Exercise on Kinds of Sentences

Sentences can do four kinds of things. For example:

  1. A sentence can make a statement; as,
    The sun rises in the east.                       The boys made a noise.
    A sentence that states or declares something is called a Declarative Sentence.
  2. A sentence can ask a question-, as,
    Why were you late yesterday?
    Have you done your lesson?
    A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative Sentence.
  3. A sentence can give an order or make a request; as,
    Bali, shut the door.                 Please do this just now.
    Please let me work.
    A sentence that expresses a command, a request, or a de is called an Imperative Sentence.
  4. A sentence can express some strong or sudden feeling; as, How beautiful this rose is!
    What pleasant weather!
    A sentence that expresses some strong or sudden feeling is called an Exclamatory Sentence.

From the above it is clear that —

  1. Every sentence begins with a Capital Letter.
  2. A Full Stop (.) is placed at the end of every Declarative or Imperative
  3. A Question Mark (?) is placed at the end of every Interrogative
  4. An Exclamation Mark (!) is placed at the end of every Exclamatory

Study the following examples carefully:


  1. Stand up.
  2. 2. Get ready quickly.
  3. Mind your own business.
  4. 4. Do this work just now.
  5. Don’t make a noise.
  6. 6. Don’t spit on the floor.
  7. Don’t be a fool.
  8. 8. Let him come in.
  9. Let me never catch you smoking cigarettes.


  1. Please allow me to pass.
  2. Please let me-go.
  3. Pray excuse me this time.
  4. Allow me to sit down.


  1. May I come in, please?
  2. Will you please let me use your book?
  3. Will you have a little more tea?
  4. Would you mind my coming a little later?
  5. Could you tell me where Ashok lives?


  1. How hot it is! (= It is very hot.)
  2. What a noise they are making! (= They are making a very great noise.)
  3. May you soon be well! (= I hope you will soon be well.)
  4. Would that my sons were here! (= I wish my sons were here.)
  5. What a pity she has not come!
  6. What a sweet voice you have!
  7. How proud she is of her beautiful face!
  8. How sad it is !
  9. What a clever girl you are !
  10. If only I had been there !

Exercise 1: Rewrite each of the following sentences using the correct punctuation marks:

  1. all that glitters is not gold
  2. how sweet this rose smells
  3. what is the time by your watch
  4. will you please give me your book
  5. how dreadful the accident was
  6. mind your own business
  7. who has broken this mirror
  8. what a horrible sight it was
  9. how foolish I have been
  10. does the earth move round the sun

Exercise 2: Write these sentences correctly by placing the words in their proper order. Don’t fail to put in the correct punctuation marks:

  1. a foolish friend, a wise enemy, is, better than (A wise enem^js better than a foolish friend.)
  2. in the bush, is, worth two, a bird, in the hand
  3. a leopard, can, change, his spots
  4. how naughty, today, is, the child
  5. you, will, please, let me use, your dictionary
  6. you, would, mind, my staying, a little longer
  7. showed, the old man, the way, the kind boy
  8. stands, on the Yamuna, the capital of India, Delhi
  9. to save, the patient’s, life, the doctor, did, try hard
  10. a good boy, you are, what

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