The Best Investment I Ever Made Summary

“The Best Investment I Ever Made Summary” is an insightful blog post that delves into the personal experiences and lessons learned from making a significant investment. In this article, we explore the author’s journey of identifying and choosing the best investment opportunity, the factors that contributed to its success, and the valuable outcomes that resulted from this decision. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, this summary offers valuable insights and inspiration for making informed investment choices. Read More Class 10 English Summaries.

The Best Investment I Ever Made Summary

The Best Investment I Ever Made in English

Page – 77
1. I was travelling in a ship from New York. On the second day, as I was walking around on the deck, I noticed that a passenger was observing me. I did not want to answer questions from strangers and so I pretended I did not notice him.

2. But the man continued to observe me. I felt he was not confident enough to come to me and ask for clarification. He was in his early 40s. He was fair in complexion and short. He had clear blue eyes. He had thin hair and a large forehead. He wore a dark suit, sober tie and rimless spectacles. All these gave him a look of seriousness and reservation. It was time for dinner and I went below.

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3. On the following afternoon also I noticed that he was observing me from his deck chair. His wife was with him. I was puzzled. I discovered from the steward that they were Mr and Mrs John S. from near London. After another day, I felt that John was too shy to come to me. On the final evening at sea, Mrs. John S. persuaded her husband to come and talk to me as I passed along the deck.

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4. He came to introduce himself and gave me his visiting card. The name did not mean anything to me. Then with great difficulty, he told me he and his wife would like to talk to me.

5. I went and sat near them. He told me that this was their first visit to America. It was not an entirely holiday trip. They had been making a tour of the New England states, inspecting many of the summer recreational camps for young people there. They also visited settlement houses in New York and other cities. They wanted to study the methods used in dealing with backward, maladjusted and delinquent youth.

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6. There was much enthusiasm in his voice and manner. I liked him. I found out that he and his wife had been active in youth welfare for the last 15 years. He was a lawyer by profession. In addition to his work in the court, he was the director of a charitable organization devoted to the welfare of boys and girls. These boys and girls were mostly law-breakers from city sums.

7. I learned about their work. They took derelict adolescents from the juvenile courts and placed them in a healthy environment. They healed them in mind and body and sent them back into the world. They were given training in some handi craft so that they could live as worthy citizens. I wanted to know why he did such a work.

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8. The question had a strange effect on him. He took a deep breath and asked me if I still did not remember him. I said no.

9. He said that he had wanted to get in touch with me for many years. But he was not able to do so. Then he whispered to me something that took me back to the incident that happened 25 years ago. I had then met him, just once.

10. I was a young doctor then. I had begun my practice in a working-class district of London. On a foggy night, around 1 o’clock, somebody banged at my door. I went down to see who it was. It was a police sergeant. He told me there was a suicide case and I should go with him at once.

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11. We walked in silence. Even our footsteps were muffled by the fog. We entered an old building. As I climbed the steps, there was the smell of gas. The landlady showed me the body of a young man. It was on a narrow bed in the attic.

12. The young man was not dead, although the chance of his recovery was minimal. We tried to revive him, for almost one hour. We were about to give up, when the patient started breathing. We tried again and in half an hour the youth was sitting up, looking at us in a surprised manner. He soon realized the horror of the situation.

13. As he regained his strength, he told us his story. His parents were dead. His uncle helped him to get the job of a clerk in a London lawyer’s office. As he had no friends, he had fallen into bad company. He started enjoying the pleasures of life beyond his means. He started betting on horses. Soon he lost all his savings and he incurred a lot of debt. In an effort to get money, he stole money from his office safe to make a final bet. But again he lost. He was desperate and returned to the room. He wanted to die. He turned on the gas.

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14. The policeman wanted to know how much he had stolen. He had stolen only seven pounds and ten shillings. For this small amount he was throwing his life away.

15. The landlady, the policeman and I were the only witnesses to this confession. Together, we decided to give the young man a fresh start.

16. The policeman agreed not to report the case so that there would be no trial. The landlady offered a month’s free board to the youth. I gave him the 7 pounds and 10 shillings to put back into the safe.

17. The ship moved. There was no need for any speech. With a tender gesture, Mrs. John took her husband’s hand. We sat in silence. I realized that it was the best investment I had ever made in my life. It had paid me no dividends in worldly goods. I had made many investments for material gain, but I had lost. The losses brought me only anxiety, disappointment and frustration.

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