Framing Questions and Answers Exercises

How to Frame Questions and Answers

Consider the different answers that may be made to the following question:

Did your sister pass the examination?

The four possible answers are :

  1. Yes, my sister passed the examination.
    No, my sister did not pass the examination.
  2. Yes, she passed the examination.
    No, she did not pass the examination.
  3. Yes, she passed it.
    No, She did not pass it.
  4. Yes, she did.
    No, she didn’t.

The long and complete answers as in (1) and (2) are formal and unnatural. In spoken English, the short answers as in (3) and (4) are the most natural and common.

Other examples are :

  • Can you lend me ten rupees?
    Yes, I can, (Instead of : can lend you ten rupees.)
  • Have you read this story?
    No. I haven’t. (Instead of : haven’t read this story.)
  • Does he like oranges?
    Yes, he does. (Instead of : likes oranges.)
  • Who discovered America?
    Columbus did. (Instead of : discovered America.)
  • Which boys work the hardest?
    Harry and Tony do. (Instead of : work the hardest.)
  • How much of it was destroyed?
    Half of it was. (Instead of : was destroyed.

Exercise 1 – Complete the answers to the following questions as shown in the box. Where the answer is negative, give the shortened form :

e.g. Does Ashok like apples? No, he doesn’t.

  1. Does she go to cinema every Sunday?

Yes, except when she is ill, she_______________________________

  1. Will they have enough money?

No, I don’t think they_____________________________________

  1. Will she have enough money?

No, I don’t think she______________________________________

  1. Does his mother speak English?

Yes, I think she __________________________________________

  1. Can your sister speak English?

No, she_____________________ :___________________________

  1. Do you think she really did it?

Yes, I feel sure she________________________________________

  1. Have they ever been to New York?

No, I don’t suppose they___________________________________

  1. Can you lend me a hundred rupees?

Sorry, but I_____________________________________________

  1. Has your sister done well in her examination?

No, I’m afraid she________________________________________

  1. Has your brother done well in his examination?

Yes, in most subjects he ________________________________________

  1. Will the weather be fine tomorrow?

No, if the forecast is right, it_________________________________

  1. Did they all pass the examination?

No, they_______________________________________________

  1. Who teaches you English?

Miss Green_____________________________________________

  1. Who actually did it?


  1. How many of you have read this book?

All of us _______________________________________________

Framing Questions for The Answers

Sometimes you are asked to frame a question to fit an answer. The nature of the question can be gathered from the word or words printed in bold type.

  1. I met an old woman in the park last night.
    Who (m) did you meet in the park last night?
  2. I met an old woman in the park last night.
    Where did you meet an old woman last night?
  3. I met an old woman in the park last night.
    When did you meet an old woman in the park?

Exercise 2 – Supply suitable questions to fit the answers given below, asking about the words printed in coloured type :

  1. My uncle sold his house to a millionaire.
  2. The maid-servant was talking to the grocer.
  3. Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world.
  4. They are staying in the countryside.
  5. She is staying with an old friend of hers.
  6. The policeman was looking for the thief.
  7. She gave a present to her aunt.
  8. He met his friend in the street last night.
  9. The girls were playing with their new dolls.
  10. They are working for Thomas Nelson and Sons.
  11. That beautiful car is my uncle’s.
  12. She is living with her parents these days. :
  13. It took them about six years to make the film on Gandhiji.
  14. My uncle goes to office by car.
  15. I got this medicine from the chemist. .
  16. Our conversation was entirely about business matters.
  17. I found it in the cupboard.
  18. We intend to stay there for two weeks.
  19. My uncle is a mechanical engineer.
  20. Maria teaches a blind girl every week.

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