Heart Idioms | List of Heart Idioms With Meaning and Examples

Heart Idioms: Almost no one is completely ignorant of the I heart you meaning, and it may be the phrase we all truly desire to hear. There are many other heart idioms and phrases that may be used to express feelings and emotions, and learning them will offer you a benefit in your discussions.

Wondering what is by heart meaning? Or what is the meaning of a broken heart? Do not worry; we have you covered.

Here’s a selection of heart phrases idioms, and expressions that incorporate the word “heart” that, for the most significant part, are really about basic human emotions.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

Names of Heart Idioms

List of Heart Idioms

Meaning and Examples of some commonly used Heart Idioms

A big heart

Meaning: A caring and compassionate temperament.

Example: He never fails to make a donation to a non-profit organization; he truly and honestly has a big heart.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Meaning: When you are apart from someone you adore, you feel more affection for them.

Example: I tried to suppress my emotions for him, but after he departed for his military duty for a few months, I eventually realized that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

After my own heart

Meaning: Matching one’s personal preferences or viewpoints, or values.

Example: I was doing my best at the moment to adjust to the new environment, but I couldn’t seem to locate someone after my own heart.

A heart of gold

Meaning: Inferring that a person’s core values are kind and compassionate, and caring.

Example: Despite her severe demeanor, she truly has a heart of gold.

A heart of stone

Meaning: Having a harsh or ruthless demeanor.

Example: I’m not surprised how he remained so frigid even after his mother passed away; he has a heart of stone.

All heart

Meaning: To be extremely giving and caring about people

Example: Rani is all heart.

By heart

Meaning: Memorize.

Example: My performance anxiety destroys the speech on the day, no matter just how well I by heart it.

Cold hands, warm heart

Meaning: It indicates inner beauty, a compassionate personality, and a kind heart.

Example: She perfectly exemplifies the phrase “cold hands, warm heart.”

Cross one’s heart and hope to die.

Meaning: Term used to promise or swear that the truth will be disclosed.

Example: When I testify for his innocence, I may cross my heart and hope to die.

heart Idioms 1

Eat your heart out

Meaning: Feel a strong unpleasant feeling such as bitter pain, sadness, anxiety, jealousy, and envy, or another.

Example: I don’t understand why he’s still eating his heart out over the fire; he’s landed a better job.

From the Bottom of One’s Heart

Meaning: Sincere appreciation

Example: I wished the new couple nothing but happiness and pleasure from the bottom of my heart.

Have a heart

Meaning: To urge that someone treat someone with empathy and kindness

Example: In such a severe circumstance, why can’t you just have a heart for John?

Have a Soft Spot in One’s Heart

Meaning: Have an emotional or sympathetic feeling for someone.

Example: He always had a soft spot in his heart for Rima, no matter how many times he refused to acknowledge it.

Have your heart set on something

Meaning: Something that a person truly desires and is adamant about getting, and it would be impossible for them to seek anything whatsoever.

Example: I have my heart set on the Yale University scholarship program and can’t think of anything really.

Heart bleeds for

Meaning: Feels grief or melancholy for someone who is having a difficult time.

Example: My heart bleeds for those whose homes were destroyed by the tsunami.

Heart goes out to

Meaning: To feel sorry for someone, particularly because they are suffering through a particularly terrible situation.

Example: My heart goes out to Rohan, who was immediately dismissed from his job without notice and with no fallback option.

Heart of the matter

Meaning: The most important, primary, or fundamental essence or elements of a problem, topic, or subject under consideration.

Example: We’ve been wasting a lot of time by going around in circles; all we need to do now is get to the heart of the matter.

Heart’s desire

Meaning: Something that a person desires or requires.

Example: My heart’s desire is to go away on a long vacation after a terribly challenging week at work.

Heart skips a beat

Meaning: Fear, anxiousness, or excitement causes a quiver in the chest or stomach.

Example: When I learned the hard way that I had failed the examination miserably, my heart skipped a beat.

Heartbeat Away From Something

Meaning: In a position to take over a position promptly if one’s superior or predecessor is unavailable.

Example: Although the post of vice-captain may seem inconsequential, be attentive when casting your vote; it is just a heartbeat away from the club’s president.

Heavy heart

Meaning: Unhappily in a sorrowful or dismal mood.

Example: With a heavy heart, I had to notify her that she had been sacked on the spot from her work owing to several formal complaints in her name.

Home is where the heart is

Meaning: The place where one feels most at ease in one’s actual home.

Example: After spending a few weeks away from my mother, I understood that home is where the heart is.

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In a heartbeat

Meaning: Doing something promptly or quickly

Example: I would recommend doing the task in a heartbeat.

Lose one’s heart to

Meaning: To fall in love with.

Example: Mina had lost her heart to Runal, and they couldn’t tolerate one another a few weeks ago, which came as a complete shock to all of us.

Not Have the Heart to Do Something

Meaning: To be hesitant to do anything because you genuinely believe it would be cruel and heartless to do so.

Example: I did not have the heart to refuse the little child a bar of chocolate.

Pour One’s Heart Out to Someone

Meaning: To profusely or unexpectedly disclose one’s innermost or most personal emotions, sentiments, or truths.

Example: I never actually expected to pour my heart out to her.

Sick at heart

Meaning: Disappointed and dissatisfied.

Example: She was clearly sick at heart following her separation.

Take heart

Meaning: To draw strength or consolation from a fact.

Example: I hope he took heart from today’s session to address the situation.

Tug at Someone’s Heartstrings

Meaning: Lead someone to feel terrible for themselves or sad.

Example: He clearly knows how to tug at someone’s heartstrings mercilessly.

Wear Someone’s Heart on One’s Sleeve

Meaning: To openly express one’s sentiments, particularly romantic emotions.

Example: Kate wears her heart on her sleeves.

With All One’s Heart and Soul

Meaning: With one’s most genuine sentiments.

Example: With all my heart and soul, I wish them all good luck for the future.

With a sinking heart

Meaning: A huge deal of melancholy.

Example: She said her final goodbyes with a sinking heart.

Young at Heart

Meaning: Person who is exhibiting characteristics associated with youth, such as hope and optimism, enthusiasm, or zest.

Example: If you are young at heart, no matter how old you are, life gets much better.

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