My Sister’s Shoes Summary

In “My Sister’s Shoes Summary,” we delve into a heartfelt story that explores the unique bond between two sisters. This captivating tale takes us on a journey through their shared experiences, challenges, and triumphs, all through the lens of their beloved footwear. As we uncover the significance of their shoes, we discover the underlying themes of sisterhood, identity, and resilience. Read More Class 10 English Summaries.

My Sister’s Shoes Summary

My Sister’s Shoes Summary in English

Page – 56
→ Scene 1

Cobbler’s shop
Close up of a cobbler stitching a girl’s shoe. Only the pink shoe and the cobbler’s hands are in the frame. The camera moves back to middle distance to show Ali. He is sitting on a low chair next to the cobbler and watching him work. The cobbler finishes the stitching of the shoe, picks up the other one of the pair and gives them to Ali.

Cobbler : That’ll be 30 Toumans.
Ali : Thank you (give some money to the cobbler)
Cobbler : Here is your change (picks up coins from the money box to give Ali).

Page – 57
Seen from across the street. The cobbler’s shop can be seen. To the right of the shop is a door with a curtain. It looks the door opens into a row house. Ali is leaving the shop.

Ali’s voice: Thank you.
Cobbler’s voice : You are welcome. Goodbye.

A man with a parcel under his arm comes to the curtained door. He lifts the curtain and goes in. Ali comes out of the shop. He puts the shoes into a small black bag in his hands. He walks down the street and moves out of the frame on the left.

My Sister’s Shoes Summary 1

→ Scene 2

Inside the bakery. Shots of bread being baked. Close up of a hand putting into the stove kneaded flour spread on a baking board and taking out the baked nan. The camera pans slightly to the right to show Ali picking up the nan dropped by the cook and stacking them on a cloth spread on a wooden plank. The camera moves back to show Ali and three cooks sitting around the stove. They are kneading and putting it inside the stove. Ali finishes stacking the man and ties up the cloth into a bundle.

Page – 58
→ Scene 3

The footpath outside the bakery
A small group of men are waiting in a queue outside the bakery to buy nan. The outline of buildings in the street is seen in the distance. Ali comes from the bakery to the footpath. The parcel of nan is in his right hand and the parcel of shoes is in his left. He crosses the pavement and walks into a vegetable store. He keeps the bundle of nan on a pile of boxes of vegetables stacked in front of the shop. He places the bag of shoes in the small gap between two boxes.

On the sound track a hawker’s voice is heard : “Salt, salt for trade.” The shopkeeper is behind the counter.
Ali (to the shopkeeper) : Assalamu Alaikum, Aqbar Aqa, I need some potatoes.
Akbar, the shopkeeper, gives Ali a small black bag to put potatoes in. Ali starts picking the large, good potatoes in a box at the top of the heap.
Akbar : Not those, kid. Pick some down there.
Ali moves to his right, squats down, and fills the bag with smaller potatoes from a box on the floor. Close up of Ali picking the potatoes.

Cut to view of the shop from the pavement

A man pushing a handcart filled with junk enters the frame from the right and stops in front of the shop.
The junk collector (loudly), to the shop keeper : Assalamu Alaikum. With your permission.
The junk collector picks up the bundles of used polythene bags lying scattered on the floor near the boxes of vegetables and throws them into the cart. He sees Ali’s parcel of shoes. Thinking it is junk, he picks it up and puffin the cart.

The junk collector: Goodbye.
Akbar: Goodbye.
The junk collector leaves.

Cut to view from inside the shop

Page – 59
Akbar is on the left ledge of the frame counting money.
Cut to Ali filling his bag with potatoes.
Ali finishes filling the bag and hands it to Akbar for weighing. Akbar holds the bag in his hand to feel the weight for a moment and hands it back to Ali.
Akbar : Sixty five Toumans.
Ali : Mom said to put it on our tab.
Akbar : Tell her your account has reached its limit. She should pay at least part of it.
Ali : Alright.

Ali goes to the pile of boxes and picks up the bundle of nan. He then looks for the bag of shoes. Unable to find it, he places the bag of nan on top of the vegetable boxes and searches for the shoes underneath. He puts his hand and his head in the gap between the boxes of vegetables. It upsets them. The boxes fall and the vegetables scatter on the ground. Hearing the sound, Akbar comes. He sees the vegetables spread on the ground.

My Sister’s Shoes Summary 2

Akbar : (annoyed) What the hell are you doing?
Why did you spill these? Are you crazy?
Ali : (looking at him with guilt) My sister’s shows have disappeared.

Page – 60
Akbar : Get lost. Beat it.
Ali : I left my sister’s shows here.
Akbar : I said get lost! (bangs his fist on the pile of boxes.)
Ali runs away, scared.

Scene 4
Ali’s house
Middle distance shot of Ali and his sister Zahra reading their textbooks kneeling on the mattress. A baby’s cry is heard faintly on the soundtrack. The camera closes in on Zahra. She is writing in a notebook mumbling the words as she writes.

My Sister’s Shoes Summary 3

Ali: How am I going to school without shoes?
The camera moves back to middle distance. Now both Zahra and Ali are in the frame. Their parents are talking at the other end of the room and their talk can be heard on the soundtrack. We hear the banging of hammer in between.
Mother (off screed) : Go to your company store, tomorrow. We don’t have any formula left.

Zahra passes her notebook to Ali.
Father (offscreen): Don’t worry. Rahim Aqa’s wife had a slipped disc. Surgery made it worse.
Alternate close ups of Ali and Zahra listening to their parents’ talk and looking at each other.

Page – 61

Cut to

Middle distance shot of Mother lying on a bed, towards the left of the frame, leaning back against two propped up pillows. Father is sitting on a chair near the wall, chopping wooden flints with a hammer on a block. Behind him there are two ledges on which there are some vessels and clothes.

Father: You should learn to live with it.
Close up of Ali reading from the book Zahra has passed on to him.
Mother (off-screen): What do you want me to do? Do nothing all day?
Ali starts writing in the note book.
Father (off-screen): Well, the doctor has forbidden work.
Ali writes ‘you can go to school with slippers’ (mumbling the words as he writes) and passes the notebook to Zahra. Close up of the notebook.
My Sister’s Shoes Summary 8

Mother (off-screen) : Kokab Khanom’s sister had surgery, and she is fine.
Cut to close up Zahra taking the notebook and reading what Ali wrote on it.
Father (off-screen): Don’t everthink of surgery.
Alternate dose ups of Zahra and Ali looking at each other.
Cut to close up of Zahra writing in the notebook.

Page – 62
Zahra (mumbling as she writes): Ali, you have some nerve. You lost my shoes. I’ll tell dad.
Quick close up of Ali looking at Zahra. She passes the notebook to Ali. Close up of the notebook.
Two close-ups of Father working on the other end of the room looking at the camera. There are close-ups of Ali and Zahra and a middle-range shot showing them.
Ali writes in the notebook and passes it to Zahra.
Zahra writes ‘Then what shall Ido?’ in the notebook and passes it to Ali. Ali writes ‘you can wear my sneakers’ and passes the notebook back.
Zahra writes ‘I’ll wear them when you are back from school’.
During the passing of the notebook back and forth only the notebook is in close up and hands are visible in the frame.
Close up of Zahra’s writing. The stub of her pencil breaks. Ali puts his pencil on the notebook for her to write. Zahra does not take the pencil. Close up of pencil lying on the notebook.

My Sister’s Shoes Summary 5

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