Good Night Quotes | Sweet Good Night Quotations and Sayings to Send to Friends and Others

Good Night Quotes: Good night quotes are a great manner to reveal to your special ones how much you care about them. This article has good night messages for friends, good night messages for someone special, heart-touching good night messages for friends, etc.

One can make someone feel special by showing tenderness towards the person via message and clarifying how much they appreciate their presence by wishing good things. Here you will get good night wishes for any relationships like soft words for house members, touching good night texts for lovers, and passionate words for your companions.

This will bring a beautiful smile to their faces before they go to sleep by accepting these heartfelt goodnight wishes.

Sweet Good Night Quotes

Sweet good night messages

Some attractive sweet good night messages are listed below:

  • I hope you had a stunning day today, and presently you’re looking forward to a decent night’s bedtime. May lord bless you, dear. Good night.
  • My dreams are filled with you. I hope your dreams tonight will be full of me. I can’t stay up for the sunrise to meet you and cuddle you. Good night!
  • The reason behind my sleepless nights is you. You are the reason for me holding my pillow tight. Good night.
  • There is something large, full of warmth and love. Before you think of several ideas, you should feel a good night hug sent to you by me.
  • You are the one I think of before going to bed. Have a great sleep, favorite.
  • Your glow is more glorious than any star. You are more bright than any diamond. You are gracious, cheerful, and friendly. I hope your fantasies are revived with sweetness and chocolaty love: Goodnight, my queen. Beautiful dreams.
  • Sleep is the one thing that can help you feel nice after a tiring day. May your bedtime be full of amazing dreams.
  • You make my soul vibrate and blush like a glorious flower. Good night prince.
  • Let the pixies make your bedtime fascinating. Good night and lots of hugs.
  • The coolness of the night can’t reach you tonight because the tenderness of my love will hold you simmer for the entire night. Good night!
  • I will be your most multicolored dream and your magnificent sleep. Good night!
  • Have a charming night with soft dreams.
  • May this night get you the most beautiful and relaxed sleep.

Funny good night wishes

Good night wishes can also be humorous. Some of them are given underneath:

  • May you be cautious of the ghost under your mattress. Good night
  • Sleeping is the only thing you are good at besides breathing.
  • Let the most wonderful vision appear to you tonight; let your most precious person arrive in your dream tonight but don’t try to make it a routine as I am not free all night; Good Night!
  • Sun would not have been red, and Sea would not have been blue; I would not have been happy, Without annoying you! Good Night!
  • Your dreams create destiny, so avoid frittering time, go and sleep! Good night.
  • Delivering you my mattress to let you lay, pillows to provide you convenience, and my blanket to protect you from cold. I can’t take a nap at present since I do not have a mattress! Goodbye.
  • Hey, just now, I had a call from your couch as it could catch you. Please reach to your couch and the lonesome cushion right now and have a good sleep.
  • My longing for you tonight is to rest nicely without any troubles of this world; goodnight and have a nice night’s sleep, babe.
  • Constantly here, forever encouraging. Wishing you a good sleep.
  • The night is time to sleep, relieve tension, and not waste time worrying about the next day! Just go to the realm of fantasies in harmony. Good night have a nice sleep!

Inspiring good night messages

After a long day, some motivating words can mean a lot to someone; these quotes are mainly meant for those.

  • What a beautiful day indeed! Let us end this wonderful day with amazing dreams that have you and me. Goodnight, dear. Best dreams to you as you rest.
  • Don’t ever lose hope as one never knows what tomorrow will bring. Have a comfortable sleep.
  • Delivering the warmest notions and blessings to you as you fall asleep. May the next day bring you marvelous opportunities, and wish all your desires become reality.
  • The daylight has set, and the moon is above. I feel it is time for us to sleep! Let us go and give rest to our mind by lying on a soft mattress with a smooth cushion. Good night
  • Tomorrow is about to be a new day, a fresh start, a new way of doing things so don’t lose hope because things will be brighter. Have a good sleep.
  • Have a good sleep and gain energy for tomorrow to achieve important things.
  • I have delivered a message to the moon and stars to confer you with happiness and love and also may all your wishes be fulfilled. Good night.
  • Dreams make our everyday so beautiful. Go and take a nap to dream of marvelous spots quickly. Your wildly fantasies will become real as you sleep
  • Always positively end the day on a good note with optimistic opinions. No matter how hard it is, always believe tomorrow will give a better opportunity. Good night
  • If you are tired, take a rest but never think of quitting. Sleep well.

Good Night Quotes 2

Good night quotes

A few good night messages for every relationship are listed here:

  • Don’t allow the mess that life creates today to bother you tomorrow, as always think tomorrow is a fresh start.
  • Never be afraid of shadows, it simply shows that light is near. Good night.
  • Let all worries fade as the night gets darker. Have a good sleep knowing that you have done your best for today.
  • Good night, may your next day be brighter.
  • If you cannot act according to the plan, alter it but never change your goal. Good night and sweet dreams.
  • The night is quiet, lovely, full of dreams and you also deserve to have a good sleep with impressive dreams.
  • Say something nice, encouraging yourself before going to sleep because you deserve it. Good night.
  • May your sleep brings the loveliest dream.
  • Hope the calmness of this night brings you serenity. Good night
  • Allow love to replenish your soul and joyous memories to comfort your heart. Sleep tight.
  • May god’s blessings stay with you today and always. Good night
  • You deserve your love and affection the most. Sleep well with a soft pillow.
  • I wish amazing dreams embrace you tight.
  • Lord sprays small yet fabulous grains of blessings. I got one so wonderful that is you. Good night.

Heart touching good night quotes

Some touching quotes from loved ones make the night more special. Have a look at the following points:

  • Good night and sleep nicely. Hope our friendship will fill your life with bright colors.
  • Shut your eyes and touch your heart and make a wish before sleeping. Good night.
  • The night is the perfect time to forget about what is done and prepare yourself mentally and physically for the coming day by having a relaxing sleep and giving your mind the time to relieve tension.
  • May your dreams be wonderful and wake up to see them in reality.
  • It is the time to sleep nicely, your dreams are waiting. Good night.
  • The night awaits in silence, go-ahead, and sleep well.
  • May you have a peaceful and good sleep and wake up with lots of hope and encouraging energy.
  • If you are not able to do big things, fantastically do trivial things. Good night.

Good Night Quotes 1


These good night quotes are all about enjoying the hours of the night after a long day. We wish you have enjoyed these good night sayings! Wherever the night puts up, we want it to be promising.

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