Funny Would You Rather Questions | Funny and Witty List of Would You Rather Questions for Asking People

Funny Would You Rather Questions: Would You Rather is a fairly popular game all of us has surely heard about. The hype surrounding this game is all about its unique and witty questions which have players hooked onto this game. It is important to know some good would you rather questions while playing the game.

While some may come off as rather awkward would you rather questions, the game is nonetheless enjoyable, with a miss of easy, would you rather questions hard so that you may have a great time playing. This article is presented to aid you about a compilation of some funny and witty questions for the same.

Funny and Witty List Questions

Funny and Witty List of Would You Rather Questions

  1. Would you rather be set on fire by someone unknown or run over by a truck by someone unknown?
  2. Would you rather have lunch with someone who is a cannibal or get abducted by a bunch of fashion-forward aliens?
  3. Would you rather change your full name to Moby Dick or to Luv Handles?
  4. Would you rather live your life as a pig or a porcupine for an entire year?
  5. Would you rather have gills in place of lungs or scales over your whole body instead of skin?
  6. Would you rather become a sociopath or a psychopath?
  7. Would you rather eat bugs for a meal or cat food for a meal, for the rest of your life?
  8. Would you rather spend the remainder of your life watching Harry Potter or analysing Harry Potter?
  9. Would you rather live your life a bubble or a huge tree until you die?
  10. Would you rather play with a bomb or dynamite or play with a guitar?
  11. Would you rather be invisible or get kicked by a horse for 365 days?
  12. Would you rather eat your lunch off a leprechaun’s stomach or go for swimming in shark-infested pools?
  13. Would you rather have to reveal a secret to your opponent or reveal a secret to your parents?
  14. Would you rather let it thunder every time you wanted to use the bathroom or for it to rain any time you opened your mouth to speak?
  15. Would you rather live inside a storm drain or under a broken bridge?
  16. Would you rather marry a monster or a troll?
  17. Would you rather become bald or have two weird horns growing out of your head?

Funny Would You Rather Questions 1

  1. Would you rather undauntingly chain yourself to a lion or receive a punishment of a ton of worms crawl all over you?
  2. Would you rather be only ten inches or over ten feet tall?
  3. Would you rather marry any murder or a famous ghost chaser?
  4. Would you rather become the subject of a viral video or the face of a very popular meme?
  5. Would you rather sleep in an open, raw grave or a rusty cage at the zoo?
  6. Would you rather be born again and again as a dental hygienist or a nasty molar?
  7. Would you rather tie yourself unknowingly to a railway track or knowingly hang off a cliff?
  8. Would you rather live in a weird world without any straws or paper towels?
  9. Would you rather be stuck in an old locked cage with an enemy or an old raging bull?
  10. Would you rather have extremely sensitive taste buds or extremely sensitive hearing?
  11. Would you rather ask your enemy or a total stranger for a quick favour?
  12. Would you rather go on a long tour with Cher or Elton John?
  13. Would you rather eat only cheese pizza for a whole year or not eat any pizza for five whole years?
  14. Would you rather never again get another present in your life but always pick the most flawless present for everyone else or keep getting good presents but giving awful ones to everyone else?
  15. Would you rather sleep in a small doghouse or let stray dogs sleep in your bed?
  16. Would you rather be able to converse in any common language or be able to communicate with all animals?
  17. Would you rather have all of your text messages and photos leaked publicly or never be able to use a cell phone ever again?
  18. Would you rather run at 200 mph speed or fly at 200 mph speed?
  19. Would you rather have Taylor Swift’s voice or Normani’s sick dance moves?
  20. Would you rather have to wear only sweatpants everywhere for the rest of your life or never be able to wear sweatpants again?

