Idioms that start with H | Important Phrases that starting with letter H

Important idioms and phrases which start with the letter ‘H’

Hair stands on end

Meaning: To become extremely surprised or frightened.

Example: The sudden appearance of lion made her hair stands on end.


Meaning: A rest period in the middle of certain games.

Example: She went to see her husband’s performance in the match and met him at half-time.

Hammer (away) at

Meaning: Work steadily at.

Example: We must hammer away at this project to get best results.

Hammer out

Meaning: Make flat or smooth by hammering.

Example: Please hammer out these marbles.

Hand and glove

Meaning: On very intimate terms.

Example: These days, you can’t be hand and glove with anybody, as nobody knows, who is reliable and who is a cheater.

Hand back

Meaning: Give a back, return.

Example: Please hand back my G.K. book to me.

Hand down

Meaning: Pass down by hand.

Example: Just hand down that ear-rings from the first drawer of the cupboard.

Hand in

Meaning: Submit.

Example: Please hand in the report cards of the children to their class teacher.

Hand in hand

Meaning: Co-operating together.

Example: She went out hand in hand with her husband for shopping.

Hand on

Meaning: Pass by hand.

Example: Please hand on this newspaper to my father.

Idioms that start with H 1

Hand out

Meaning: (i) Give freely.

Example: The doctor handed out medicines and tonics to the poor patients.

(ii) Assist to get by hand.
She handed out the blind man out of the train.

Hand over

Meaning: Give control or possession of.

Example: He handed over the house to his landlord.

Hand (a) round

Meaning: Distribute among a gathering.

Example: She handed around the literature to all the distributors present in the meeting.

Hand to hand

Meaning: With the use of hands.

Example: The terrorists of many countries fought hand to hand to portray their superiority over others.

Hand to mouth

Meaning: Day to day, without any provision for future.

Example: The goverment must take firm measures to improve the condition of poor people who live from hand to mouth.

Hang around

Meaning: (i) Loiter about.

Example: A film producer saw him when he was hanging around the city. He was signed for a new film.

(ii) Spend time or associate with.
He used to hang around in the sports club, when he was in his Teens.

Hang back

Meaning: (i) Hesitate.

Example: Her boss told her to give her suggestions, but she hung back.

(ii) Restore to a hanging position.
He hung her coat back in the wardrobe.

(To) Hang fire

Meaning: To kept hanging.

Example: The minister’s proposal to set up committees to investigate the misappropriation of accounts done by the tainted politicians, kept hanging in fire.

Hang on

Meaning: (i) Keeping hold of.

Example: Just hang on, I shall be coming within a few minutes.

(ii) Depend on.
We hang on our parents in our childhood.

Hang out

Meaning: Spend’s one’s time idly.

Example: He keeps on hanging out with wrong kind of people.

Hang over

Meaning: (i) Float or hover above.

Example: She fell from the parachute and hung over the tree.

(ii) Threaten, he imminent.
The fear of drowning in the sea hung over the sailor.

Hang together

Meaning: (i) Stay united.

Example: All of the three friends used to hang together in their school days.

(ii) Suspend together.
All her dresses hang together in the wardrobe.

(iii) Be logical.
She considers herself very wise but what she says doesn’t 1 hang together.

Idioms that start with H 2

Hang up

Meaning: (i) Put a telephone receiver down.

Example: She didn’t wish to talk to a stranger on the phone thus she hung up.

(ii) Put on a hook or hanger.
The beautiful painting, hung on the wall of her drawing room.

(iii) Set a record.
She hung up a record by singing the longest song of the world.

Hard and fast

Meaning: Rigid.

Example: One should not have hard and fast rules in life.

Hard by

Meaning: Not far away.

Example: May home is hard by my cousin sister’s home.

A hard nut to break

Meaning: The person difficult to deal with.

Example: He told her grandpa to buy a plot when its prices were low, but he didn’t agree. Her grandpa was a hard nut to break.

Hard of hearing

Meaning: Partially deaf.

Example: Her brother was very brilliant but hard of hearing.

