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Daily Routines Idioms: You can’t really live a day without your daily routine activities. There are various types of positive idioms we use daily, and it has idiomatic expressions to them. Expressions are used in daily life in different ways, and it’s nothing less than magic how we use them in our daily lives.

Having known few advanced idioms of daily life routine will elevate your speech and make you very confident. We can’t incorporate 80 idioms in English, but we can make a list of common daily idioms that you can include very quickly in your conversation.

Enrich your Vocabulary by practicing the English Idioms that are commonly used in everyday conversations and understand their actual meaning.

Names of Daily Idioms

List of Daily Idioms

Meaning And Explanation Of Few Commonly Used Daily Routines Idioms

A piece of cake

Meaning: A piece of cake is refereed to any activity which is very easy to pull and should not cost any labor.

Example: Getting admission to that college is easy, not to brag, but it’s just a piece of cake for me to clear the exams.

Walk in the park

Meaning: Any activity which is very simple to do and gives relaxation without causing any stress.

Example: He used to lift weights like it was a walk in the park for him.

Judge a book by its cover

Meaning: Judging a book by its cover means to judge the worth or capacity of a person or thing with its outer appearance, like looks.

Example: the girl sitting in the corner has such a shabby appearance, but you can’t judge a book by its cover; she cracked the job interview.

Make someone’s day

Meaning: to make someone happy through any activity, gesture, and reason they can be happy for the rest of the day.

Example: my husband sent me flowers from the Bahamas. He surely knows how to make my day.

Once in a blue moon

Meaning: an appearance of anything which is very rare, often out of the public eye.

Example: I wonder why she brought her guitar to the concert when she played it once in a blue moon.

Home away from home

Meaning: A place much comfortable and secure, just like your existing home. It refers to a place away from your home, but you feel like home is there for love and affection.

Example: I have been in this college hostel for such a long time, it feels like a home away from home

Me time

Meaning: It refers to the time you spend focusing on yourself, like your favorite activities or recreation.

Example: My week has been hectic; I should find some me time and take a day off.

Crash a party

Meaning: If someone crashes a party, it means that ended the party without any invitation.

Example: The neighbor on my next door just crashed into the party of my 10th wedding anniversary.

Ring a bell

Meaning: An activity or a thing that sounds familiar and reminds one of the lots of memories.

Example: The head of South African healthcare drove me not to ring a bell in your mind, but she made a remarkable history.

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Wild goose chase

Meaning: having a wild goose chase means doing or complaining about something that gives no results and is a complete waste of time.

Example: I submitted the article for the third time in a row, and still the same; it was just a silly wild goose chase for me.

By the skin of your teeth

Meaning: Completing an activity by the skin of your teeth means to succeed with a bit of gap, which could have led to failure.

Example: I completed my last exam by the skin of my teeth. I don’t think it will give me good grades.

On the ball

Meaning: Someone being on the ball means to be very alert and engaging in something so that they don’t get cheated on.

Example: she knows how to acquire things; she is always on the ball to get great deals on her way.

Cost an arm and leg

Meaning: An object which is very expensive to buy. Cost an arm and leg means to invest huge money to get access to something.

Example: I bought that watch online auction, and it nearly cost me an arm and a leg.

To live it up

Meaning: To let someone remain in a higher position or do an activity because of their ability and deserving capacity.

Example: if you invest your time and energy right place, you have enough time to live it up and enjoy the rest of your life.

Top dog

Meaning: being a top dog refers to a very successful person in his field and has the topmost rank.

Example: he has realized his skills and abilities and is now the top dog in this company.

Daily Routine idioms 2

To smell a rat

Meaning: it refers to suspecting something as harmful and disrespectful. You can also refer yourself to your suspect betrayal from someone.

Example: when I stopped hearing from the girl who took money from me, I started to smell a rat

I could eat a horse.

Meaning: if someone says they could eat a horse, it means they have been hungry for a long time and can eat anything you give in front of them.

Example: I am so hungry that I can eat a horse right now.

Fed up with

Meaning: To be very tired and angry, add an activity or a person after it had continued for a very long time against your will.

Example: you kept bringing friends every day without consulting me for once; I am fed up with you.

Flesh and blood

Meaning: flesh and blood refer to someone from your family outside marriage to shares your blood. It can also refer to a person or individual who is very close to you and feels like a family.

Example: The girl I brought home from the streets betrayed me, but I treated her like my own flesh and blood.

Give up the ghost

Meaning: give up the ghost means or refers to a machine that has stopped working for mechanical reasons or has become outdated. It can also be referred to any person who is of no use to others.

Example: We used the Xerox machine for ages. It’s time to give up the ghost now.

Knock some sense into

Meaning: stop someone from behaving foolishly and being silly in front of everyone. Forcefully stop someone from being silly.

Example: my brother is dumb most of the time; it’s time to knock some sense into him.

Pass with flying colors

Meaning: to achieve something more than you expected. To win or succeed in an activity brightly.

Example: my sister completed her education to get transferred to Indonesia, she passed with flying colors.

On a roll

Meaning: Be on a roll means achieving great success time by time in a continuous process.

Example: She won five prizes consequently; obviously, she was on a roll

Out of practice

Meaning: any activity in which you master new time back but have lost interest and skills for not being in touch.

Example: I did not expect this kind of performance from my son to be out of practice for the last year.

In touch

Meaning: keep contact with someone very close or not be closed and know about their health and whereabouts

Example: Atif left our office almost seven years back, but we’re still in touch.

Lose touch

Meaning: not keep contact with someone all can be referred to someone not willing to give connections.

Example: after leaving India, I have almost lost as with everyone, including my family.

Play with fire

Meaning: to do any activity with excellent cause trouble later.

Example: there is no need to both the halls without safety rope looks like he loves to play with fire.

Spin a yarn

Meaning: spinning yarn means making up stories on lies and convincing them in front of someone.

Example: for the ninth time, she came late to the office, and she had already started about traffic.

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