American and British Words for Clothes | List of American and British Words for Clothes With Meaning and Examples

American and British Words for Clothes: Americans prefer light clothes like T-shirts because of warm climates. The fashion style of Americans is mostly informal and clothing style roots back to its diverse culture. The dressing sense also depends on the demographic factors. Therefore, we need to know what is a vest in British English, and also Waistcoat in American English.

However, the British, take fashion on a serious note and their makeover and style are different than the Americans. The British prefer to look their best always. They prefer clothes that are durable, fashionable, and comfortable. The dressing style is mainly derived from their national costume, to understand which, this list of American and British Words for Clothes will help.

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Dressing Gown – Bathrobe

A dressing gown is a loose-fitting, robe-like outer garment usually worn by both men and women. These are typically worn while relaxing at home or over nightwear. Dressing gowns are generally worn when any visitors or guests are expected and also worn for warmth during the night time. In recent times, dressing gowns are less common and are a symbol of laziness for some, but some prefer it to date while relaxing at home.

A bathrobe is a type of housecoat but made with absorbent materials as these are generally worn after taking a shower or around a pool. Bathrobes can be made of several materials such as cotton, silk, microfiber, wool, and nylon. It usually has belts to fasten it to the waist. It comes in various designs and sizes.

Nappy – Diaper

A nappy is a type of underwear for babies which allows them to urinate or defecate on it. It is made up of absorbent materials that contain the waste products within itself. It prevents the soiling of clothes and is to be changed when becomes wet or at certain intervals.

A diaper is a nappy. According to American English, a nappy is called a diaper. It is also a type of underwear that allows babies to urinate and defecate and prevents soiling of the outer environment. It is changed when it becomes wet or at certain intervals. These are made of synthetic disposable materials that need to be thrown away after use.

Shoelace – Shoestrings

Shoelaces (British English) are a pair of cords or strings used to tighten the shoes or secure them. Most of the commonly used footwear consists of such a pair of strings or shoelaces. There are a series of holes in the shoes or boots or footwear through which the cords pass.

Tightening the shoelaces secures it to our foot whereas loosening it allows us to remove or insert our foot. Some shoelaces are firm while most of the laces are elastic which makes them comfortable. There is a wide range of various ways to tie shoelaces which forms knots of different designs.

Shoestrings (American English) are the same thing as shoelaces that are used to secure the shoes on our feet. Most traditional shoes, boots, and footwear come with shoelaces.

Most of the shoelaces are made with either cotton, leather, jute, or other synthetic materials. The shoes come with holes through which the strings pass and resulting in the tightening or loosening of the shoes.

Dungarees – Overalls

Dungarees were traditionally used by workers while working but it has become a high fashion garment now. Several reputed brands manufacture dungarees of various designs.

It has suspenders attached to pants without a top part with a bib. They were made of denim due to their durable nature which the workers also preferred to wear as a protective clothing.

Overalls are dungarees and are also called bib and brace overalls. This garment was traditionally used as protective clothing for workers. But after years of evolution, it has now become a fashion garment globally.

It is very prevalent streetwear and is being worn widely. They are usually made up of denim but now they can also be found made up of Chino cloth.

Plimsolls – Gym Shoes

Plimsolls are a type of shoe or athletic shoe with a rubber sole on the upper side. It was specifically developed as beachwear.

Plimsolls are developed in such a way so that when running, the effect is somewhat similar to running without any shoes. It is commonly worn in the UK for indoor sports, schools. Plimsolls were also used by the British military until the mid-80s.

Gym shoes are a type of shoe that is specifically designed for sports activities, physical exercise. These shoes have a thick, flexible rubber sole at the bottom to provide a comfortable base to the foot.

However, it has now become common casual wear. Many reputed brands have emerged with gym shoes in the market with a lot of fancy designs.

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Pyajamas – Pajamas

Pajamas (British English) is a type of loose trousers that are warm, soft and has been derived from South Asia. These are comfortable garments usually worn while at home sleeping, relaxing, or working from home. The materials utilized are very soft and comfortable and are mostly made up of cotton.

