I’m Just Kidding and It’s Funny | Alternative Expressions to ‘Just Kidding’ and ‘It’s Funny’

I’m ‘Just Kidding’ and ‘It’s Funny’: The major difference between human beings and other animals lies in man’s ability to laugh and make laugh. Philosophers and scientists have gone though many researches over the years to come up with funny ways to say kidding, or joy to laugh by evoking humor in many senses, it may be or being sarcastic in English.

The emotions related to laugh and joy are majorly expressed through multiple manners of using language, and it is very interesting those idea8s to put words in the matter of humor and making fun of that.

So, this article would explore, how people make it possible to express two famous phrases alternatively about just kidding phrases in English language-one is ‘Just Kidding’ and another is ‘It’s funny’.

‘Just Kidding’ and ‘It’s Funny’

Alternative expressions to ‘Just Kidding’

  1. Don’t take it seriously- This suggests that what is spoken, is spoken only to make a frivolous mood. So, there was no intension to hurt the addressed person.
  2. I was only jesting- Jesting takes place for absolute amusement. So, if someone take anything very seriously, it can work to overcome his/her rage.
  3. I was only playing around- This suggests amusing people in a very silly and frivolous manner, with which the opposite person may feel a bit disgusted with the annoying guy.
  4. I’m just fooling around- It is fun sometimes to make somebody angry saying something. So, if the speaker wants to make up saying this, he can have a better way out from the situation. After all, some intelligent people also love to behave like fools!
  5. I’m just having a laugh- Every individuals love humorous situations in real life. So, after making fun of matter, one can manage saying this, if the other people cannot permit that.
  6. I’m just messing with you- This comment sounds very playful, as if the leg pulling is intentionally done to a dear friend, like the children love messing during playing together.
  7. I’m just poking fun at you- Here the addressed individual might feel better after the jest. The dear ones always loved to be poked by other dear friends.
  8. I’m just pulling your leg- This a comment of extreme lighter mood. The phrase leg pulling itself sounds funny. And while the practice is very famous among bosom friends, this word itself can create a lighter mood.
  9. I’m only being silly- People enjoy the silliness of dear and near ones during intimate moments. So, this works as a confessing statement to the opposite person, and works a lot for the bonding.
  10. It was only a joke- This statement is much more generalized than the previous ones. It is often said, after any controversial statement also, to solve some sarcastic purposes. Otherwise, it is used in general, both in formal and informal surroundings.
  11. Just joking- It is almost like the previous one. It serves both sarcastic and funny purposes in formal and informal surroundings.
  12. Just teasing you!- It is used during intimate conversations mainly. Teasing is a common practice in human beings, although the scenario is different when the audience is a friend circle.

Friends love to teased b friends, regarding many things from study to love affair, so, the statement makes a great meaning according to the situation.

  1. Just trying to make the Mickey- Here is a reference of a 1928 famous cartoon character Michael Theodore or Mickey mouse, made by Walt Disney Company. It suggests creating an amusing situation to have lot of fun with ridiculous representation of people.

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Alternative expressions to ‘’It’s Funny’’

  1. LOL (laugh-out-loud)- This expression is full of extravaganza to signify the height of laughter and fun.
  2. It’s hilarious- This addresses some situation which evoke laughter and fun to the spectators who enjoy the scene.
  3. It made me laugh- This also addresses a funny situation of conversion which evoke laughter.
  4. It cracks me up- It means the situation make laugh hard, and I am, kind of bursting out with the emotion of joy.
  5. I burst out of laughing- This also suggests the height of a funny situation. The phrase bursting in laughter’ means the extremity of a suddenness of funny moments.
  6. I couldn’t stop laughing- This suggests a continuous action of laughing of having fun, when the outward emotion is uncontrollable.
  7. It was amusing- People love to be amused. So, amusing situations are loved to be described by these words.
  8. It was comical- Here is a reference of a literary genre called comedy, which invokes fun to the audience, in many cases with intellectual attempt. So, this comment is very subjective because people interpret ‘comical’ situations in their own way.
  9. It was humorous- To a certain point, humor is to be enjoyed and understood with intellectual effort. So, this statement suggests such feeling of invoking wit basically.
  10. It was priceless- This statement is rather hyperbolic. The speaker addresses the funny situation to be very valuable.
  11. It was side-splitting- This suggests a situation which is extremely amusing and funny. This expression is pleasurable, when it is used in terms of describing a funny and amusing state of affair.
  12. It cracked me up- It suggests some past situation which made somebody laugh very hard. This statement is another form of emotional extravaganza.
  13. It had me dying of laughter- The statement itself suggests hyperbole and extravaganza. Anyway, one does not actually die from laughter, but the feeling sometimes is breathe taking, so this expression is very unique.

So, this exploration must be an interesting journey for the readers apart from only a reading for enriching vocabulary. Words and phrases make emotions more precise, so the other person can get the other properly.

It necessity increases when the dealing is with such a tender emotion like happiness. And again, when words and humor are put in proper places, they increase human bonding, because happy moments are shared more with care.

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