Idioms that start with P – Q | Important Phrases that starting with letter P and Q

Important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘P and Q’

Pair off

Meaning: Put two by two; many.

Example: The director paired off the hero and heroine in his film.

Palmy days

Meaning: Days of prosperity and happiness.

Example: If you want your palmy days to last long, then you must do right-deeds to please God.


Meaning: Succeed.

Example: The scientists of the world do many experiments to pan out in their efforts for new inventions and discoveries.

Pare down

Meaning: Reduce one’s expenses.

Example: We must pare down our expenses if our income is less.

Parking ticket

Meaning: Warning notice given to a person who parks his car in a wrong way/place.

Example: She got a parking ticket as she parked her car in the no parking zone.


Meaning: For only a part of the working day or week.

Example: If you are not getting a full time job, then take a part-time job somewhere.

Pass along

Meaning: (i) Proceed.

Example: “Please pass along the side of the dining table,” said the host.

(ii) Hand on.
Just write a letter to her and pass it along, please.

Idioms that start with P - Q 1

Pass away

Meaning: Disappear.

Example: All your days of tribulation would pass away, if you are brave enough to cross them.

Pass down

Meaning: Hand in a downward direction.

Example: Please pass down the bottle from the upper drawer of the cupboard.

Pay the piper

Meaning: To pay for some entertainment.

Example: They held a dance party on their marriage anniversary and paid the piper for playing the wonderful music.

Pay through the nose

Meaning: Pay a very high price.

Example: He had to pay through the nose, the price of broken table in the five-star hotel. The table was broken off by his naughty child.

Pick a bone with

Meaning: Enter into a dispute.

Example: Just ignore his nasty comments on you. Why to pick a bone with such kind of people.

Play ducks and drakes with

Meaning: Spend money foolishly.

Example: Don’t play ducks and drakes with your wealth. You shall become bankrupt.

Play fast and loose

Meaning: Behave irresponsibly.

Example: By allowing your child to go to watch a movie daily, you are making him play fast and loose.

Play into the hands of

Meaning: Be controlled by.

Example: Don’t play into the hands of your wife. She will ruin you.

Idioms that start with P - Q 2

Play second fiddle

Meaning: Work in a subordinate position.

Example: At office, he plays second fiddle to his boss, at home, he orders around his wife.

Play the game

Meaning: Deal in a fair and honest manner.

Example: After giving the promise to sanction the loan, you should not back out. You ought to play the game.


Meaning: Directly.

Example: She told him point blank not to follow her.

Pocket an insult

Meaning: Tolerate an insult.

Example: The labourer often has to pocket an insult from his master.

Poke one’s nose into

Meaning: To meddle, to interfere.

Example: “Don’t poke your nose into others affairs, if they don’t want you to do so,” said his mother.

Pot calling the kettle black

Meaning: A person who is himself guilty accusing another of guilty.

Example: Her calling you characterless is a case of pot calling the ketlle black.

Pond of flesh

Meaning: It means a legal but exhorbitant demand.

Example: She does not have any compassion for others, she must have her pound of flesh.

Pour oil on troubled waters

Meaning: Try to bring about a compromise.

Example: She tried to pour oil on troubled water by intervening in the dispute between the two brothers.

Pull along with

Meaning: Act in harmony with.

Example: She tried to pull along with her boss, but could not do so, as boss was too strict for her.

Pull oneself together

Meaning: To collect one’s faculties.

Example: The accident victim pulled himself together, when he gained his consciousness in the hospital.

Put a spoke in somebody’s wheel

Meaning: Hinder somebody’s scheme.

Example: He told his brother, that if he could not help anyone, then he may do so, but it is also wrong to put a spoke in somebody’s wheel.

Put to the proof

Meaning: To test.

Example: God is putting me to the proof whether I can cross the difficulties of life, valiantly or not.

Put up with

Meaning: Tolerate.

Example: She cannot put up with his smoking anymore, thus she is taking a divorce from him.

Penny wise and pound foolish

Meaning: To be very careful while spending small sums of money and to become extravagant where large sums of money are concerned.

Example: My paternal uncle is very miser in spending money on necessities, but extravagant in luxuries. He is penny wise and pound foolish.

Primrose path

Meaning: Comfortable way of life.

Example: We should not follow the primrose path, as it ruins our life in the long run.

Idioms that start with Q

Quick at

Meaning: Lively at, swift at.

Example: Her son was quick at cleaming things. He could understand all religious scriptures at the age of nine.

Quite a number

Meaning: Many, a considerable number.

Example: Quite a number of officers came in the meeting.

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