Funny Would You Rather Questions 2

  1. Would you rather have 20,000 spoons when all you need is a knife or always find a knife but never be able to use even a single spoon?
  2. Would you rather detect all the lies you hear or get away with all the lies you tell?
  3. Would you rather be the wittiest person in a stranger’s room or the smartest person in a stranger’s room?
  4. Would you rather have a voice like baby Yoda or have a breathing style like Darth Vader?
  5. Would you rather people knew all of the small details of your finances or all the minute details of your love life?
  6. Would you rather attend to your least-favourite song on a loop for a year or never listen to any song at all for a year?
  7. Would you rather go vegan for a period or only eat chicken and dairy for a period?
  8. Would you rather clean up a stranger’s puke or someone else’s blood?
  9. Would you rather work for Mr. Michael Scott or Mr. Burns?
  10. Would you rather spend the whole weekend with pirates or a group of ninjas?
  11. Would you rather end each and every phone call with the phrase “I love you” or accidentally call your spouse the wrong name during a fight?
  12. Would you rather get your pay check furnished to you in pennies or never be able to utilise cash again?
  13. Would you rather meet Lady Gaga in a film or see Bradley Cooper in a recital?
  14. Would you rather win a big lottery but have to waste it all in one single day or triple your current salary permanently?
  15. Would you rather live up to until you are 100 and look your age or look like you’re 22 your entire life, but die at the age of 6p0?
  16. Would you rather give up swearing forever or give up ice cream for ten years?
  17. Would you rather hear a reassuring lie or an embarrassing truth?
  18. Would you rather dress like a plant or dress like a hippy for a whole year?
  19. Would you rather be a deranged bomber, have your manifesto read by everyone on this planet, or be a mystic no one ever believes?
  20. If you had many magical abilities, would you rather use your expertise to help people or to prank people?
  21. For the coming month, would you rather live without a purpose or without any respect?
  22. Would you rather a stranger trap you in a translucent box naked, in the middle of Times Square, or move you in a gator infested pond.
  23. Would you rather the doctor start pulling your tooth before you were anaesthetized or a surgeon stitch your lips shut?
  24. Would you rather people show or shout at you?
  25. Would you rather have a group of pirates hold your family captive or a marching band serenade your whole family?
  26. Would you rather ride a dangerous bull or pet a sick tiger?
  27. Would you rather be miserable but fun or rich but dull?
  28. Would you rather have the whole of your body covered in tattoos of broken easter eggs or have your ex’s name tattooed on your temples?
  29. Would you rather live your whole life in reverse or fast forward to the very end?
  30. Would you rather give up your only cell phone or your bank cheque and card passcode?
  31. Would you rather play a long game of Russian roulette or watch Barney & Friends on repeat for an entire day?
  32. Would you rather know how exactly you will die or know who you will marry?
  33. Would you rather kiss a rabid fox or a poisonous snake?
  34. Would you rather some stranger lick your face or bite hard on your arm?
  35. Would you rather be a know-it-all or have amnesia?
  36. Would you rather possess a neck like a giraffe or a set of eyes like a giant white owl?
  37. Would you rather have the extreme power to see 10 minutes into the near future or 150 years into the near future?
  38. Would you rather have the ability of telekinesis which is the power of being able to move things with your mind, or possess skills of telepathy which is the ability to read human minds?
  39. Would you rather team up with the squad of Wonder Woman or the whole team of Captain Marvel?
  40. Would you rather be obligated to sing along or dance to each and every single song you hear playing?
  41. Would you rather find your destined true love today or win the raffle next year?
  42. Would you rather be put in jail for four years or be in a coma for four decades?
  43. Would you rather take another ten years with your partner or a one-night stand with your only celebrity crush?
  44. Would you rather be frequently under-attired or overdressed?
  45. Would you rather have every single person you know be able to read your thoughts or for all of them you know to have access to your internet browsing history?
  46. Would you rather lose your vision or your remembrances?
  47. Would you rather have widespread respect or infinite power?
  48. Would you rather totally give up AC and heaters for the rest of your lifetime or give up the internet and your phone for the rest of your life?
  49. Would you rather swim in a big pool full of Nutella or a small pool full of expired maple syrup?
  50. Would you rather toil under a hot sun or life-threatening cold?
  51. Would you rather stay in through a snowy day or build a fort overnight?
  52. Would you rather buy 50 things you don’t need every time you go shopping or always fail to recall the one thing that you want whenever you go to the store?
  53. Would you rather not ever be able to go out during daylight or never be able to go out at nightfall?
  54. Would you rather have a private maid or a private chef?
  55. Would you rather have Psy’s talent or Elon Musk ‘s business acumen?
  56. Would you rather be eleven feet tall or nine inches tall?
  57. Would you rather be an additional side-character in an Oscar-winning movie or the central role in a box office bomb?
  58. Would you rather puke on your hero or have your hero puke on you?
  59. Would you rather interconnect only in emoji or never be able to simple text at all ever again?
  60. Would you rather be crowned heads from a thousand years ago or any normal person of today’s age?
  61. Would you rather have a family room by the pool or on an open balcony beside the beach?
  62. Would you rather wear the same stockings for a month or the same underclothing for a whole week?
  63. Would you rather work a tireless shift with your annoying boss or enjoy full day with your mother-in-law?
  64. Would you rather cuddle with a baby koala or comrade around with a baby panda?
  65. Would you rather have an intense sing-off with Ariana Grande or an intense dance-off with Rihanna?
