Cooking Verbs | List of Cooking Verbs With Meaning and Example

Cooking Verbs: Cooking is an art which not everyone can master. When you cook, you must know the terms used in the kitchen. In this article, we came up with a list of cooking verbs to help you communicate with other people in the kitchen. We have made sure to support the cooking verbs with meanings and examples. This cooking verbs list will come in handy.

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List of Cooking Verbs

Name of the Cooking Verbs

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Meaning and Examples of the Cooking Verbs on the list


Meaning: To put in the ingredients of the dish.

Example: If you add some sugar to the mix, it’ll taste even better.


Meaning: Cooking with dry heat in an oven, on heated stones or heated metal.

Example: How about we bake a cake for your friend’s birthday?


Meaning: Cooking food outdoors on a rack over an open fire.

Example: Let’s have a barbeque this Sunday.


Meaning: To heat something until it reaches boiling point.

Example: Make sure you boil the potatoes before adding them to the recipe.


Meaning: To separate into pieces by force.

Example: Break the eggs carefully and keep the yellow part aside.


Meaning: Cutting into small pieces.

Example: Chop the onions and make sure they are more or less identical in size.


Meaning: Separating something using a knife.

Example: Cut all the vegetables before starting the oven.


Meaning: Cooking something in hot oil.

Example: Before we begin, fry the vegetables to be added to the salad.

List of Cooking Verbs 1


Meaning: Dividing into small parts by rubbing on a rough surface.

Example: Now, grate the onions and add them to the mix.


Meaning: Separating into layers.

Example: All you need to do is layer the cakes together.


Meaning: Soften by soaking in liquid.

Example: All the dried peas need to macerate the night before.


Meaning: Making something turn into a liquid by heating.

Example: Melt the cheese before garnishing the salad.


Meaning: Combining ingredients using a spoon, spatula, or electric mixer.

Example: The mix should be thick before adding it on top of the milkshake.


Meaning: To strip off the skin or bark.

Example: It is tough to peel potatoes with an ordinary knife.


Meaning: Amount that is too small to measure.

Example: Adding a pinch of salt according to your convenience is probably the safest way to go with this dish.


Meaning: Transferring one liquid from one container to another.

Example: Pour the hot water carefully, or it might fall on you.


Meaning: Cooking with prolonged exposure to heat in an oven.

Example: Roast the marinated chickens and serve them hot and sizzling.

Roll out

Meaning: To move around a surface by revolving or turning like a ball or a wheel

Example: Roll out the cake on that flat surface.


Meaning: Fried fast in a small amount of hot fat

Example: I always love to sauté my mashed potatoes a bit.

List of Cooking Verbs 2


Meaning: To cook egg whites and yolks by stirring them during frying.

Example: I always scramble the eggs while having it with a sandwich.


Meaning: Cooking food at a slightly lower temperature than the boiling point.

Example: Now simmer and let the gravy be cooked.


Meaning: Cutting into slices.

Example: Slice the cake and distribute it among the members present.


Meaning: Distributing something over an area of space.

Example: Would you please spread the jam on the bread?


Meaning: Cooking using moist heat.

Example: Probably the most challenging thing for me was steam momos.


Meaning: Mixing something using a spoon or spatula.

Example: Stir the mix before garnishing it.


Meaning: Removing undesirable particles from a liquid.

Example: Strain the rice and keep it aside.


Meaning: Tasting the flavor or quality.

Example: The chef must taste the meal before serving them.


Meaning: Making the meat softer before cooking so that it is easy to cut.

Example: After defrosting, tenderize the meat properly.


Meaning: Measuring the weight.

Example: Wight 200grams of flour and add it to the mix.


Meaning: Beating something very fast.

Example: When you whip, make sure that you don’t spill the mixture around.

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