Music Idioms | List of Music Idioms With Meaning and Examples

Music Idioms: We all know about idioms. Idioms are phrases and sentences which mean something which is different from what they actually mean. Idioms are very famous figures of speech and are used extensively by people all over the world.

We also have music phrases transformed into idioms. To enjoy the music idiom, let us look into the list of idioms on music with meaning, put together exclusively for your convenience.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understanding their actual meaning.

Name of Music Idioms

List of Music idioms

Meaning and Examples of some commonly used Music idioms

Hit the ring note

Meaning: To try to give indication of something which is wrong, or something wrong is going to take place.

Example: Jake did try his best to hit the ring note, but we all missed it, and before we could run away, the police was here.

Blow your own trumpet

Meaning: To blow your own trumpet, means when someone is boosting abou their own achievements and abilities.

Example: It’s alright to blow your own trumpet but exaggerating it isn’t right at all.

It takes two to tango

Meaning: This phrase signifies that when something wrong takes place, it’s never about one of them, both parties involved are to blame, none of them are innocent.

Example: I understand that all of you have seen him committing the crime but it takes two to tango, so we are still making our final decision.

Fit as a fiddle

Meaning: This phrase is utilized to say that someone is extremely healthy and fit and fine.

Example: Even though he is almost 70, he is still fit as a fiddle.

With bells on

Meaning: This phrase is utilized to say that, when someone attends something with a happy or pleasant mood

Example: We went to the orphanage with bells on, because we were celebrating the 5th anniversary.

Like a broken record

Meaning: This phrase is used, when someone keeps in saying the same story over and over again

Example: It’s the third day and she is going on talking about her boyfriend like a broken record.

And all that jazz

Meaning: This phrase is used to say that all the related or all the things that are for in, are all together.

Example: They made sure all the trending clothes and all that jazz were in his wardrobe


Music to my ears

Meaning: This phrase is used to explain the moment when someone gets to hear exactly what they were waiting for.

Example: Like the music to my ears, they announced the winners

You can’t unring a bell

Meaning: This phrase is used to say that, once something which cannot be reversed is done, then it’s done and one has to stay with the consequences

Example: You’ve already submitted your answer sheets, you can’t unring a bell.

March to the beat of your own drum

Meaning: This phrase is used to indicate that someone, likes to do their own things, the way they want it too, without thinking about other’s decision or opinions

Example: You can’t stop him from complaining to the principal, he marches to the beat of his own drum.

Swan song

Meaning: Swan song is an expression which is mainly used to express the final end of something or someone. It can also be used to describe the situation before someone dies.

Example: Last day, we sang our swan song for our boss.

Strike the chord

Meaning: It is used when someone finds something relatable.

Example: The poster big the milkman, helped the victim to strike the chord and the police were able to catch the culprit.

Change your tune

Meaning: This is used, when someone changes their tune suddenly

Example: You had been supports them all this while, how come you changed your tune and started supporting us?

Face the music

Meaning: To face the music, means to face something negative or to accept the negative things or consequences.

Example: We had no other option than to face the music since we had already walked that path.

See you on the big drum

Meaning: See you on the big drum is a common good night phrase. Used especially for children.

Example: Its almost 3 am and you should sleep, see you on the big drum.

As clean as a whistle

Meaning: To be as clean as a whistle, means to to extremely clean

Example: The police found him on the murder spot but his records are as clean as a whistle.

Chime in

Meaning: When someone joins the conversation for a short period of time, especially to agree on something.

Example: When we were making the final plans, everyone chimed in together, and that made the conversation a bit difficult.

Tickle the ivory

Meaning: Tickle the ivory is a fun way to ask to play the ivory.

Example: The king was tired so he asked us to tickle the ivory before he gets angry.


Meaning: It refers to the situation where a lot of different varieties of music are mixed to make the final piece.

Example: At my birthday party I planned for a jamming session, but I got sick.


Fine tuning

Meaning: Fine tuning refers to the adding of the small and minute details to something, to make it look much better.

Example: I completed the drawing an hour ago, bit it took me another hour for fine tuning.

Whistling Dixie

Meaning: This phrase is mainly used in the US, and is used to describe when someone usually speaks of things in a more positive way than they usually are.

Example: Believe it or not, being a whistling dixie is extremely courageous.

Elevator music

Meaning: Elevator music is referred to pre-recorded music, which is pleasant but is very boring.

Example: Honestly even though I like her music, this time it sounded like Elevator music

Wet your whistle

Meaning: This phrase refers to drinking something which is alcoholic

Example: I went to the bar to not only wet my whistle but also to enjoy the music.

March to the same tune

Meaning: This phrase can be used both in the positive and negative way. It means that when everyone is following the same path, or agreeing to the same things.

Example: I would say that, I feel the reason behind us not being successful is the we don’t March on the same path.

Whistling in the dark

Meaning: When someone stays optimistic even though everyone else is negative about a situation or a thing.

Example: Whistling in the dark is quite a hard job and it takes. Lot of courage to do so.

Drum into one’s head

Meaning: When you are trying to make someone understand something by constantly repeating it

Example: It was pretty difficult to drum maths into his head.

Clear as a bell

Meaning: It is referred so say that something is clear to understand.

Example: The new teacher’s explanation was clear as a bell.

Play by ear

Meaning: To play by ear means to do something without any planning, or early guidance.

Example: I have no idea about the mission, I’ll just play by ear when the time comes.

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