody be before walking the primrose path?

Pushing Up Daisies

Meaning: To have died.

Example: It was too early for her to be pushing up daisies at her age.

Put Down Roots

Meaning: Establish yourself in a new destination.

Example: In Kolkata, we’re looking for a location to put down roots.

Put someone out to pasture.

Meaning: Forced into retirement.

Example: His colleagues pretty much put him to pasture.

Root and branch

Meaning: Meant to describe how comprehensive or revolutionary a technique or procedure is.

Example: We were looking forward to next week’s existing plans’ root and branch modification.

Rough end of the stick

Meaning: In a deal, scenario, or relationship, to be unfairly targeted or to come across as being weaker than the opposing person.

Example: They were dissatisfied that they were receiving the rough end of the stick, and they believed that they deserved so much better.

Shake like a leaf

Meaning: Quivering out of fear.

Example: When the exam results were released, the students were trembling like leaves.

Shrinking violet

Meaning: A person who is unrealistic shy, and nervous.

Example: She was a completely different character when she went on the podium to speak, ignoring the fact that we assumed she was a shrinking violet.

Small dog, tall weeds

Meaning: Someone who completely lacks the skills or resources to accomplish a project or job.

Example: Despite his boasting about how qualified he is for the task, he is a small dog, tall weeds.

Sow seeds of suspicion

Meaning: To act in a way that guarantees a particular conclusion in the future, particularly one that is unfortunate or catastrophic.

Example: We are fairly convinced that he was the one who sowed the seeds of suspicion in our organization.

Sow wild oats

Meaning: To act in a defiant or irresponsible manner.

Example: I wasn’t shocked when he went very much against the program; this is the age to sow wild oats.


Meaning: A person who is boring, uninterested in trying something different, and who is reluctant to change.

Example: Why are you behaving like such a stick-in-the-mind? It’s past time for us to go online with our business.

The cream of the crop

Meaning: The pinnacle of a broader range of people.

Example: The movie was well-received by the cream of the crop audience, but it was not quite loved by the wider populace.

Thorn in your side

Meaning: They irritate you or cause you difficulties on a constant schedule.

Example: Raima is proving to be a thorn in our side whenever we want to acquire property.

Through the Grapevine

Meaning: Hear something through the back door.

Example: They were filing for divorce, I learned through the grapevine.

Too Many To Shake A Stick At

Meaning: Quite a few.

Example: I had no inkling that delaying in buying the land would leave me with too many opponents to shake a stick at.

Turn over a new leaf.

Meaning: Begin to act or live in a somewhat more serious or better style.

Example: I am delighted that he has turned a new leaf after such a long time period.

Up a gum tree

Meaning: In a really terrible predicament from which there is no alternative out.

Example: With his gambling tendencies, he climbed a gum tree.

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