(Be) hard (up) on

Meaning: Treat unkindly.

Example: Some employers are hard on their employees.

Hardly/scarcely any

Meaning: Almost none, very few.

Example: Scarcely any of the advocates was available to celebrate the birthday of the bar priesident.

Hardly ever

Meaning: Almost never.

Example: The new MP is hardly ever seen in the parliament.

Have a bearing (up) on

Meaning: Effect, influence, be related to.

Example: She kept on talking, but all that what she said did not have a bearing (up) on the particular topic.

Have a difficult time

Meaning: Experience trouble or misfortune.

Example: People who are boastful and proud suffer a downfall and have a difficult time in their life.

Have a good record

Meaning: Have facts known about the past of somebody or something.

Example: I know her from my childhood days. She had a good record as a teacher.

Have a reputation of

Meaning: Be known for.

Example: She has a reputation of her high character.

Have a way with

Meaning: Be able to (lead or persuade).

Example: The new general manager of the company has a way with all his employees.

Have access to

Meaning: Have right; or means of using.

Example: The poor students can have access to books on different topics kept in the library.

Have all one’s eggs in the same basket

Meaning: To risk everything on the same venture.

Example: Some people take risks by having all their eggs in the same basket.

Have an axe to grind

Meaning: Have a personal or selfish motive in doing something.

Example: All those people who take bribes have an axe to grind.

Have an affect on

Meaning: Affect, influence.

Example: The vulgarity in the films have a bad affect on the mentality of the youngsters.

Have an eye to the main chance

Meaning: To wait for a major opportunity.

Example: Most of us have an eye to the main chance, as we all want to climb the ladders of success.

Have an influence (up) on

Meaning: Exert an influence on.

Example: Some teachers have a great influence on the students.

Have charge of

Meaning: Have responsibility of.

Example: Mr. Soni has the charge of conducting meetings for the employees.

Have faith in

Meaning: Have trust in.

Example: Laila always cheat people, thus nobody has any faith in her.

Have impact on

Meaning: Have an influence on.

Example: Playful education methods have an impact on the children.

Have it in for

Meaning: Hold a grudge.

Example: It is not right to have it in for innocent persons.

Have it out (with)

Meaning: Settle a difference by talking freely or angrily.

Example: Let’s not hold grudges against each other. It’s better to have it out amicably.

Have not the least idea

Meaning: Do not know at all.

Example: She does not have the least idea where her brother is, as he has gone out without telling her.

Have nothing to do with

Meaning: Have no connection with.

Example: Her father told her that he had nothing to do with her, as she had got married against his wishes.

Have on

Meaning: Be wearing.

Example: She has had on this ladies overcoat for the last ten years.

Have one’s hand full

Meaning: Be very busy.

Example: Please don’t disturb me. I have my hands full.

Have one’s own way

Meaning: Do as one wishes.

Example: It’s not right of us to always have our own way.

Have the face (or cheek)

Meaning: Have the courage to.

Example: How some men have the face to speak rudely with their wives, nobody understands.

Have the honour of

Meaning: (a polite word).

Example: Can I have the honour of inviting you as the chief guest in the function.

Head for

Meaning: Go towards.

Example: The plane headed for Sydney.

Head off

Meaning: Prevent, cause to move in different direction.

Example: The principal headed off the boy, when he came late in the school.

Head over heels

Meaning: Deeply.

Example: Some people are head over heels in love with God.

Hear from

Meaning: Recieve a scolding.

Example: The little boy heard from the principal for doing mischief.

Hear of

Meaning: Listen to.

Example: His mother told him to avoid the movies at the time of exams, but he never heard of it and failed.


Meaning: Very strong.

Example: She bought a heavy duty vaccum cleaner to eliminate the traces of dirt from the house.

Help oneself

Meaning: Serve oneself with food at meal.

Example: Everyone of you, please do help yourselves, as the meal is ready on the table.

High handed

Meaning: Unjust, naughty and arrogant.

Example: Some government officials are high-handed. They don’t deal properly with public.

High time

Meaning: At the most important or mid point of.