Pajamas (American English) is a loose garment that has been derived from India as bottom wear. These are mainly worn while at home relaxing or while sleeping at night.

Pajamas are comfortable trousers that can be worn without underwear. In the 20th century, some people in the Western world have made pajamas a fashion statement and can be seen wearing in public.

Hat – Bonnets

A hat is a kind of cover for the head that is worn for various purposes. It protects against bad weather or is worn for ceremonial purposes such as graduation felicitation, religious purposes, or as a fashion statement.

While for common people hats were a symbol of social status, for military personnel hats denoted rank, service, and nationality. Different kind of hats are worn for various purposes.

Bonnets are also a type of headcover which is more often worn by females. These types of headgears have a pair of strings that are tied underneath the chin to secure them in the head.

Some bonnets cover from the forehead while some only cover a portion of the head. These were mainly worn by maids or female servants. These are softer than hats, which were reserved for males.

Polo Neck – Turtle Neck

A polo neck (UK) is a collared garment that is usually a kind of sweater that folds and covers the neck portion. The collars fit close to the neck with a soft fold at the top.

These were traditionally developed to protect the knight’s neck which has evolved into a fashion garment now. These are commonly worn by athletes, naval officers, and sailors. Women prefer polo necks as it symbolizes tidiness and neatness.

Turtle Neck (US) is the American version of polo neck. It is a high collar garment that folds and forms a tube-like structure that is sewn at both ends and covers the neck. This is often worn as a great alternative to a shirt and tie.

Waistcoat – Vest

A waistcoat (UK) is an upper-body garment that is usually sleeveless and worn over a shirt and below a coat.

It is also considered as the third piece of a male’s three-piece suit. It has a vertical opening at the front which fastens either with a snap of a button. Traditionally people used to keep their pocket watches in the front pocket of a waistcoat. It comes in different contrasting colors.

A vest (US) is also an upper-body garment that is worn below a coat. Traditionally people used to wear the vest over a shirt and tie and used to carry pocket watches. It has a frontal opening with snaps or buttons to fasten. In the US people wear vests along with suspenders to make them comfortable and hang them to the trousers.

Trousers – Pants

Trousers are a type of lower garment that is worn from the waist to ankles. It covers both legs separately. In the UK people don’t consider trousers as pants but as underwear.

There are a variety of trousers and are made of various types of materials with different fit and finish. It is held on to the waist with buttons, snaps, elastics or suspenders, and belts. Trousers are made of different sizes and can also be customized.

Pants (US) are trousers that are worn from the waist to ankles. In the US people prefer wearing pants with either belts or suspenders for comfort and also helps in securing them to the waist.

Pants using denim clothes are called jeans, which are more prevalent nowadays. These are made according to one’s length and are worn from waist to ankle.

Zip – Zipper

Zip is also called clasp locker. It is a device commonly used to bind two parts of the fabric or any other flexible material. It is commonly found in garments or bags. It has protruding teeth on both the rows that bind or link with each other.

It forms a Y-shape through which the slider moves resulting in either closing or opening. It can be found in a larger variety of garments nowadays as well as bags and luggage systems.

A zipper is a device used commonly on garments, bags, luggage systems, and also on footwear. This is used to fasten shoes or to close bags. There is a slider along with a pair of protruding teeth that meshes together to lock. It can be locked by moving the slider in a certain direction.

Zippers are widely used nowadays on garments as it is easy to fasten. It is a repairable device but should be replaced at certain intervals as the teeth slowly lose the protruding nature due to repeated use.

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Bathing Suit – Swimming Suit

A bathing suit is a clothing item that is worn mainly worn while engaging in a water-based activity. There are plethora of different types of bathing suits for men, women, and children.

These are worn while going to the beach or swimming pool or while sunbathing. There are a variation of styles available that suit the fashion tastes of various people. The commonly used material is nylon as it is more durable and hugs onto the body.

A swimming suit is a clothing item made specifically to wear while engaging in water-based activities like swimming, water sports, or while visiting the beach.

Most of the swimsuits are skin tight and are made up of double-layer fabric. The designs vary from covering most of the body to some suits that expose most of the body. People also prefer wearing a swimsuit while sunbathing.

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