  66. Would you rather look at nothing but Hallmark Christmas films or nothing but only horror movies?
  67. Would you rather always be 20 minutes late or at all times be 20 minutes early?
  68. Would you rather spend your entire week in the forest or an entire night in a real haunted building?
  69. Would you rather find a dead rat in your kitchen counter or a dead roach in your bed?
  70. Would you rather have a break in proceedings button or a rewind button in your daily life?
  71. Would you rather always have a complete phone battery or a filled gas tank?
  72. Would you rather lose all of your teeth or lose a full day of your life every time you caressed someone?
  73. Would you rather drink polluted water from a toilet or pee in a clutter box?
  74. Would you rather be enslaved to live the same day over and over again on repeat for a full year, or take five years subtracted from the end of your life?
  75. Would you rather never eat a watermelon again or be forced to eat watermelon with all your meals?
  76. Would you rather get a paper cut each time you turn a page or bite your tongue each time you swallow eat?
  77. Would you rather sleep in every day for a week or not get sleep at all for a week?
  78. Would you rather die in 35 years with zero regrets or live to 90 with a bunch of regrets?
  79. Would you rather drink gin with Ryan Reynolds or do tequila shots with Harry Styles?
  80. Would you rather get stuck in the middle of a food fight or a water-filled balloon fight?
  81. Would you rather walk each day to work in heels or drive each day to work in reverse?
  82. Would you rather spend one of your years at war or in prison?
  83. Would you rather die earlier or after your lover or partner?
  84. Would you rather have a kid each year for five years or never have any child at all?
  85. Would you rather click amazing selfies but look very ugly in all other photos or be photogenic in every picture but in your selfies?
  86. Would you rather be carbonated on a first date or on your wedding night?
  87. Would you rather be able to grab back anything you say or hear a conversation which is about you?
  88. Would you rather have unique skin that changes color based on your emotions or unique tattoos appear everywhere, all over your body showing what you feel at that very moment?
  89. Would you rather chase and butcher a cow’s meat or never be able to eat meat again?
  90. Would you rather lose all of your supports but keep your best friend or lose your best friend but keep the rest of your friends?
  91. Would you rather have cherished people spread a terrible lie about you or have unknown people spread dreadful but true stories about you?
  92. Would you rather walk in on your maternities or have them walk in on your partner?
  93. Would you rather be the complete best at something that no one takes seriously or be usual at something well recognised and respected?
  94. Would you rather have infinite battery life on all of your electronic devices or have free Wi-Fi wherever you go?
  95. Would you rather have Billie Martin ‘s future or Elvis Presley’s legacy?
  96. Would you rather have a weird-shaped third nipple or a giant extra toe?
  97. Would you rather solve the whole world’s hunger or global warming?
  98. Would you rather have to wear each shirt inside out or each pair of pants
  99. backward?
  100. Would you rather reside in a treehouse or in a stuffy cave?
  101. Would you rather win $25 or your best friend win $10?
  102. Would you rather be featured in history books for something terrible or be
  103. disregarded completely after you die?
  104. Would you rather tour the entire world for free for a year or have $50,000 to spend however you wish?
  105. Would you rather only talk to your dogs or for your dogs to be able to communicate with only you—and everyone else thinks you’re insane?
  106. Would you rather have a signature mullet for a whole year or be bald for six months?
  107. Would you rather go back into your past and meet your loved ones who died or go to the future to meet your child or children to be?
  108. Would you rather have Kylie Jenner’s lips or with Jennifer Aniston ‘s locks?
  109. Would you rather remain the age you are physically forever or stay the way you are now financially permanently?
  110. Would you rather be casted in a zombie apocalypse movie or a robot apocalypse movie?
  111. Would you rather be all alone all your life or surrounded by exceptionally annoying people?
  112. Would you rather give up your only cell phone for a month or bathing for a month?
  113. Would you rather spend a day clearing your worst enemy’s house or have your crush spend the whole day cleaning your house?
  114. Would you rather spend one year entirely alone or pne year without a home?
  115. Would you rather buy all of your used underwear or all used toothbrushes?
  116. Would you rather have a very photographic memory or a high IQ of 200?
  117. Would you rather go for a cruise night with your boss or never go on any vacation ever again?
  118. Would you rather forget your lover’s birthday or your marriage anniversary every year?
  119. Would you rather have to wear stiletto heels to sleep or have to wear slippers everywhere you go?
  120. Would you rather wish to change the outcome of the last referendum or get to determine the outcome of the next one?
  121. Would you rather lose the power to read or lose the capacity to speak?
  122. Would you rather become very beautiful but be stupid or unattractive but a genius?
  123. Would you rather possess seven fingers on each of your hands or seven toes on each foot?
  124. Would you rather work the only job you have now for one year at double your current rate of payment or have a year off with what you are securing now?
  125. Would you rather be perpetually stuck in traffic but always find a perfect parking spot or never hit any traffic but always take forever to park your vehicle?
  126. Would you rather ride a kid’s bike for an entire year or be able to ride transportation only if you are late to work?
  127. Would you rather fail an easy test at university or pass by cheating on a very difficult test in university?
  128. Would you rather wake up in different peoples beds every morning or walk into different people’s apartments every night?
  129. Would you rather be able to read while sleeping or be able to hear while snoring?

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