Idioms that start with N – O | Important Phrases that starting with letter N and O

Important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘N and O’

Neither head nor tail

Meaning: No sense.

Example: She gave a long speech, blit we could make neither head nor tail of her talk.

Next of kin

Meaning: Close relatives like father, mother, brother, etc.

Example: All the next of kin were informed about the train accident.

Never mind

Meaning: Don’t worry.

Example: Never mind, you may come after fifteen minutes for dinner.

Never too late to do

Meaning: There still is time for.

Example: It is never to late to correct your mistakes.

Nibble away

Meaning: Eat with small bites.

Example: The rabbit nibbled away the piece of the bread delightfully.

Nine days wonder

Meaning: Something which causes great excitement for short time and then is heard no more.

Example: Youth is a nine days wonder.

Idioms that start with N - O 1

Nip in the bud

Meaning: Crush (an evil) before it has a chance of maturing.

Example: The child should not be allowed to do wrongs. The parents must nip it in the bud.

No matter

Meaning: Make no difference.

Example: No matter, where you are, I shall always pray for your well being.

No more

Meaning: Neither.

Example: She can’t live alone, and no more can I.

No sooner than

Meaning: As soon as.

Example: No sooner than she reached the airport the plane took off.

Nose into

Meaning: Intrude.

Example: Don’t nose into others affairs, when there is no reason to do so.

Not the ghost of a chance

Meaning: Not the least chance.

Example: There is not the ghost of a chance to win the car, yet you are sending so many SMS through your mobile.

Not to mention

Meaning: In addition to.

Example: She is a good dancer and singer, not to mention her cooking skills.

Idioms that start with O

Occur to

Meaning: Come to one’s mind.

Example: I was pondering on the affairs of the world, all of a sudden it occured to me to pray for the poorest of poor.

Odds and end

Meaning: Miscellaneous articles.

Example: While going for the job he took essential papers and left the odds and ends at home.

Of age

Meaning: Be at the age of maturity.

Example: The parents must get their daughter married when she comes of age.

Of the first water

Meaning: Most excellent.

Example: She is the artist of the first water.

Off and on

Meaning: Now and then occasionally.

Example: They go for an outing off and on.

Off hand

Meaning: At once.

Example: The witty girl gave all answers offhand.

Off one’s head

Meaning: Mad, crazy.

Example: He is so much tortured by his nagging wife that he has got off his head.

Idioms that start with N - O 2

Off one’s mind

Meaning: Removed from one’s thoughts.

Example: Now that she had given some money to her poor friend, its off her mind.

Off the track

Meaning: Away from the proper subject.

Example: Don’t go off the track by discussing things other than your work.

On condition that

Meaning: If provided that.

Example: I shall forgive you on the condition that you don’t repeat your mistake again.

On deposit

Meaning: In trust or safe-keeping as a deposit.

Example: She has a few lakhs of rupees on deposit in the bank, but her greedy husband wants to take that money from her.

On the shelf

Meaning: Removed from duty or service.

Example: Why did you put him on the shelf, when he had done no wrong.

An open heart

Meaning: Frankness.

Example: This person is a jolly good fellow. He has got an open heart.

Open question

Meaning: A debatable matter.

Example: The pathetic condition of the poor farmers is an open question.

Out of the frying pan into the fire

Meaning: From a bad position into a worse one.

Example: What happens if you don’t succeed. You may fall out of the frying pan into the fire.

Over head and ears

Meaning: Completely.

Example: He has lost his sanity by falling over head and ears in love with that shrewd girl.

Our of the wood

Meaning: Free from the danger.

Example: Don’t worry, you shall be out of wood with your willpower and positive attitude.

Out of question

Meaning: Impossible.

Example: It is out of question to talk politely with her, as she has insulted me before public.

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