How to Speak English Fluently | Fifty Simple Ways to Master Fluent English Speaking

How to Speak English Fluently: English-speaking is the most necessary thing to communicate with people of inter linguistic surroundings. Not only that, but it is necessary also, to acquire academic excellence.

So, to master a foreign language is not actually a difficult job, if can holds the proper perseverance. This article would suggest some basic tips that will help a reader to speak fluent English faster, in public without any hesitation.

How to Speak English?

Fluent English-speaking tips 1-10

  1. Be realistic about your English learning goals- Don’t expect that your progression would be first at the beginning. You have to hold on your patience to have a better performance.
  2. Practice speaking as well, apart from reading and listening- Do not stick only to reading and writing and listening, but also try to speak without fear or hesitation. That would help you to enhance your speaking ability.
  3. Practice speaking English whenever you get a chance- Look for a chance, and utilise it. It would make you smarter and confident.
  4. Make friends with native English-speaking people and speak with them- If you get attached with the company of native English-speaking people, you will have a better chance to listen their pronunciation. While they are friends, you will feel free to talk to them, without fear of being judged.
  5. Do not be afraid of making mistakes- Self-consciousness is good, but you should not be obsessed with your mistakes. That will lack your self-confidence to improve further.
  6. Use simpler sentences first, then use more complex sentences- Do not try to use harder sentences at first. You might fail to express yourself properly which will lack your confidence. Simple sentences would help you to be grammatically correct.
  7. Get a reliable English learning course- If you get admitted in a reliable English learning course, you can get help from professionals. Professional advices would help you.
  8. Make an effort to improve pronunciation- Be caring about pronunciation. Give an extra effort to that.
  9. Try saying something extra- When you try to speak, speak something extra. Added expressions would increase your self-esteem.
  10. Learn from your mistakes- Do not do the mistake of being afraid. If you speak an incorrect sentence, try to make not it once more.

Fluent English-speaking tips 11-20

  1. Listen to English language songs- Follow lyrics of English songs, you can understand the language in an amusing manner.
  2. Learn some English tongue twister- Tongue twisters will help to have better pronunciation.
  3. Accept English and all its uniqueness- Accept the language with all its beauty.
  4. Try learning some new words everyday- Be with the language, and try to learn some new words every day. You can express yourself better.
  5. Try some public speaking- Try some public speaking without thinking of your errors, because you would have no chance to get judged.
  6. Let English be all around you- Seek for places where English is spoken. It would automatically help to increase self-confidence.
  7. Become a part of conversation group- Create an English conversation group with friends and carry out fruitful conversation with them.
  8. Watch videos of popular songs online- If you have internet connection, utilise it by listening to English songs. It would help you to follow the language in a particular way.
  9. Read your favourite books aloud- Read you’re your favourite English books aloud. It would make you devoid of devoid of baffling.
  10. Try thinking in English- The most important step to master a language, is to think in that. So, if you think in English, it would automatically come to your tongue.

Fluent English-speaking tips 21-30

  1. Practice paraphrasing- Try to speak things you can hear. You will learn the significant use.
  2. Conduct small talks in English- Conduct small events, and make English compulsory there.
  3. Try creating your own responses, rather that repeating what people say- Create an unique relation with the language. Without repeating other people’s words, have your own.
  4. Have confidence whenever you speak- Have confidence of speaking the correct language, do not afraid of being judged by anybody.
  5. Learn to listen better- A good listener always be a good speaker. So, if the master the art of listening, you can automatically learn it better.
  6. Substitute phrasal verbs for regular verbs- Learning phrasal verb will enrich you vocabulary. It would grow more interest in learning English, because the language would be found more beautiful.
  7. Be passionate about English- Love the language, you can automatically master it.
  8. Try to learn from everyone- Try to learn from everyone, even if they do any mistake. Do not judge anybody, listen to your teachers properly.
  9. Learn from your favourite personality or public speaker- The learning experience would be very lovable if you follow this method.
  10. Watch children’s cartoons- May sound weird, but cartoons can teach you a lot about mode of expression and of proper diction.

How to Speak English Fluently 1

Fluent English-speaking tips 31-40

  1. Do not focus on speaking exclusively- Do not get obsessed with speaking correctly, just try.
  2. Use English in your phone or pc- If you have not done it yet, do it now. I t would work greater.
  3. Learn some short automatic responses- Learn automatic responses for usual situations. Your reflexive input will help your self-esteem.
  4. Follow the news- Follow English news on newspaper and radio as well television. It can work better for you.
  5. Record yourself speaking, and conversations with your friends-
  6. Be ready for specific situations- Make your words ready for probable situations. Your words can mean a lot.
  7. Make learning English fun- Create word games and play it with your friends. You will learn a lots of things.
  8. Practice speaking English in front of a mirror- You will get the capacity to speak in front of somebody, it would help you to get rid of hesitations.
  9. Learn to say things in your way- Learn to express in your own words, create your own manner of talking.
  10. Master some specific phrases and English idioms- This will help to carry out interesting conversations.

Fluent English-speaking tips 41-50

  1. Try writing based on new and innovative things you have learned- Keep the practice to writing on several new topics.
  2. Retell a story or a joke in English- It would engage your capacity of expressing yourself in your own words.
  3. English in English activities- Undertake activities which involve the scope of speaking English.
  4. Debate in English- Arrange debate competitions and take part in it. You will have confidence to express your opinion deliberately.
  5. Understand that there is always room for improvement- Feel free to learn from everywhere.
  6. Listen and try to sing along daily to rap music- That would help you to understand the rhythmicity of the language.
  7. Try interrupting and interjecting politely- This would help to get rid of your anxiety of being judged.
  8. Understanding that there is always room for improvement- Do not feel you know the best. Try to learn from everywhere.

How to Speak English Fluently 2

  1. Speak the English you know- Do not try to use the words you do not clear about. Speak properly and confidently.
  2. Try to be realistic- Neither underestimate, nor overestimate your skills. Perform according to your capability.

So, these tips can work for beginners and also for learners as well. These fifty steps are themselves a lot of fun, so one may try them out to try something new.

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