Example: It is high time for you to concentrate on work.

Hinder from

Meaning: Get in the way of.

Example: Please don’t hinder him from doing his work.

Hire out

Meaning: Lend for payment.

Example: She hired out two criminals to kill her husband but she was, caught by the police, before they killed him.


Meaning: Strike in return.

Example: The bully didn’t know that the small boy would hit him back, but he did so to teach him a lesson.

Hit below the belt

Meaning: To strike another unfairly.

Example: The brilliant lecture was hit below the belt by many notorious students, but she endured it gracefully.

Hit upon

Meaning: Discover by chance.

Example: He hit upon an idea to built up a business empire.

Hit and miss

Meaning: In an uncontrolled way, aimlessly.

Example: She was finding her aunt’s new house, but unable to find it, j she began to ring doorbells, hit or miss.

Hold a brief for another

Meaning: To defend somebody.

Example: We should hold a brief for criminals, else we could ourselves be in trouble.

She did not hold a brief for him when she came to know that he has murdered his own grandmother for money.

Hold back

Meaning: (i) Keep to oneself.

Example: The soldiers are taught to hold back the information about their country.

(ii) Control.
She was not able to hold back her tears, when she came to know about her friend’s death.

Hold cheap

Meaning: To hold in little esteem.

Example: We should not hojd the friendship cheap by breaking promises.

Hold down

Meaning: (i) Keep a job.

Example: She told her friend to hold down a job, if she wanted to rise in life.

(ii) Control.
She was not able to hold her friend down, when her friend accused her of decieving her.

Hold good

Meaning: Effective.

Example: The laws framed by the legislature hold good only if they are implemented firmly.

Hold off

Meaning: (i) Delay.

Example: Don’t hold off the registered letter of your father. Give it to him today, itself.

(ii) Keep at a distance.
Her rude ways holds people off.

Hold on

Meaning: (i) Go on, continue.

Example: Don’t be scared of difficulties of life. Hold on crossing them till you reach your goal.

(ii) Wait (on the telephone).
Please hold on, I shall call my mother.

Hold one’s tongue

Meaning: To remain or to become silent.

Example: The chatter box was told to hold her tongue by her mother, as she was not able to concentrate on her work.

Hold out

Meaning: (i) Extend.

Example: She held out her arms to embrace her mother, whom she had met after a long time.

(ii) Last, continue.
Your money will hold out only if you spend it wisely.

Hold out the olive branch

Meaning: To make offers for peace.

Example: We should always take initiative to hold out the olive branch.

Hold still

Meaning: Remain quiet.

Example: Hold still, till I draw your portrait.

Hold to

Meaning: Abide by.

Example: We must hold to our principles to attain success in life.

Hold together

Meaning: Remain united.

Example: They both were greatly in love with each other. They held together till the last breath of their life.

Hold up

Meaning: Rob.

Example: She was held up by the anti-socials in the darkness.

Hold water

Meaning: To be supported by facts.

Example: She said a lot of things, but none of her arguments held water.

Hold with

Meaning: Agree with.

Example: She doesn’t hold with his views on women’s empowerment.

Hole and corner

Meaning: Secret.

Example: The police came to know about the hole and comer ways of the dacoits.

Honour a cheque

Meaning: Accept and pay a cheque when due.

Example: She took the first cheque straight-away to the bank and the bank honored the cheque.

Hope for the best

Meaning: Be hopeful of success.

Example: Your bad days won’t last for long. Hope for the best and work hard. You shall attain success one day.

Hoping against hope

Meaning: To have hope even when there is no basis for hope.

Example: By thinking that your son is alive is to hope against hope, as the news of his death has been confirmed by the army officers.

Hue and cry

Meaning: Noise.

Example: As soon as the accident occured, lot of hue and cry was raised.

Husband one’s resources

Meaning: To exercise economy in using one’s money, property, etc.

Example: Don’t spend money lavishly. Husband your resources.

Hunt Down

Meaning: Pursue and capture.

Example: The brave soldier hunted down the traitor.

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