Idioms about Time | List of Time Idioms With Meaning and Examples

Idioms about Time: Idioms are small sentences or excerpts from longer ones, which have been taken in order to be used metaphorically, or in simpler words, to denote something other than its literal meaning.

The subject of most idioms has been derived from everyday life, be it some animal around us or a body part or an abstract or untouchable thing.

Hence idioms can be categorized as per its subject. Here in this specific article, we are going to discuss about some idioms, the subject of which is something that waits for no one. Time phrases and idioms are extensively used in our everyday life.

Time is something without which everything will come to a stop; hence it has been considered to have many manifestations. So, time idioms can be categorized based on these different manifestations.

There is time has been considered as a human, there are idioms about time passing, there are idioms for waiting patiently, idioms for good times and bad times, etc.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

A thorough study and understanding of time idioms and phrases give us an idea of cross-cultural similarities and differences in the way the Head has been conceptualized. A list of idioms on time with meanings are given below:

Names of Time Idioms

List of Time Idioms

Meanings and Examples of some commonly used idioms about time

Around the clock

Meaning: Something which is open 24*7

Example: The poor guy is working around the clock to have two square meals a day

Behind the times

Meaning: Someone who is back-dated

Example: She is unable to cope up with this generation as she is much behind the times.

Ahead of time

Meaning: Something happening soon

Example: If you make the arrangements ahead of time, then you’ll be able to focus on the event more

Call it a night / day

Meaning: pausing a work or something else for a while

Example: I’m too tired to take the class, I think I should it a day

A month of Sundays

Meaning: a lengthy period of time

Example: It’s been a month of Sundays since I visited my grandmother’s house

Dwell on the past

Meaning: someone who is living in the past

Example: if you keep on dwelling in your past, you’ll won’t be able to concentrate on your present relationship

Against the clock

Meaning: someone who is in hurry and has much less time to complete it

Example: you will have to work the entire day, against the clock to finish off the task

Call time

Meaning: take a decision to end a work

Example: it is time to call time our relationship

Idioms about Time 1

Better late than never

Meaning: it is at least better to do some work a bit lately than never doing it

Example: I have finally convinced my parents for the marriage, better late than never

Days are numbered

Meaning: someone expected to lose their life soon

Example: her grandmother’s days are numbered, she is in her last stage of breast cancer

Don’t know whether to wind a watch or bark at the moon

Meaning: someone who doesn’t know anything what to be done

Example: I rejected his proposal because I didn’t know whether to wind a watch or bark at the moon

Eleventh hour

Meaning: Something occurring at the last moment

Examples: You always wait for the eleventh hour to finish your work

Carry the day

Meaning: to have a success win quite after a long time

Example: he had spent weeks to complete the project and now he was thrilled to carry the day at the exhibition

Time flies

Meaning: time goes by rapidly

Example: It’s been just a few months we met, and now time has arrived for him to leave, time flies with a blink

Just in time / in the nick of time

Meaning: finishing something before its much late

Example: she just finished her assignment in the nick of time.

On time

Meaning: Arriving at the exact time

Example: She arrived at her sister’s wedding ceremony just on time

Save time

Meaning: doing some tasks rapidly to carry on with other work

Example: take a rickshaw instead of walking, you’ll save time

Out of time

Meaning: expiry of an allotted time

Example: you need to submit your papers now as you are out of time

As time goes by

Meaning: passing away of time

Example: as time is going by, I’ve no more interest in doing my PhD

Idioms about Time 2

Time is money

Meaning: time is very precious

Example: you should get going by now, don’t waste any more time, tine is money as you already know

Make time

Meaning: prioritising something or someone

Example: you are so much busy with your work that you cannot even make time for your family.

Time for a change

Meaning: initiate something new leaving behind the old ones

Example: it is time for a change now if you want some new experience

Come of age

Meaning: something which has matured

Example: your son should become the king now, as he already came of his age

Crack of dawn

Meaning: at the break of dawn

Example: my father wakes up at the crack of dawn and goes for a jogging

Hit the big time

Meaning: to be successful

Example: Shahrukh hit the big time after his first movie

Big time

Meaning: much or a lot of something

Example: I helped him in his project, and he owes me big time for this

Day in the sun

Meaning: to get desired attention or appreciation

Example: the jury’s appreciation during my thesis presentation made it seem like a day in the sun for me

Even a broken or stopped clock is right twice a day

Meaning: when people get the luck they don’t or success they don’t deserve

Example: the teacher appreciated the boy who didn’t do anything for the project, even a broken or stopped clock is right twice a day

Feast today famine tomorrow

Meaning: if you spend everything you have it now and don’t save for future, then you’ll face difficulty

Example: save your money for future otherwise it will be a feast today and famine tomorrow

Five ‘o’ clock shadow

Meaning: the growth of facial hair if a person doesn’t shave for days

Example: you’ll be kicked out of your office with this five ‘o’ clock shadow you are having.

For the time being

Meaning: for any particular time period

Example: you can stay here for the time being, but please find a place to stay.

Full of the joys of spring

Meaning: describing someone who is very cheerful

Example: she is full of the joys and springs; he must have proposed her.

Good time

Meaning: someone who is able to get to their destination before expected time

Example: on the day of presentation, she reached her office in good time.

Have one’s moments

Meaning: someone who shows random burst of positivity

Example: he seems to have his moments; he is cooking dinner for all of us.

Here today, gone tomorrow

Meaning: this means that desirable things doesn’t last long.

Example: don’t think about money all the time it’s here today and gone tomorrow.

Wasting time / a waste of time

Meaning: spending time doing pointless things

Example: telling her not to smoke and drink is a total waste of time

Once in a blue moon

Meaning: rare occurrence

Example: he replies in the WhatsApp group once in a blue moon, only in the time of his need.

Time heals all wounds / time is a great healer

Meaning: Gradually passing away of grief

Example: don’t worry about her, time will heal all her wounds.

Time after time / time and time again

Meaning: something happening on a repeat

Example: time and time again you kept on violating the rules but I haven not taken any action against you.

Only time will tell

Meaning: time will reveal the truth

Example: time will tell whether he will come back or not

A hard time

Meaning: an ongoing difficult phase

Example: I know you are having a hard time dealing with everything on your own.

Stuck in a time warp

Meaning: someone remaining unchanged for a long-time span

Example: this place is so beautiful that I feel like getting stuck the time warp

The ship has sailed

Meaning: someone losing an opportunity

Example: there is no point going there now, the ship has already sailed

Once upon a time

Meaning: indication of occurrence of something long time back

Example: once upon a time we used to be very good friends

Not/never in a million years

Meaning: occurrence of something impossible

Example: never in a million years I would forget the incident

High time

Meaning: some work to be done a long time back

Example: its high time that we have taken a vacation

In the long run

Meaning: something that explains that for quite a long time

Example: let’s see what happens in the long run

From time to time

Meaning: doing something in a regular manner

Example: drink water and vegetables from time to time

From now on

Meaning: someone promising something presently and promising till future

Example: from now on I will take care of his daughter

A question / matter of time

Meaning: something that will occur certainly in future

Example: it was just a matter of time before the actual ceremony

No time to lose

Meaning: a work that is done in a rapid manner

Example: we need to hurry and bring the blood, there is no time to lose.

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